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I've been masturbating prone for almost two years now. I don't find the need to masturbate every day (I have easily gone a week to a month without it) but I have never been able to do it by hand. I'm quitting doing it prone and I'm wondering how long you think it will take for me to orgasm when I try it by hand in a week or so. (age 17)

A: If you can go a week to a month without masturbating, you ought to be able to give up prone and switch to hand masturbation pretty easily. You should expect it to take 45 minutes to an hour to masturbate to orgasm by hand the first time you try. It will get easier the second and third times.


I've been masturbating prone my whole life and recently lost my virginity at 26. When I had sex, I was able to get hard but unable to cum. If I quit masturbating (as in no more prone or even trying supine position) will sex be easier? I hate the supine method and am getting married soon. Can I just not masturbate at all and cum during sex or do I have to switch to supine position to cum during sex? (age 27)

A: I strongly recommend that you give up prone masturbation and learn to masturbate by hand before attempting intercourse again. Learn to reach orgasm with the lesser force of your hand (as opposed to the tremendous force of your legs) and it will be easier for you to reach orgasm in intercourse. You will not quit masturbating, so work at learning to masturbate conventionally.


I masturbated prone for most of my life, though am lucky I have not had any problems yet. I am concerned after reading and it makes a lot of sense. I would like to improve myself and get away from prone. Will it make my erections harder and last longer in bed if I train myself the normal way? Also, I have thought about getting a Fleshlight device. What are your thoughts on these? Thanks for your time and the good info on your site. (age 36)

A: You will get better erections if you give up prone. But lasting longer in bed is not usually a concern of prone males. Most prone males take a half hour or longer to reach orgasm in intercourse, so they would rather reach orgasm more quickly. I don't recommend the Fleshlight but instead recommend the much cheaper Super Head Honcho.


I am attempting to stop prone masturbation, and this site has been a HUGE help (thanks for that). But one problem is I primarily sleep on my stomach, and even when I don't I almost always wake up on my stomach. I haven't had wet dreams or anything but I do wake up hard. Am I going to undo all my work from trying to quit prone masturbation because I sleep on my stomach? (age 16)

A: No. Don't worry about that. Sleep however you like.


I've always masturbated prone, on top of a body pillow with the tip of my penis rubbing against the bed. I can reach orgasm within 3 minutes and ejaculate. I found your site and realized I should change to supine even though I haven't felt any bad effects yet. I've been trying supine lately and I notice that I get much harder erections quicker but I don't feel pleasure. The more I stroke it, the longer the erection stays, sometimes up until 6 minutes, which then dies down. How can I feel pleasure or reach orgasm? (age 16)

A: Give up prone forever and learn to masturbate by hand. Six minutes is not long for an erection to last. You will enjoy masturbating more within a few weeks, and your erections will be stronger and last longer.


I've been with a few girls. When I was 18, I tried to have sex but couldn't and I thought I was too scared. Now I'm with a girl and I've remained a virgin until now and we decided to do it. I stopped prone 3 years ago and started again so I can masturbate the conventional way too. So when we were trying to have sex, I couldn't be erect for long. I don't know if it's because of stress or fear, prone masturbation or a bent penis (average curve I guess) but I did have weed and that time I could go inside her and I did it once. How can I keep an erection and what should I do to make it straight? I am giving up prone completely now and I'll be meeting her again in 15 days. How do I keep myself erect? What's the problem of not keeping my erection for long? (age 23)

A: When you give up prone, it is not enough to only learn conventional masturbation and then mix the two. You need to give up prone forever. You ought to notice a difference in your erections within 3-4 months of giving up prone. Practice makes perfect. In addition to your history of prone, you are also a late virgin. Don't be afraid of having sex or not being perfect in bed. Tell your partner you're new to sex and need time and practice to get good at it.


I am circumcised and masturbate prone. Is it more difficult for a circumcised male to learn the conventional way of masturbation? (age 20)

A: No. Give up prone and then you can masturbate conventionally soon.


I stopped masturbating prone; now I do it conventionally and I like it. I can only cum if I tense and stretch my legs. Is that normal or do I still have a problem? (age 23)

A: That is normal. Most males and females with no history of prone also do that. It is how you keep sensations coming from your legs from interfering with your orgasm.


I just found out on New Year's Eve about prone masturbation over supine masterbation. I just thought guys did it differently, so when I read about the dangers of prone, I immediately stopped because I've had ED for quite some time. I have taken to supine like a duck to water for the last two weeks. It was hard at first but I got it down. Even though I've stopped prone (after almost 40 years of it) how long will it take to get a normal erection? (age 45)

A: Most men notice an improvement in their erections 3-4 months after giving up prone. Congratulations on giving up prone so quickly. Happy new year!


I need major help to quit masturbating prone. It is too addicting and I love the feel of it. I know it's bad but I just can't quit. Can you help me please? (age 13)

A: However good you think prone feels, it doesn't. It is causing you trouble. You are likely to have trouble when you first try to have sex with a partner (which I hope will be years from now). You are young and can switch easily. Think about how good regular masturbation will feel. Guys who switch masturbate conventionally about as often as they previously masturbated prone. They don't find it feels any less good. Just resolve to give up prone forever and then abstain for a week (perhaps less). You can be doing it by hand at this time next week.


I have been masturbating prone my whole life until I couldn't ejaculate when having sex with my girlfriend. After reviewing your site, I abstained for 6 days and tried the conventional way today. I felt a slight sensation and definately did pre-cum which I guess is a good step but did not ejaculate. How long should I wait before another attempt? (age 24)

A: Tomorrow would be good. The important thing is not to go back to prone if you don't succeed with your hand right away.


I have been doing prone since I was 15. I know that's only 3 years, but I have lost some feeling when masturbating normally. I have stopped prone for about a week now, but I still don't have a lot of feeling down there, and it's difficult to stay erect. I would appreciate some advice on why this has happened, and how to fix it. (age 18)

A: You will not notice a difference in your erections immediately. Expect them to feel different in 3-4 months. Stay away from prone and get better at masturbating by hand.


I masturbate prone but started abstinence now. I only get stimulated by rubbing the area around the frenulum since I'm most sensitive there. When I tried masturbating by hand some time ago, it felt too intense and not enjoyable on the other parts of the glans; only the frenulum area felt good. Is that normal? (age 22)

A: You are undergoing masturbatory retraining. You probably don't like touching the glans because it is very sensitive and usually can't be masturbated unless the male is using lube. Instead of touching only the area around the frenulum, when you resume masturbating after abstaining, stroke up and down the entire shaft of the penis, stopping short of the glans..


Follow-up: I was impatient and started masturbating after 3 full days of abstinence. I came after 25 minutes with lube and a lot of concentration. The day after I came three times without lube and today once without lube again. Each time it got easier and I can feel that it will get even easier in the future.

Thank you for this site. I didn't know how easy it could be to masturbate normally.

I have never had an orgasm from fellatio, and I still need to jerk rather intensely reach orgasm cum and can't imagine that I will orgasm from fellatio alone at this point. Do you think that will change or is this something I just have to live with?

A: Congratulations on giving up prone so easily. Wait 3-4 months before trying oral sex. After a month of daily masturbation by hand, you can try vaginal intercourse. See how that goes before trying oral.


I've been masturbating for as long as I can remember. Back then I thought it just felt good. But when I went through puberty, I could only ejaculate while flaccid thrusting into my hand. I'm currently trying to recover and I went a week without masturbating at all. But I was not able to ejaculate. (age 17)

A: Try again after two days. You will be ejaculating soon.


I did prone masturbation since I was 12, and when I finally lost my virginity last year, I couldn't finish. Throughout the relationship, I had issues with ED and delayed ejaculation. Since coming to, I have abstained and finally did it the conventional way with success. I also have severe phimosis. I was wondering whether this will help with my phimosis? (age 23)

A: Phimosis is a separate problem from prone masturbation. Masturbating prone will not help your phimosis, but it's unclear if regular masturbation will make a difference. I suggest you find online resources for men with phimosis and learn how others have dealt with this problem.


I stopped prone, did one week of abstinence and have been masturbating conventionally for two weeks and it feels great. But my penis is more sensitive now when it's not erect. Is that normal? (age 23)

A: You can't judge how your penis feels after only two months of a new way of masturbating. You will be more aware of penile sensitivity two or three months from now. Do not go back to prone.


I learned to masturbate by doing prone four or five years ago. For the past year or two, I have been trying to stop prone. I have been masturbating normally, but once in a while, I go back to prone. I'm often very horny when I wake up and I sometimes can't help humping the bed. It feels a lot better more quickly. I know it's bad, but it feels too good. I always tell myself that this is going to be the last time. When I finish, I immediately regret it. I get a burning feeling on the tip of my penis and right under it. I also have a dull pain in my right testis for a few days after. How do I prevent myself from giving in to prone? Is there a way to reverse any damage done?

Thank you for the work you do here. I stopped masturbating prone after coming across your site! (age 19)

A: Prone doesn't feel a lot better. It's giving you burning pains and a dull ache in your testicle, that actually originates in your overtaxed prostate gland. Resolve that you will never do prone again. You give up some of the progress you have made by masturbating with your hand every time you do prone. I suggest you get out of bed right away in the morning and not linger in bed and be tempted to hump it. Time and learning to masturbate with less force will help reverse any damage.


Thank you! Keep the good work up! For a long time I masturbated prone but after going through this site I came to know how bad it is so now a week later I can masturbate in the supine position with my hands. Now I am relaxed and happy. (age 29)

A: Everyone I've talked to about it is relaxed and happy after masturbating with their hands.


I've masturbated prone since 9 and in recent years I've been doing it 4 or 5 times a day. I quit prone a few months ago and tried conventional masturbation but I could not ejaculate. When I lost my virginity two months ago, I ejaculated but found it hard to stay erect. I went back to prone after having sex but very recently quit again. I can't get erect when I want to even if I'm aroused and I can never orgasm through conventional masturbation. What should I do? (age 15)

A: Your erections will get better after you are finished with prone for a few months. Do not go back. Relax and focus on having an orgasm when next you masturbate by hand. It could easily take an hour.


I did prone masturbation for six months and I'm facing the same problems others have reported. What can I do now? I have stopped prone. May I need any kind of medication? Will it restore automatically after a while? (age 27)

A: I'm worried I don't understand your message completely. Did you really start prone masturbating six months ago? That is very unusual. Or did you mean you did it since puberty and quit six months ago? Either way, you did the most important thing by quitting. You will not need medication and will notice an improvement in your erections in a few months.


I have quite a small penis, admittedly. About 4 inches. I find myself grasping at it, rather than stroking up and down. Is this why I don't feel like I'm masturbating right? I don't think I'm holding it too tight, but I don't know for sure. I could be.

Is this a fear for many people who used to masturbate prone? The fear that they might still masturbating the wrong way, even after changing to hand? Yes, I know that sounds stupid, but I have fear of causing harm to my penis Also, I used to masturbate prone with clothes on. Don't ask me why. Did this mean I harmed it more so?

I hate that I ever masturbated prone. So embarrassing and potentially could harm one of the most important parts of the body. I wish someone had told me how to do it the right way when I was a teen. (age 22)

A: Use less force. One way to do this is to use a stroker like the Super Head Honcho, available on and for about $15. Lots of people worry that their penises are too small, so I don't think your worry is unique to males who used to masturbate prone.


I've stopped masturbating prone for 20 days now. The conventional method has worked fine so far but I still often masturbate 3-5 times a day. Is that too much? Tonight I am really aroused but can't get hard. Should I be worried? (age 24)

A: Your frequency is extreme. Most males your age are falling back from one masturbatory session a day. Once a day is often enough for someone who only recently switched from prone. Do it less and you're apt to enjoy your sessions more and get erect more easily.


I tried masturbation using my hand after abstaining for 7 days. I read literotica to get myself aroused. My erection would come and go and to maintain constant erection I had to be reading the stories continuously. Even a little distraction and my erection would start falling. I kept rubbing my shaft by encircling the shaft in my loose hand in a way that my glans was stimulated indirectly by my hand coming to it from the shaft. I didn't enjoy the feeling I was getting from it. It became uncomfortable and I had to stop masturbating. The feeling can be described as the feeling you get when you rub your penis just after you have orgasmed. So it made me stop using my hand. I didn't go back to prone, though I was tempted. Is it normal to have this feeling in the initial phases of trying to recover yourself from prone? I fear it's a sign of some nerve damage I did while thrusting my penis against bed for the past 15 years. I used to masturbate pretty excessively during the last 4 years, even 5-6 times a day. (age 24)

A: Try to avoid touching your glans. You might even try wearing a lubricated condom while you're trying to switch. I would avoid using lube from a tube or bottle because you're obviously not used to it. I also don't know anything about literotica to masturbate with. Most males your age (and any age) prefer visual stimulation like pictures or videos. I doubt you have nerve damage. It's just something new to get used to.


I am 21 and have been masturbating prone since I was 14. You say various times that the amount of time you should go without ejaculating is one to two weeks and then try to masturbate normally, but I want to take a long 90 day break from masturbating of any kind and then try the normal way. Do you think this would be OK, or perhaps make the transition even easier?

A: Men your age masturbate daily. You are not going to quit masturbating for 90 days. A lot of men have trouble making it the week that I recommend they abstain before switching. As I have suggested, take a week off and then masturbate to orgasm using your hand. And work at accepting masturbation as normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health. It is something you will always do.


I have masturbated prone from a young age. Since puberty, I have used both the normal method and prone, probably 5:1 in favor of the normal method. Since coming across, I am obviously going to stop masturbating prone. In some of the entries I notice an inability - at least initially - from those who have masturbated prone to ejaculate employing the more common method, and that your responses state that upon being able to ejaculate using the normal method (and not reverting to prone) that they should not have any issues when it comes to sex (assuming that they are otherwise healthy). I am definitely giving up prone masturbation, but I'm just, quite naturally, worried about the effects it might have had on me considering some of the consequences you have noted on this web site, and would like to know if it's possible that I'll be OK if I only masturbate the normal way from now on. Thanks for and the work you do. (age 19)

A: You seem to be a virgin. You don't report any experience with intercourse or any trouble with intercourse. If you give up prone and then become sexually active, I think you will be fine. The men who have trouble are those who only masturbated prone.


I quit prone masturbation nearly a month ago and I don't have the desire to do it again. The conventional way works great and my erections have already started to get better. Some days I have to tense my whole genital region really hard to achieve orgasm, and when I start tensing, my erection gets weaker. Why is that? Should I try to unlearn the whole tensing thing? (age 24)

A: When you're tensing, you're trying really hard to masturbate. Maybe your body wants to wait until the next day to have another orgasm. When you're really relaxed and having a good time trying to get to orgasm, you don't need to tense like that.


I have been masturbating prone since my teenage years and have just come across and started an abstinence period before switching to practice the supine way. I was thinking of purchasing a Fleshlight to use when masturbating. Do you not recommended these as they involve inserting the erect lubricated penis into a silicone sleeve to simulate sex? (age 35)

A: I recommend that you cure yourself of prone masturbation by learning to masturbate with your hand. The thing I don't like about the Fleshlight is that they have a rigid case that doesn't feel like either sex or masturbating. If you want to try a sleeve after you have learned to masturbate with your hand, I recommend the Super Head Honcho.


I have been prone masturbating from the time I was four but I did not realize what it was. I basically just hump the ground and it feels really good but when I turned 12, when i did it, I noticed my pants were wet after doing it. Soon after I discovered I was masturbating. I knew that there was another way to do it, but I always prefered my way, not knowing how harmful it was. When I came across, I stopped. I masturbated normally for days but it didn't feel good. Clear liquid came out of my penis but that's as close as I got. I then tried again and again to give it up but I kept caving in and masturbating prone. Finally in the new year, I went twelve days without masturbating but I only went three full days of abstaining completely without touching myself. I caved again and on the first of February I tried again but only made 15 days with only 3 days abstaining and caved again. Is my penis never going to fix itself and can you give me tips? I know if I stay away from porn it'll be a lot easier. (age 15)

A: Why are you asking me when you already know the answer? Avoid touching yourself at all during the abstention period; stay away from porn; and do not go back to prone if you're not successful at masturbating conventionally at first.


How long should I expect to reach climax my first time conventionally? (age 19)

A: It could take as long as 45 minutes to an hour. If you can't masturbate to orgasm in an hour, stop and try again in two days.


I have read your prone masturbation article and I am very concerned at the damage I may have done prone masturbating. How much damage would I have done if I did this for example 300 times? And if I get back on a normal track will I completely fix this damage? (age 16)

A: At your age, males can switch to supine very easily. 300 times is not so many; most males masturbate more than that in only one year. Resolve to give up prone, and I think you will be A-OK within a few months.


I am 37 years old and just came across tonight. It was like being struck by a lightning bolt. I have been prone masturbating since I started masturbating in my early teens, and I always have problems climaxing with a partner, though I can occassionally. I never made the connection that the prone was the issue, and I blamed myself. With your site, I think I can fix what's wrong with me. THANK YOU!


I am 37 and just came across tonight. It was like being struck by a lightning bolt. I have been prone masturbating since I started masturbating in my early teens, and I have always had problems climaxing with a partner, though I can occasionally. I never made the connection that the prone was the issue and just blamed myself. With your site, I think I can fix what's wrong with me. THANK YOU!


I have been masturbating prone since I started. A couple years ago I switched to hand and after a few times it was easy to do it. But that was like for just one week and then I went back to prone. Do you think at my age I can solve it easily? (age 20)

A: Yes, I do. Since you already know how to masturbate conventionally, just give up prone. You will be glad you did.


I am trying to overcome prone, and I commonly use the Vaseline-in-plastic-bag method, except I wrap the bag with a rag and place hair ties over it. Is this OK, or should I be using my hand and my hand only? (age 17)

A: Use your hand and only your hand.


I just want to say thank you for making this site. With help from, I am finally nearly fully recovered from prone masturbating. I never masturbated by hand, ever. When I first discovered your site, I was 16 and I was crestfallen because I thought I'd never be able to do it. Now at the age of 21, I finally reached orgasm with my hand from start to finish. I used to masturbate by thrusting into my hands and when I was about to cum, I'd turn over and finish, and then I gave up for a little bit and I finally buckled down and did it normally. I was so proud of myself. You've changed my life so much. I was having major erectile dysfunction. Now I have good hard erections. I still have trouble keeping it up, but I know in time I'll get better. (age 21)

A: Many males at age 16 (or younger) find and switch to conventional masturbation that same week. I have no idea why you waited five years to switch.


I masturbated prone for nearly 10 years. I started when I was 8-9 humping the edges of tables, and then discovered doing it prone. I've been reading and it's really helpful, which is why I stopped masturbating prone about two months ago and tried the normal way. Even though I had no problem with the normal way, I still used to go prone often too. I ejaculate within a minute or two. Recently I had a make-out session with a girl (first time) and though I was hard for a long time, when she put her hand down my pants, maybe after an hour or so, I was limp. I don't have any problem masturbating but I think I might have a problem getting fully erect without touching. When I was making we were grinding and maybe that's why I ejaculated and lost my erection. What should I do? (age 18)

A: Decide to give up prone forever. Be sure to let your girlfriend know that you're inexperienced and that it might take a few minutes to get an erection whenever you change what you're doing. Instead of her reaching down your pants, get completely naked and take time to get relaxed so that you can get erect when you're ready. Ejaculating from grinding is not such a bad thing. Hooray for you.


I came across your article about a month ago and it scared me out of prone masturbation. I have not masturbated prone since then and have done it almost every day the regular way. Before quitting prone, I tried to have sex twice and both times I got hard and then went soft right away. Do you think this is from prone masturbation? I have been doing it as long as I can remember. (age 16)

A: Yes, I think your erectile trouble was caused by prone. But you were also new to sex. Now that you've been prone-free for a month, you can try sex with a partner any day now. Take your time and relax.


I will quit prone masturbarion, but I'm afraid that because of my age it will be difficult or even impossible. I'm a virgin and when I have had the opportunity to have intercourse, I couldn't achieve a good erection. (age 26)

A: You are young. You will be fine. Resolve to give up prone masturbation forever and start right now. You will be masturbating by hand at this time next week, and I suspect you will have nice erections for intercourse by the 4th of July, perhaps sooner.


I just switched from prone to conventional and can't orgasm at all no matter how long I masturbate. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if it's part of the switch. (age 16)

A: When you think you're getting close to orgasm, masturbate as hard and fast as you can until you reach orgasm. Make sure your mind is in an aroused state. Once you're successful, work at stroking more slowly and using less force.


It is difficult for me to achieve a full erection during intercourse, fellatio or when receiving a hand job. Usually, I'm at like 80%. It also takes me a very long time to reach orgasm.

I masturbated prone for the first 5 years of my masturbation career, and am on the first year masturbating normally. I use the "death grip" technique and can only go slowly up and down the shaft. I believe this is because my penis is desensitized but I am no doctor. (age 19)

A: Congratulations on quitting prone. Now you need to work at using less force when you masturbate. I recommend a toy called the Super Head Honcho, available for about $15 on Amazon or, among others. It will help you learn to use less force.


Will masturbating prone leaving any last damage or can you recover completely?

How do I know if I'm masturbating the right way? I do it by hand, but I'm still worried I may be doing it wrong somehow. (age 22)

A: All most males have to do is stop masturbating prone and learn to masturbate the conventional way and they are A-OK. I have never known a case where prone caused physical damage. You're doing it right when you masturbate to orgasm by stroking up and down with one hand and don't resort to prone.


I use prone to turn myself on and I thrust my penis into my hand. As soon as I feel comfortable, I switch to conventional masturbation. Is that OK? (age 17)

A: No, it isn't. You want to give up prone altogether and only masturbate conventionally. Take some time off from masturbating until you can masturbate from start to finish using only the up and down stroke of your hand.


I've been masturbating prone since I was 5 or 6 and I tried stopping just this week (on day 4) and I feel that it's just not possible for me to stop. I've been doing this for 20+ years and I just feel I'm in too deep now. I remember trying to stop years ago but I just couldn't. It didn't feel good or satisfying using my hand. I'm also not circumcised and I'm just not used to feeling my penis when it's erect. It feels weird and I can't get into this.

I really wish that they taught this kind of stuff in school. It would've saved a lot of us who have been afflicted with it. I haven't actually done the full deed of masturbating against the bed like I normally do but I catch myself lightly grinding against it whenever I'm bored. Does doing this affect the teaching and thus, I have to start over again? I'm just curious because this is my third attempt trying so I just wanted to know if I'm going to have to start over the minute I lie down and lightly grind/thrust? (age 25)

A: You are young. You can switch to hand masturbation. Many guys were much older than you and did it. Do not do any form of prone while you're abstaining. Take a full week off from any kind of sex or masturbation and then masturbate to orgasm by hand. You will enjoy it a lot.


Is there a medical issue for prone? Like a vein isssue or something? Are we just relaxing veins and arteries? Because there has to be a scientific reason for impotence.

A: Impotence is a strong word usually reserved for physical erectile dysfunction. There is also psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Prone masturbation causes psychogenic ED by habituating the male to have orgasms only with punishing force.


If I gave up prone at 16, does that my your penis should be OK, that there won't be any issues with it? (age 22)

A: Yes. If you gave up prone six years ago, you should be perfectly fine now.


I think I may have some skin damage on my scrotum from prone masturbation. I used to masturbate prone while favoring my left side, so my left testicle rubbed against the mattress more than my right. I've stopped masturbating prone for a year and a half but the front of my scrotum is still numb on the left side and I've lost some pubic hair there. However I can still feel pain from a pinch so I don't think it's nerve damage. Has anyone else had this problem? Will it heal if I just leave it completely alone for a while? (age 22)

A: Don't pinch. Don't worry about scrotal numbness. Don't worry at all. Just leave it alone and it will be fine.


Thanks for providing such great information on this site. I'm 36 and have been masturbating prone for as long as I can remember and have always had soft erections. I'm going to start re-teaching myself with the steps that you provided on your site.

Can I be cured at my age? I notice many of your questions were from teenagers and 20-somethings.

A: Yes. Many men your age have given up prone. Please read through the three prone comments pages and you will find many exchanges with men in their 30s and older.


For so many years I've been ashamed of the way I masturbated. I'm currently 20 years old and since I was 13 I have been masturbating using the prone method. Not only am I shocked that there is a name for "my way," I'm overjoyed that there are so many others like me, and spanning back so far at that.

For the lack of better words, I've recently began to worry about the state of my penis. Just today, I pleasured myself using this method 6 times; with only short, few minute breaks between each one before I got semi-hard again. I put a pressure right above my scrotum and I keep it there while my penis rests in the palm of my hand meeting the tip of my fingers. After that, I thrust until completion.

I recognize that I have a problem, but I don't know if I have the will to fix it. It is quite difficult for me to masturbate the normal way.

A: You can do it. You are young. Since you've found, you can see the stories on this page and the two previous ones with reports from men who were a lot older than you when they changed and had been masturbating prone for many more than seven years. Joining the "a href="support.html">online support group might help.


I've been masturbating prone since October 2011 on occasion and daily since December 2013 and so far have gone four days of not doing it, but I tried to conventionally do it today. Do I have to start over? (age 16)

A: If you did it prone, restart the clock and aim for seven days. If you didn't go back to prone, wait two more days before trying again.


Does prone masturbation cause male pattern baldness? (age 22)

A: No


I am a 22 year old virgin male. I discovered masturbation by rubbing myself against the seat of my bike. Later I started doing it prone but with a pillow or sheets stuffed between my legs while I lay down. After learning the harms of prone masturbation here on, I tried hard but was not able to do it the normal way even after a month's abstinence. When I tried stuffing a bed sheet and crossing my legs tightly and masturbating lying on my back, I was able to do it. I am not gay and am attracted to women. But sometimes I imagine myself in the woman's position while masturbating. I am afraid if I can engage in normal coitus. (age 22)

A: There is no woman's position. You seem to have replaced one dysfunctional form of masturbating with another. Please review the cure plan on more carefully and follow it. Do not go back to prone and do not do the sheet stuffing thing.


I have masturbating prone prone since age 14 and been struggling with anxiety disorder. During prone masturbation, I feel a pain in my heart after every session, but during conventional masturbation, I've not been experiancing pain in my heart. (age 23)

A: I've never heard that before. The solution seems to be to give up prone masturbation and only masturbate conventionally, which is what I've been encouraging anyway.


I just wanted to thank you for everything! I'm from Germany and it seems there are no German reports about prone masturbation. I stopped prone in January and noticed a great difference in my erections very soon and I feel so much better now! Does erection hardness depend on how often you masturbate? Because there are days I do it 3 or 4 times and after that my erections aren't as hard as when I stop doing it for 1-3 days. Then they are significantly better, really rock hard. (age 24)

A: Maybe you can write a web site about prone masturbation in German. I'd really like that. Yes, you are apt to have better erections and orgasms when you abstain for a few days instead of pounding yourself multiple times in one day. Congratulations on overcoming prone.


I have stopped prone for a month but I still can't masturbate using my hand. I can get erect but I can't ejaculate. Please help me!!! (age 15)

A: Do not go back to prone. Continue to try to masturbate by hand every other day. When you do, try to be as aroused as you can. You will succeed soon.


Can prone masturbation lead to a desensitization and thickening of the penile skin? I'm experiencing this now. My underside can feel almost zero pleasure and I've stopped prone for a while now. Can this be reversed or am I stuck like this? (age 22)

A: It is typical for males who masturbate prone to feel desensitized. Their erections and feeling will be much better 3-4 months after giving up prone. I doubt your skin has gotten any thicker. If it's still bothering you six months after you stopped prone, please see a urologist.



I did prone mixed with regular (dry) masturbation for about 2 years. Then for about a month I did nothing but prone at least once per night. Then one night I noticed I had lost sensation in the exact area where my penis was contacting the mattress. Mainly the base of the penis and front of the scrotum. I can still feel pain when I poke there or pinch there so I'm pretty sure it's not nerve damage.

This happened nearly a year and a half ago and it hasn't gotten much better, which leads me to believe my brain is still used to the pressure from prone, or the nerve endings/penis skin have still not healed.

During this year and a half timespan I've still masturbated normally and have never had any problems having an orgasm. My penis is less sensitive to the same stimuli (I can't really feel a draft when taking off my underwear that much). I'm mainly concerned about the lack of pleasurable feeling I'm having. I'm just having trouble feeling stimulation. Is it going to come back?

A: Only a urologist could tell you for sure. I'm inclined to believe he would dismiss you rather quickly and tell you your anatomy is fine. If you think it isn't, then be sure you're only masturbating conventionally and have completely given up prone. I also suggest masturbating with lube if you're not already.


I have always masturbated prone. If I change to normal now, is it already too late? Will I suffer bad effects? (age 16)

A: No, you will be fine. It is never too late. I suspect you have never had intercourse. Better to change now than to endure more years of prone and then have to explain yourself to a partner.


I have been masturbating prone for 6-7 years, possibly longer. Will I have problems in intercouse? I masturbate 1-2 times a day. (age 21)

A: Your chances for success at intercourse are greatest if you stop prone now and start having intercourse later this year. You have both the problems of practicing prone (and doing it very often) and being a virgin at age 21. I suggest you swear off prone forever. You will be masturbating by hand by May Day, and enjoying it. Then start looking for opportunities to have intercourse around the end of May.


I just turned 20 a week ago. I have been masturbating prone for about 6 years, and when I surfed onto this site, I got the biggest shock ever sbout the dangers of masturbating this way. I immediately stopped doing prone. This was two days ago. I tried that day to masturbate conventionally but couldn't ejaculate. I took yesterday as a break and tried today and after 30 minutes or so, I couldn't do it, then after a break I decided to give it another try and I finally came in the conventional way using my hand! It definitely felt good but took about 10 minutes this time. I just wanted to thank you, you really helped me and made me aware of things I never knew. Should I masturbate again every other day? Only when I have an erection?

A: You went kind of fast, but congratulations. I would have advised you to wait a week before masturbating by hand for the first time, or at least four days. I suspect you're not going to wait, but every other day for the first week is typical, and then every day for a month. Only masturbate when you can obtain an erection.


Been doing prone 80% and supine 20%. Is it OK if I masturbate the conventional way 3 days later because I can get hard myself with visual aids? (age 20)

A: You don't need to abstain. Just swear off prone forever and make it prone 0% and supine 100%.


I am prone masturbation addicted. From the age of 15 I have only masturbated prone. Now I am 30 and am facing problems in intercourse. Can I become normal? Please help me and save me. Thanks in advance.

A: You are not addicted. You merely have a bad habit that you started 15 years ago. All you have to do is give up prone. Wait until it's a week since you masturbated last and then masturbate by hand. You will be a lot better right away and might not even remember what prone was like after 3-4 months.


I have been doing prone since age 11. Throughout my life, I could never reach orgasm with a woman during normal sex. I don't feel any sensations during penetration and it is very frustrating. I lost my marriage because of this, as my wife could never understand why I couldn't climax with her. This caused us to drift apart.

I was never successful masturbating by hand, only prone. I am very depressed and feel that prone has destroyed my life and that I can never have a normal sexual relationship with a woman. (age 43)

A: I suggest joining the support group for men who masturbate prone. Many of the men in the group have experienced what you have. It is very possible to change. You could be having successful intercourse with a woman as early as next month.


I feel odd about contacting you, but after coming across and realizing my prone masturbation was a problem, I figured talking to an expert might help.

I'm 17, and after a date last night I had the opportunity to have sex for the first time with my girlfriend. I was not able to become erect enough, which caused me to be very concerned, so I started searching for what the problem might be and came across your site.

I began masturbating prone when I self-discovered and did not realize it was a problem until now. In the past, I have been unable to become stimulated enough by oral sex or hands to finish, and have consequently had dry sex several times with my previous partner. I imagine this might have worsened the problem.

My current partner was cool about last night and suggested that we try again after her school prom in three weeks. She lives about an hour from me so I will likely not see her until then. I have known her for several years as a friend, have come to care for her a great deal, and worry about losing her -- she suggested that off-handedly that we may not have physical chemistry, which is worrying. In the long term I would like to normalize my masturbation. In the short term I would very much like to keep my partner and, if possible, have sex. Is three weeks without prone enough time for me to adjust to normal intercourse? And if I cannot finish by myself normally within that period, should I abstain altogether? (age 17)

A: If you have really stopped prone, I think you could masturbate conventionally as soon as this weekend and would have made enough progress in three weeks to have intercourse. The worst that could happen is that you would be the same as you were last night, so you have nothing to lose by trying. I say go for it.


I did not know about the dangers of prone masturbation until today. I realize that I have been using this technique for 23 years. I wonder if that's the record. I have been married 13 years and have two kids. I don't feel like intercourse often but I have been masturbating prone almost every day. (I masturbate with my penis straight up and pressing on the mattress with my entire penis getting the pressure.) I am not comfortable in any other position besides missionary. My wife understands and we never have tried anything different in 13 years of marriage. I cannot ejacuate in any other position. I always need support on my legs during intercourse. Today I realized that it's because of my prone habit.

Can you kindly suggest what should be my actions from now? I am really upset and at the same time happy that I at least came to know now about all this. (age 38)

A: 23 years is definitely not the record. Resolve to give up prone forever. Try masturbating by hand in about a week and then do it daily for a month. Then have intercourse in the missionary position. After a few months, you will be more confident about having intercourse in other positions.


I have been masturbating prone for years. I have been experiencing no erection even when watch I porn for a few days which is not common at all. How can I be normal again? (age 21)

A: I urge you to give up prone. You will be masturbating by hand within a week or so and will notice an improvement in your erections within a few months.


You saved my life! I tried one week of leaving prone and then I couldn't masturbate conventionally. Then I just left it alone for one more day! I just shifted and today had a orgasm that i never had before! I stroke it very fast and in a ring shape. Is that correct? (age 19)

A: Yes, that is typical. The one week stated on is only a guideline. Some males can masturbate conventionally very soon, and others take two weeks or more. If eight days worked for you, then it worked. You are doing it correctly and are apt to stroke less fast as you get more experienced at regular masturbation.


I really want to share my positive experience after visiting I have been masturbating prone for more than 20 years and recently came across this site. I am able to masturbate by hand now daily and I was able to shift in less than a week. Masturbating by hand still takes longer time for me (sometimes up to 30 minutes), I feel it's a better practice.

I was having quick ejacuation. Will this new better habit will help me to delay my ejacuation and also give a better experience to my partner? (age 38)

A: I don't know much about quick ejaculation. Most men who masturbate prone (or have a history of it) have the opposite problem. I suspect giving up prone will make it easier to cure your quick ejaculation, but I don't know for sure. If the problem persists, perhaps you should consult a professional.


I masturbated prone for a few years and have since stopped. Is it normal for the skin around the base of the penis to become loose and stretched out from prone masturbation? I haven't seen anything saying so on your web site. (age 23)

A: You haven't seen that because I've never heard of it before. Skin doesn't get stretched out easily. Don't worry about that.


I have just stopped prone masturbating and no longer have the urge to do it. Will my erections get harder? They aren't as strong as I remember. (age 17)

A: Congratulations on giving up prone. That's tough for a lot of males to do. You will notice a difference in your erections in 3-4 months after stopping prone.


I have been masturbating prone since I was 12. During the past few year while talking to my friends, I have come to realize that they masturbate differently from me; however, I did not think that prone masturbation was wrong, so I continued. Recently, I got in a sexual relationship for the first time and the sex went on for almost half an hour without my having an orgasm. This led me to For the past month I have been trying to masturbate using my fist and I have been successful within 10 minutes. However, I always need visual aids. I find it very difficult to masturbate not using porn. Also I have skipped the process of abstinence. All I want is an orgasm during sex. Should I try over again following abstinence? Or should I continue to masturbate using my fist using porn and wait patiently? (age 21)

A: The point of the abstinence period is to help you masturbate to orgasm by hand for the first time. Since you can do that, you don't need to abstain. There is nothing wrong with needing visual aids, especially at your age. You should expect to need them to masturbate. Good luck at reaching orgasm in intercourse. You ought to be able to do that now.


I'm used to masturbating prone since I was 9-10. It's been almost 13 years now. In November 2016, I tried having sex but I wasn't getting erect. I was completely shocked. The doctor gave me Cialis 20 mg. I tried it twice and it didn't work. Imagine a naked girl lying in front of me and I'm not even able to get it half erect. I guess prone really is harmful. If I follow your advice about switching to the conventional method, will I be able to get the proper erection for sex? (age 23)

A: Yes, your erections will improve within a few months. Please decide to give up prone forever.


I may be young but I think it's much better to cure prone masturbation at an early age. I started at the age of 11. Masturbation has to be performed privately, so can I practice the normal way in the bathroom? (age 15)

A: Yes, you certainly can, but I assume you masturbate prone in bed, so why wouldn't you practice the regular way there?


I have been doing prone masturbation for years. I stopped for a week and I am unable to get an orgasm by hand. Should I use a visual aid like porn to help me? (age 21)

A: Yes, you definitely should use some exciting visual aids. I can't imagine learning a new way to masturbate at your age without them.


You say, "While still a form of prone masturbation, thrusting into your hand is less harmful than thrusting against bedding, the floor, or some other object." How do we know if we're thrusting or not? A lot of us didn't realize prone was bad until recently, so how do we know if we're doing it the right way now?

I worry that the first couple of years of transitioning to hand, I was still thrusting somewhat. I don't think I'm thrusting now, but I still worry as I don't want to be harming my penis somehow, which is a big worry of mine. (age 22)

A: You're thrusting if you're lying face down and masturbating prone by forcing your penis into or against something, like your bedding, mattress, pillow, or your hand. If you lie on your back and stroke your penis up and down, then you're not thrusting. Although thrusting into your hand is only slightly less dangerous than thrusting into bedding, mattress, or pillow, I recommend that males who are having difficulty giving up prone switch to it as a transitional step. After a few months of thrusting into the hand, it will make it easier to start stroking by hand.


You always write that you do not know a case where prone masturbation cause physical damage. But in one reply you wrote, "Out of thousands of males I've interacted with, only a handful have reported any physical injuries attributable to prone masturbation." What type of injuries? (age 33)

A: You're right. That's a contradiction. My standard line is that prone does not cause physical damage. When I wrote that reply, I must have recently heard from one of the few males with a report of physical injury. A few males have had urologists tell them the opening to their urethra (called the meatus) is irregular (probably from years of thrusting against fabric), and a small number have had other kinds of penile injuries diagnosed via ultrasound. But overwhelmingly, males with a history of masturbating prone have completely normal penises, and even of the ones who don't, it's not a sure thing that prone caused their irregularities. Either way, a male who masturbates prone should give up the habit and learn to enjoy regular masturbation and regular sex.

Follow-up: From the few males with a report of physical injury diagnosed via ultrasound, do these cases concern venous leaks, plaques, etc., or urethral stricture? From what I understand, the only area of ??the urethra that can be damaged by prone masturbation is the meatus.

A: Again, I've dealt with tens of thousands of males with a history of masturbating prone, and only a small number (less than 10) have ever reported being diagnosed with a physical injury. So few that I can't remember them. I think we can conclude that prone masturbation does not cause physical damage to the genitals; but that a few who masturbate prone (perhaps about the same as the non-prone population) will be diagnosed at some point with a genital injury. Males need to give up prone as soon as they learn that it is a cause of sexual dysfunctions and not wait until they have a frank physical injury.


I've tried giving up prone masturbation before but wound up doing it in my sleep. What happens if I can't ejaculate from hand and I backslide in my sleep? (age 22)

A: I suggest wearing heavier clothing to bed. You're less likely to sleep masturbate if you're wearing warm-up pants and underwear as opposed to sleeping nude or only wearing thin underwear.


I've been prone masturbating from the age of 6 and like many only realized in my early teens that I was different. At 18 I lost my virginity but couldn't maintain and erection and couldn't ejaculate, a problem that has persisted and affected my confidence. I physically cannot have sex with women. I have tried and failed in giving up before and am now finding I'm distraught that I've irreversibly damaged my penis/fertility because I started so young. Is it too late for me to have a normal sex life? (age 22)

A: Yes, you can. Many men have changed when they were a lot older than you and had been masturbating prone longer. It's never too late to change. Get on with the program now.


After abstaining from masturbation for a week, I attempted to ejaculate normally for the first time. I was getting into it and thought I was going to ejaculate when a more liquid substance came out. I think I just ended up urinating somehow but I'm not sure as the room was dark but it definitely wasn't thick like normal semen. I tried to start again but felt soft and more sensitive. Is any of this normal and what do I do next? (age 24)

A: It was probably pre-cum (bulbourethral fluid). Don't let it bother you. Be sure to urinate before masturbating so the feeling won't bother you in the middle. Try again tomorrow.


I've been masturbating prone daily since I was 13 and now I'm addicted to it. Can I be cured? (age 19)

A: Yes. You are younger and have been masturbating prone less than many of the males who have successfully switched. You are not addicted. You simply, like most males, find daily masturbation to be a pleasant habit.


I am 15 and have been masturbating prone since childhood. I read about the harmful effects of prone a week ago and I tried to do it the normal way but I couldn't ejaculate, so today I masturbated prone. Can I be cured also?

A: Yes, but you have to decide not to do prone anymore, especially if you don't succeed your first time masturbating by hand. Try again in two days. Do not go back to prone if you can't reach orgasm by hand. You might have to wait a full seven days before being successful by hand.


I have been masturbating prone for over ten years. When I masturbate, my penis is flaccid and I rub my foreskin against my hand, so I am not used to ejaculating with an erection. I have tried a few times to masturbate the normal way after a week, but I always get frustrated that I can't ejaculate and start doing prone again. I've now tried again and I came really close to ejaculating but it feels more intense and my penis aches when I get close. I think I have a fear of ejaculating the normal way. I am going to go another 24 hours and try again. What should I do when I get close? (age 23)

A: When you think you might reach orgasm by hand, stroke as hard and fast as you can until you have an orgasm. It's time to put prone behind you. As you get accustomed to masturbating by hand, you will use less force and a slower stroke.


I have been masturbating prone for over 10 years. I knew that it was different, but that is just the way that I learned. I mentioned it to my parents once and they said it was OK as long as I wasn't hurting myself.

I can masturbate with my hand too, it just takes 2-3 times longer. I do it occasionally to change things up because I think it gives me a more powerful orgasm. Having sex a few months ago (one of my first times) I noticed that I didn't have much sensation during vaginal or oral sex. I wasn't able to orgasm except for once during oral, but I usually had to think about a type of porn or something to do that. The past 5 days I have been masturbating with my hand only and with lube. If I never masturbate prone again, will it be as if I had never masturbated like that before? Will I regain sensitivity in my penis? I am worried that I have permanently damaged or altered my sexual experiences from now on. I know my problems are not as severe as some, but they are still worrying me.

If you can cure yourself from "death grip" or prone masturbation and not have any damage, then why do you urge people to quit ASAP? Is it just so they don't waste anymore time having a bad sex life? Or have I actually been doing damage to myself? (age 23)

A: You're the first male I've ever known who discussed prone masturbation with his parents. You can't erase 10 years of the legacy of prone simply by giving up prone, but it's a good start. You will notice a difference in your erections and sensitivity within 3-4 months. I urge people to switch ASAP because there is no good and only harm to come from masturbating prone. The sooner you switch, the sooner you can realize the benefits of giving up prone. The damage is not physical but is to the processes that let you reach orgasm.


I have been masturbating both prone and supine since I was 11. I do prone a lot more often. If I refrain from prone, will I be able to get erections easier when I'm with my partner? (age 18)

Prone is a dangerous habit. If you're having trouble getting erections with a partner at your age, your prone masturbation is almost certainly the cause. Since you already know how to masturbate supine, simply decide to give up prone masturbation forever.


I've been training myself to not masturbate prone, and I was wondering if I can keep it up, will my penis be able to fully straighten out, because my erect penis hangs downward from masturbating prone.

A: Once you give up prone, you're apt to notice an improvement in your erections in 3-4 months. You don't know for sure that the condition of your penis has anything to do with prone. Deal with one thing at a time.


I masturbated prone for about 3 years and I got pretty carried away with it for the last month before I quit 18 months ago. I've noticed I've lost pubic hair (the skin looks smooth as well) in the area where my penis/scrotum used to get the most friction from prone. I guess this makes sense, kinda like when you lose hair on your ankles from wearing socks for so many years. I assume it's not going to grow back though. Is this a normal consequence of masturbating prone? (age 17)

A: Yes, many have noticed that. Not only that, but hair is less likely to ever grow on the chest, abdomen, and even the tops of the legs. Many guys have noticed only stubbly hair on the tops of the legs, even when they have hair growing everywhere else on their legs. (I have not yet been able to get anyone to send me a photo documenting this stubbly leg hair growth.)

Many males have noticed that after they give up prone, hair suddenly comes in on their chests and abdomens where it wasn't before, and their leg hair becomes normal all over. All that vigorous thrusting does abraid hair and inhibit its growth.

I removed any mention of this from many years ago, because it was leading people to think the whole prone masturbation thing was a joke.


Follow-up: I used to shave my pubic hair but have stopped. Do you know if the pubic hair lost from prone (they call hair loss from repeated stress traction alopecia) will come back? I've noticed my skin has been less sensitive as well. I've been moisturizing the skin to see if it helps. Should I go to a dermatologist?

A: If you quit prone 18 months ago, whatever hair growth was inhibited should be back to normal. It might be that what you have now is what you have.


I quit prone masturbation after visiting your site 3 months ago. I'm a virgin. Three days ago I went to a massage center and I tried the happy ending session. I felt nervous during the session and didn't get an erection even when she was giving me manual intercourse. I don't have any problems having erections when I masturbate. I masturbate 4 times a week on average. (age 20)

A: I advise against the use of prostitutes. They don't help anyone get over sexual dysfynctions. They are a source of disease and dysfunctions. If you have never had intercourse and only gave up prone three months ago, it is not surprising that you had trouble getting an erection with a hooker. Find a woman you really want to have sex with. She will be willing to take the time to see that you get properly aroused before sexual relations.


I have always masturbated prone. I'm not able to ejaculate any other way. I'm not getting spontaneous erections. I didn't know there were more guys in this situation and it is a relief to find out I'm not the only one. Do you think I'm still on time to learn to masturbate the normal way? Does prone masturbating make it hard to reach orgasm in intercourse? (age 24)

A: I suspect you've never had intercourse. Now is an excellent time to give up prone and learn to masturbate conventionally. Get yourself used to regular hand masturbation before you need to try to reach orgasm with a partner.


I'm trying to masturbate the conventional way and it's really hard not to do prone! Could prone affect the way I look at women, because I feel like I'm really sexually attracted to girls. If I switch, could it help me mentally? (age 14)

A: I'm not understanding your question. Once you switch, you will have the same fantasies you do now. You will be aroused by the same people you are now. Why not give up prone while you're still young, and by the time you're ready to mount a partner, you will have completely put your time doing prone behind you.


I am on day 9 of abstinence. I tried yesterday (day 8) and today and had no orgasm, though I felt I was close. I am going to try again tomorrow. During the no masturbating period you say that it's important to not masturbate so that the penis becomes more sensitive. Is my attempting to masturbate yesterday and today going to negatively impact my future attempt tomorrow because my penis will now be less sensitive, even though I only masturbated in the correct position those two days? (age 19)

I suggest waiting two days if you don't reach orgasm while masturbating by hand. When you think you're close, stroke as hard and fast as you can until you reach orgasm. Once you're accustomed to masturbating that way, work at using less force and a slower stroke.


I quit prone masturbation many months ago yet I can't get or maintain an erection while lying on my stomach or going on all fours, unless I go all the way down so my penis is touching the bed. Is this normal for men with a history of prone? How can I fix it? I used to be able to keep an erection while on all fours before. (age 23)

A: I don't know why you need to have an erection like that. Lying on your stomach with an erection would tempt a lot of males who used to do prone to go back to it. You don't say how many months, but it usually takes at least 3-4 before a male notices an improvement in his erections.


I stumbled upon today after masturbating prone. I am a near virgin, have been proning since I was 11. I remember my first time at prone. I was just rolling around on my bed, and it felt good, and I ejaculated. It freaked me out. At that age, I proned because it felt good and it didn't seem like masturbation since I wasn't using my hands. I continue to prone because I honestly think it feels a lot better. And it lasts a lot longer. I think that most who masturbate by hand can't last as long as I do.

Are certain traits likely to lead a boy to prone? I was a very shy kid, sometimes bullied, and extremely skinny. When I turned 20, I suddenly became better looking. I am frequently complimented on my appearance, but I still am a romantic underachiever. I have a lack of confidence and lack of success.

Do you think that nebbish or late blooming males are more likely to start proning?

I think that proners know it is unusual, so we don't dare speak of it.

I have suffered erectile dysfunction. When I have a sexual encounter, it is rarely with a woman I actually desire. It is usually because she thinks I am handsome and she picked me up, so I am rarely really that into it. This is a chronic problem, and I never thought that my proning would be a cause of it. (age 33)

A: Males who masturbate prone don't share the same set of traits. They come from all walks of life. Some are shy and "nebbishy"; some are outgoing and sexually active precociously. The average age at first intercourse for a male who masturbates prone is nearly the same as for a male who doesn't.

In fact, males who start masturbating early are at higher risk for doing it prone. Your own story bears this out. Stroking a prepubescent penis is not likely to yield much, but that same boy might get a result if used the greater force of masturbating prone on his penis.

I suggest giving up prone and learning to masturbate by hand. Once you've accomplished that, find some women that you're generally interested in and have sex with them. You'll like sex a lot better under those circumstances.

Finally, stop thinking of yourself as a victim of prone. Prone is only a dysfunction, not a lifestyle. It's like throwing a baseball underhand. You can change. Many men were older than you when they changed.


If I don't enjoy using my hand as much as prone, can I still do prone? Should I be ashamed that I jack off? (age 14)

A: Prone is bad for you. Prone is dangerous. That's why you want to give up prone and use your hand to masturbate like a normal guy. You should not be ashamed, but many guys your age are. As you get older, it will be easier for you to accept masturbation as normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health. You will like your hand much better than prone.


I have been masturbating prone since my teens. I know I have ED. I cannot get a good erection unless I am thrusting against my bed. I thought it was because of poor circulation but all my functions and blood work are normal. If I stop masturbating prone, can I regain my erection? (age 48)

A: Yes. You are apt to notice an improvement in your erections 3-4 months after giving up prone.


I just stopped prone for a week and I went to masturbate by hand and it took me about 20 minutes and then I gave up because nothing happened. Is that normal? What should I do? (age 14)

A: Yes, that is typical. Your first time masturbating by hand after quitting prone might easily take 45 minutes to an hour, and you might not succeed even then. Do not go back to prone. Take two days off and try again. When you think you're getting close, stroke as hard and fast as you can until you orgasm. After you're more experienced masturbating by hand, work at stroking less hard and fast.


I've been masturbating prone since I was 9-10 years old. Now I just came across and I notice that the skin around my penis hasn't retracted at all. The glans is still very sensitive, although I'm aware it shouldn't be at my age. Would masturbating in the conventional way help me with that too? (age 22)

A: A sensitive glans is a good thing. Masturbating prone will tend to desensitize the penis. If you give up prone (which you know I think you should), it will tend to make your glans even more sensitive. You might be describing a condition called phimosis, which a doctor could diagnose. Whether or not you have phimosis, you should give up prone and switch to conventional hand masturbation.


After the week of abstinence, I masturbated conventionally for 30 minutes with no success, so I tried again later that night, but when I did, my penis was aching. Is that a good sign? (age 14)

A: No. Aching means you're using too much force. When you didn't succeed, you should have waited two days before trying again. Keep at it.


I prone masturbated for 3 years and was able to switch to normal masturbation by hand within two weeks. When I masturbate by hand now, I find that I finish within 1-2 minutes if I think of something extremely arousing. It has been like this for two years and I haven't been able to last longer while maturbating. Is this a problem? (age 18)

A: If you think it is. Most males like to last longer than 1-2 minutes. But it's better than going for 20 minutes and not getting close. Work at lasting longer. Go for 2 1/2 minutes, then 3 minutes, and so on.

You don't mention anything about your time in intercourse. I'm guessing you're sexually inexperienced. Why not work at ending that. Maybe you'll find that your time in intercourse is just right.


I've been masturbating prone as long as I can remember. I've never been able to reach climax any other way and I've always wondered why. About 3 weeks ago I found and it freaked me out so I have completely stopped as suggested. After a week, I tried to masturbate conventionally to no avail. Then I waited a second week and tried again with the same non-result. It has now been three weeks and I'm not sure what to do at this point. I'm starting to really need sexual release but I don't want to give up and do prone. But you say that not ejaculating at all is also not good for the body. Any thoughts? (age 22)

A: I hope by this time you've been able to masturbate to orgasm conventionally. If not, when next you try, when you feel like you might be getting close, stroke as hard and fast as you can until you reach orgasm. Do not give up and go back to prone.


Can I just start masturbating the conventional way without having to stop seven days? If I can? (age 18)

A: If you can, fine. But you're unlikely to succeed that way. The seven day program was designed because nearly all males will be able to reach orgasm a new way after a week without one.


Iím not currently sexually active, nor do I expect to be for another few years. Why donít I just wait until that time gets closer to make the switch over to supine? (age 25)

A: Both masturbating prone and remaining a virgin are bad ideas at your age. Masturbating prone is destructive to sexual health. It causes sexual dysfunctions in most males who practice it. You want to get as far away from prone as soon as you can. Give it up now and you can be masturbating supine at this time next week. Males who remain virgins past the age of 21 also have more sexual dysfunctions than average. You shouldn't waste the best sexual years of your life being a virgin. You should want to have sex and go out and find it.


I understand that prone causes the inability to orgasm from other forms of stimulation. Why is that so? For males who masturbate prone, are they not able to feel enough physical sensation to be able to orgasm? Like the penis feels desensitized? Or can they feel the sensations they've always felt but simply cannot reach orgasm? (age 25)

A: Masturbating prone habituates males to a tremendous amount of force. When you're used to the amount of force that comes from thrusting with both legs, it is difficult for the gentle force of stroking with one hand to bring you to orgasm. It is kind of like the difference between typing on an old manual typewriter and typing on a computer keyboard. Or playing an old piano and playing a modern electronic keyboard. The penis isn't as much desensitized as it is accustomed to that tremendous amount of force to produce orgasm.


Follow-up: Can you elaborate more on this? What causes the difficulty of achieving orgasm? Is it because the guy cannot physically feel pleasurable sensations on the underside of his penis like he used to? Or is it more of a mental thing? I'm asking because I used to masturbate prone and I noticed that the base of my penis has become much less receptive to nearly all types of physical touch, except pain. Will switching to normal masturbation restore the pleasure I used to feel at the base?

A: No, the penis is probably fine. He is simply used to a lot of force. The hand doesn't produce as much force as thrusting with both legs. That is why I advise males to give up all sexual stimulation for a week (sometimes longer) and that period of abstinence makes it easier for him to learn to masturbate to orgasm by hand. Usually males who've just switched from prone use a tremendous amount of force when they're learning to masturbate by hand. Over time, they learn to use less force. A toy called the Super Head Honcho can also help with this.


I have been trying to quit prone masturbation for a week and I can masturbate conventionally now, but both times I've done it feels like I am urinating, and it feels different from the orgasms I get when masturbating prone. I have tried urinating right before masturbation and I still have that feeling. (age 18)

A: The feeling is a pleasant one, but it still takes time to get used to the new feeling. Congratulations on switching so fast. In a few days, you will better anticipate the feeling and know that it isn't urine. I often suggest to women who have the same problem to put a towel underneath themselves so they won't have to worry if some urine accidentally leaks. That might help you too. A month from now, you will reread this a laugh that you were worried about this.


I masturbated prone from 12-16. I am now 20 and still a virgin. I have a high libido and I get erect when I get intimate with girls, but I can't get it up to have intercourse. Could prone masturbation have caused permanent damage? Is there anything I can do about it?

A: If you gave up prone four years ago, I doubt it's still having an impact on your erections. Make sure that you only masturbate when you have an erection that's sufficient for intercourse.

Most likely, you're having anxiety that's inhibiting your erection at the moment you need one. Take time to relax and enjoy what you're doing, and don't worry about having an erection. If you get one, then have intercourse, and if you don't, enjoy things you can do without having intercourse. If the problem persists, seek professional help.


I am 28 and have been doing prone masturbation since 9 or 10 years old, some days more than once. I never knew it would be a problem until I read I have never had intercourse. I am going to be married in 8 weeks, and I am apprehensive regarding whether I will be able to have intercourse. Do you think I will be able to have normal intercourse in 8 months when I get married, if I stop prone masturbation?

A: In one place you said 8 weeks and another 8 months. Either way, you need to resolve to never masturbate prone again. Take a week or so off from any kind of sexual stimulation and then learn to masturbate to orgasm by hand. Keep it up until the big day and you will be AOK.


I am a virgin. I've been masturbating prone for 10-12 years until I could not ejaculate from oral sex. I stopped masturbating completely for 25 days (not easy at all) and then in June, I successfully masturbated by hand for the first time in my life. I've now been masturbating exclusively by hand for three months and last week I still couldn't ejaculate when I was being given oral sex. I didn't even feel close. Is my body still adjusting or do I need to do something else? (age 25)

A: First, not everyone would agree that you're a virgin if you've been having oral sex. Second, it's easier for men post-prone to reach orgasm in vaginal intercourse, since that delivers more force than oral. I would suggest trying vaginal intercourse and seeing if it is to your liking. You might also masturbate some of the time with a toy called the Super Head Honcho. It costs about $15 and trains a man to use less force while masturbating by hand. Some say it simulates the feeling of fellatio.


I am 28 and I've been doing prone since I was 8. I have no problem in having sex or getting hard but reaching orgasm is the hardest part and sometimes I'm not able to cum until I am back to prone. Do you think the solution you offered works even with all this history in prone? Many thanks for your help!

A: You ARE having problems in having sex. Reaching orgasm should be fun, not "the hardest part." Please take a break from all sex and masturbating for a week or so and learn to masturbate by hand. Many men have changed after 20 or more years.


I used to masturbate by lying on my stomach and putting force on my penis, and I would ejaculate while soft. I did this for 4 years. I have since switched to normal masturbation for the last 2 years and when I do it now, I can finish within 1-2 minutes. Is this a problem? Did I do damage from my previous masturbation method? I'm also a virgin. (age 18)

A: If you've only masturbated conventionally for the past two years, you ought to be fine. Also keep in mind that 18 is the most common age for a male to lose his virginity. Maybe it's time to make that change too.


I have been masturbating prone since I was 12. I came to this site after encountering issues penetrating my girlfriend. That was the first time I came close to having sex with a woman. I went through your suggestions of quitting prone and not masturbating for 7 days before trying supine. However, two days after abstaining from masturbation, I tried to masturbate by hand and came in about 10-15 minutes. For the first 2-3 minutes I wasn't getting too erect and only got erect and came after I stroked myself fast and started fantasizing about a particular fantasy of mine. How good or bad is my situation? (age 26)

A: It's good that you were able to masturbate to orgasm by hand after only two days, but I recommend longer to increase chances of success. 15 minutes is very fast for a first time. Fantasize about whatever helps you orgasm.


I started masturbating in January 2017. For 2-3 months of masturbating, I masturbated prone twice a week. Will I be affected by this in any way? Since I am bad at remembering people's faces, I have only masturbated to online porn. Will this affect me? (age 12)

A: I think you will be fine if you only masturbated prone about 25 times and don't anymore. If you can't remember people's faces, try to remember their bodies so you don't need to use online porn every time at your age.


I've been masturbating since when I was 14-15 using prone technique. Now my penis is discolored, I have weak erections, and the tip of my penis is soft. If I quit masturbation forever, will my penis heal properly? (age 18)

A: Did you read my page about prone and the next page about how to overcome prone? I don't think you did. Prone masturbation does not discolor your penis. Don't worry about that. You don't need to quit masturbating. Simply decide to give up prone; take a week off; and then learn to masturbate by hand.


I've given prone up for about 8 days. I tried masturbating conventionally today but still couldn't reach orgasm. I started grinding on my bed for about two minutes and ejaculated. I immediately stopped and tried to make the rest come through the conventional method. Do I reset and go for 8 more days or can I have sex with my girlfriend? I've only been with her for 3 weeks and we've had no sex but I explained to her that I was to withdraw from sexual acts for two weeks and she understood. But I want her so badly! (age 21)

A: You should not have reverted to prone when the conventional method of masturbating didn't work. But I understand about the new girlfriend and I say to try sex with her and see how it goes. Then take a few days (perhaps eight) and learn to masturbate to orgasm by hand. I usually suggest to take a month of masturbating by hand before trying sex. But I don't expect you to wait six weeks before having first sex with your new girlfriend.


I have masturbated in the prone position since the age of 10. In the prone position, I apply pressure to my penis using a balled-up rag, or any similar implement. In this way I can become erect and orgasm.

Recently I was given manual intercourse ("hand job") by a partner but after 10 minutes I was no closer to orgasm. I will follow the advice on stopping prone masturbation and switching to the hand method, but have I done any permanent damage to my penis? (age 31)

A: You have not done permanent damage. Resolve to give up prone forever and then take a week off from all masturbation and sexual stimulation and then learn to masturbate by hand. You are also much too old to still be a virgin. Make a plan to become sexually active, perhaps with the partner who gave you the hand job. You will be glad you did.


Iíve been masturbating prone since I was 12 years old. I am a virgin and have not had any sexual encounters whatsoever. A unique aspect to my prone masturbation experiences is my ability to ejaculate with a fully flaccid penis. During some sessions (especially after round 2) I occasionally experience a sharp pain above and to the left of the base of my penis.

I discovered your site about a year ago and have trained myself to masturbate the conventional way. Iíve occasionally resorted to prone including a few times in the past few weeks. In the last few days, the realization hit me that I havenít had a 100% erection in a while. At best, Iím at semi-soft 80% of the time. Iím now concerned that Iíve caused permentant damage.

Do you believe that through abstaining from prone masturbation, that in time I can once again attain 100% or do you believe that medical intervention is necessary? (age 25)

A: Whether you do it prone or typically, never masturbate with an erection that wouldn't be suitable for intercourse. Congratulations on learning to masturbate conventionally; but to make progress, you need to resolve to give up prone forever. No cheating at all!

The sharp pain is a bad sign and might mean you need to be examined and tested by a doctor. The doctor might also give you a prescription for an erection pill (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis). You might not need a whole 50 mg Viagra pill. Cutting them into tiny pieces and taking only 5-10 mg might give you more powerful erections while you work to overcome prone.

I also think you're too old to still be a virgin. Make a plan to become sexually active soon. Never masturbate prone again.


Iíve been doing prone masturbation since I was roughly 5-6 years old and have always done it that way. Iím a senior in high school and I masturbate prone at least 1-2 times a day. Is too late for me to be ďcuredĒ? Iím really nervous because I haven't had any intercourse or oral sex yet. (age 17)

A: You can probably be cured easily. I hear every week from men twice your age overcoming prone and learning to masturbate by hand. Now is the time to give up prone, and you don't have to worry about having to explain to a partner why you can't be sexual with them for the next few weeks. You can be done with prone right now and be masturbating conventionally before the World Series is over. By your high school graduation; no, by Christmas, you might have even forgotten what prone was like.


Follow-up: I just got done with the abstinence period and masturbated to orgasm by hand but only had ďtinyĒ orgasms. Iím not sure if thatís normal or not for most people? How long should I wait to masturbate again?

A: Congratulations on giving up prone and learning to masturbate by hand. After masturbating prone for over 10 years, it is not unusual that your first orgasms by hand were not as intense as you had been getting prone. Take a day off before masturbating by hand again. Your orgasms will soon be up to what you were used to prone. And the World Series does not end until tomorrow!


Follow-up: Is it better to masturbate conventionally lying down on a bed, sitting, or in the bathroom? Is it harder for people who arenít circumcised to switch?

A: Lying in bed is best. As you get accustomed to masturbating conventionally, you will find you can do it more places. That is one of the ways you'll know you're over prone, when you can masturbate at the computer, in the shower, etc. I don't think overcoming prone is any different for males who are or aren't circumcised.


I have been prone masturbating since I was nine years old. It has been eight days since I stopped. I can get an erection, but I have not been able to ejaculate supine. Will this eventually happen? Should I go to a urologist? Does time make it easier to ejaculate? This has been really hard since I used to masturbate at least once a day up until a week ago. I really want to go back to prone since it felt so good, but if I do not break it now I never will.

A: Eight days is not so long. You ought to be able to ejaculate any day now. Concentrate on what arouses you. When you think you're close to ejaculating, stroke as fast and hard as you can until you do. Once you're familiar with masturbating to orgasm supine, work at using less force and a slower stroke. Do not go back to prone.


While sleeping, I accidentally make thrusts and ejaculate. What should I do for that? I am having back pain after masturbating when I try the conventional method.

A: Wearing heavier clothing to bed will keep you from masturbating in your sleep. Masturbating conventionally is obviously less stressful on your back than masturbating prone, so I have no idea why masturbating conventionally would cause you back pain. I think the back pain has a different cause.


I have been masturbating for a long time in the prone position at least once or twice a day and I am able to cum doing this. I am able to masturbate just thinking about sexual actions and no porn or images are required although they help. I want to stop doing it like this and I am able to get my penis to be very hard and wet by using my hand; however, I am never able to cum doing this method even after not masturbating at all for a week. What should I do? (age 18)

A: You are young, but your frequency is extreme. That might be why you are having trouble even after abstaining for a week. Try again. Resolve not to go back to prone. Decide that you WILL be able to masturbate to orgasm by hand after 9-10 days of abstinence.


When I masturbate supine, my penis eventually starts to ache slightly around the base and head. Is that maybe just because my body is so used to prone masturbation? Or am I perhaps masturbating incorrectly? (age 23)

A: I suspect you are using too much force. A sleeve called the Super Head Honcho might help you use less force.


For a period of about a year, I masturbated prone and shaved my pubes completely. Now I seem to be suffering from pubic hair loss right where I rubbed my penis against the bed. Also, I have tougher insensitive loose penis skin. At the time I did it because it felt amazing but looking back on it now it seems really stupid. Iíve desensitized myself physically. I donít know what else to do. Moisturizers donít seem to work. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from doing it. Is this common among men with a history of masturbating prone? Is there a way to fix it? (age 23)

A: I'm not sure what your problem is. If you only masturbated prone for a year and have gone back to regular masturbating, then you should be fine. If you've masturbated prone since you started and only did the shaving for a year, then you need to give up prone and learn to masturbate conventionally. Masturbating prone will cause no permanent hair loss. It does not cause loose penile skin. I suggest learning to masturbate with water-based lube if you're not already. Lots of men who learned to masturbate prone wish they could text a warning to their younger selves, but all you can do is work on today and the future.


The theory about prone is utter nonsense. Been doing it that way since I was eight years old and discovered it by mistake while playing a James Bond game. Had over 100 sexual partners after spending my youth working overseas in sport diving where picking women up was easy. Married 13 years now, normal in all positions although I prefer missionary only. Problems relating to ur article arise only after too many beers. I still pound the pillow occasionally. (age 52)

A: Thank you at least for agreeing that learning to masturbate prone was a mistake.


I'm used to masturbating prone but have masturbated supine in the past, on various occasions, and have reached orgasm from this method. How long do I have to abstain for? (age 16)

A: You don't need to abstain at all. Simply decide to give up prone forever. The purpose of abstaining is to make it easier for you to masturbate to orgasm by hand for the first time. You're already there.


I would like to thank you for spreading the message about the danger of prone masturbation and giving advice for overcoming it. I had been masturbating prone since I was 13 and didn't know that it could do damage to me, so thank you for spreading awareness. (age 15)


I masturbated prone for about 2 months before realizing it wasnít good for me, so I decided to give up masturbation of all kinds for over 2 months to regain my sensitivity. I only discovered today and Iím worried that because I didnít follow your process for overcoming prone that Iím screwed. About a week ago I masturbated normally for the first time since I quit prone 2 months ago. Iíve been able to masturbate 5 days in a row with no problem. Am I cured? (age 18)

A: You will be fine. Resolve to never do prone again and then masturbate often the regular way. You can call yourself cured in about a month after no more prone and frequent regular masturbation.


I'm 21 and I masturbate prone. But today after reading, I came to know the adverse effects of it. I've never had sex with a girl so I don't know if I have any problems in intercourse. If I stop masturbating prone now, will I be able to have sex in the future normally?

A: I urge you to give up prone now and then work at getting in a sexual relationship. After a few months of masturbating by hand, you ought to do as well at intercourse as a man with no history of prone. But you're also too old to still be a virgin. Work on both those things.


Thank you so much for! I've masturbated prone all my life and never thought I'd be able to do it manually. It was only a few days ago, when I discovered your site, that I decided to change my habit. It only took me three days of abstinence until I was able to masturbate in the conventional way. I would never have thought it would be that easy! So again, thanks very much!

I would, however, like to point out that I never experienced the negative effects of prone masturbation described on this site. My sex life has always been entirely satisfactory and I never had any problem getting hard, or getting off in most sexual positions (but fellatio does have little effect on me). Being able to masturbate conventionally opens a whole new realm of things I would like to try out!

Keep up the good work! I am sure you are helping a lot of people!

A man from Switzerland who no longer masturbates prone

A: Congratulations on your speedy progress. But you contradict yourself by saying you can't reach orgasm from fellatio. That is the second-most favorite sex act of many men and the first one a lot of males these days learn.


I used to masturbate prone. After waiting for a week, I was able to reach orgasm using the conventional method, but I feel turned off at the idea of doing it again because of how disgusted I felt afterward. Seeing the mess I made made me feel sick to my stomach. I don't want to go back to prone. What should I do?

A: Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health. You've been ejaculating for years (I guess, although you didn't state your age) and have been spraying semen somewhere all that time. As you get more accustomed to conventional masturbation, you will learn how to control where your ejaculate goes. If it really bothers you, wear a condom. Do not go back to prone.


I have been masturbating prone since I was 12. Over the years I have realized I have built up extra skin on my penis. Do I need to go to the doctor about this? Will this affect my transition to the conventional way? (age 18)

A: Don't worry about that. No one gets extra skin as a result of prone masturbation. Work at giving up prone and learning the conventional method. If you still think you need a doctor four months after you've stopped prone, then go see one.


I'm uncircumcised and my head is too sensitive to touch. How can I get away from prone masturbation? (age 14)

A: Your body ought to produce its own lubricant that will help you masturbate. If that really isn't enough, try water-based lube.


I have been prone masturbating for years. My older sister introduced it to me saying it felt good to her and I should try it too. We didn't know what masturbation was. Now I am doomed. My penis gets erect and the head and shaft get really hard but the base is weak so my erections face the ground. What should I do? (age 18)

A: I've never heard of a male who learned masturbation from his sister. I urge you to give up prone masturbation and learn to masturbate by hand. Your penis is apt to get stronger. You are not doomed.


Will it be hard to achieve orgasm the first few times I masturbate using the normal technique? (age 17)

A: It will take longer and more effort than you've been using to masturbate prone. You will catch up pretty quickly.


I have been watching porn and masturbating from a very early age. I have always masturbated using a combination of prone and hand. My sexual fantasies have always been very innocent and normal but I would say in my mid to late teens I started turning to more deviant forms of porn. Somewhere along the way it got pretty bad but I've been forcibly toning it down recently because I know it is psychologically damaging to me. It was like an escalating addiction. The thing is that now it is very difficult for me to masturbate normally by hand and look at normal porn as I tend to relapse to these more psychologically stimulating but deviant forms of porn. When I masturbate prone, I am able to look at very normal porn and fantasize more healthily because it is very physically stimulating. So it is like I am stuck in this paradox of psychological vs physical damage to my sexual health. How can I break out of this? (age 22)

A: Giving up prone is critical. You can't make sexual progress until you do. Resolve to never do prone again. Once you're happily masturbating only by hand, you can work at cutting out the more extreme porn. You can do both.


I masturbate daily 3 to 4 times face down. I habituated to prone masturbation since my childhood. I am a virgin. How can I lose this type of masturbation. I have masturbated prone more than 10 years. (age 22)

A: You have three problems: 1) you masturbate prone; 2) you have an extreme masturbation frequency; 3) you are too old to be a virgin. Resolve to give up prone masturbation immediately. Within a week, you will be able to masturbate by hand. After you habituate to hand masturbation, do it no more than once a day (occasionally twice is OK). Then make a plan for becoming sexually active.


I was having an issue with prone masturbation. There was a time where I couldn't even do prone successfully for 2-3 weeks. Now I'm back to prone. I have never masturbated conventionally. I found out from why you shouldn't do prone. Do you think I can ever masturbate conventionally? (age 19)

A: Resolve to give up prone forever. You will be happily masturbating conventionally this time next week. I'm wondering about that 2-3 week period you couldn't masturbate prone. Have you recently started taking antidepressants? You might next to tell your doctor about that.


I've been prone masturbating for a few years now but I don't really thrust my penis into anything but more just rub it on my bed. Is this still bad? (age 16)

A: Yes, very bad. Don't try to lawyer the term. Prone masturbation is sexually disabling no matter what you call it. Make a point of giving it up now. You will be masturbating by hand next week.


I don't even know the method of masturbating non-prone. I've only done it prone, and I don't even know how to hold my hand. (age 13)

A: A lot of boys your age have never masturbated at all. They're learning, and so can you. Go a few days without masturbating and then you should be able to reach orgasm simply by stroking up and down with one hand.


I have been masturbating prone since around 2 years old. I donít use my hand to masturbate. Rather, I dry hump things. I know most males who masturbate prone lie face down and thrust against the floor or a mattress or pillow. I thrust against harder surfaces such as the backrest of a chair or a lounge arm. Thereís much more pressure put onto the penis than what is done by hand.

In past sexual relationships I have not been able to ejaculate through penetration, hand jobs or even blow jobs. I havenít ejaculated at all via my hand.

Iíve tried giving up prone masturbation in the past but after about a day Iíve always given into the temptation. Does your method work also for circumcised males such as myself? (age 21)

A: The method works fine for males of any circumcision status. You need to stick with the program. Plan to not do any masturbating or interaction with a partner for a full week. Then you will be able to do it by hand. Plan to never use your especially punishing method again.


I gave up prone a month ago and now only masturbate by hand. I've heard that masturbating by hand is the best way but people say it's nothing like the real thing. I masturbate around once a day and am worried that if I have sex with someone for the first time, then it wouldn't be the same and that I wouldn't be able to ejaculate. Do you have any insight on this? (age 17)

A: Masturbating by hand more closely mimics the feeling of vaginal intercourse than prone does. As you know, you were masturbating with a tremendous amount of force those years you did it prone. The gentle feeling of your own hand is closer to the force of the vagina. Keep masturbating by hand and in a few months, you will be ready to try intercourse.


Are there any other ways to masturbate? I want to give up prone but the thought of doing it the conventional way really turns me off. (age 14)

A: You're thinking too much. Nearly every guy you have met in your life age 12 or older has masturbated the conventional way more times than he could ever count. You seem to know that prone is bad for you but think there is something wrong with the conventional way. Have you even tried it? Please give up prone and then masturbate the conventional way daily for a month. If you're still not satisfied, write me back.


My abstinence period is over so I tried masturbating conventionally today but was unable to ejaculate. I used lube because it was recommended by people in the support group but maybe that was a mistake. I never used lube when I masturbated prone and was always able to ejaculate. I've resolved to give up prone forever so I'm not going back. (age 21)

A: Only change one thing at a time. Masturbate dry for now because you're not used to lube. Once you're used to masturbating by hand, then try adding lube.


Follow-up: I took your advice to masturbate dry and was able to masturbate conventionally. I think it was the wetness of the lube that was tripping me up. So thanks for that. It took a little longer than the 15 minutes, but I'm just relieved it finally happened. Should I abstain for a couple of days before trying again?

If it doesn't work the next day, wait one more day.


I've been proning for about a year now, maybe every other day. If I stop now, will I be OK? (age 14)

Yes, fine. Decide to stop proning.


Wow. What an eye opener. I have always lain on my left side and grinded a pillow. I honestly have never masturbated any other way. I've tried by hand but it felt weird. It also seemed like I needed to immerse myself in a fantasy for it to work. I'd usually have a magazine or picture. Later, it became my iPhone.

I'm definitely going to change this. I've had very few relationships and am a virgin. I'm afraid at this point I'll never be able to have sex. Glad I found your site. (age 44)

A: That is not technically prone but it's close enough to be just as bad. I advise you to take a week or so off and learn to masturbate by hand. You'll like it a lot better than what you do now, and then you'll be ready for sex.


I can masturbate prone fine, but I don't feel the same pleasure masturbating conventionally, and I can't yet orgasm. I have only been masturbating prone for 2 years. I have stopped masturbating prone, and I have waited a week. Also, can I masturbate standing in the shower? (age 14)

A: You are terribly impatient. Your problem is that you don't enjoy masturbating conventionally. Nearly every other male you've ever met over the age of 12 does. Think about that. You give up prone and then abstain from all sexual stimulation for a week (or so) and then you can masturbate to orgasm by hand for the first time. Then you keep practicing it and will enjoy it more and more. After you have perfected masturbating by hand in bed, you can try it in the shower and at the computer desk, and everywhere else. Keep in mind that running water will affect how masturbating feels. Plenty of males don't like masturbating in the shower, and those who do generally keep their back to the water.


I am turning 42 and have been doing prone since I was 16. I have kids but sex has never been very enjoyable. I need help ASAP. I have tried but have failed. I was able to quit smoking after 20 years but I am still struggling with prone.

A: Follow the instructions on the page for overcoming prone masturbation You can do it. Men older than you have done it.


Is there a medicine to take so that you have orgasms when you masturbate by hand, because every time I try with the hand, I can go for hours without an orgasm. When having sex with my girlfriend, I have to force myself to ejaculate. Do I have to go see a doctor specialized in this field? (age 28)

Some men report taking two Sudafed tablets an hour or so before masturbation or intercourse helps them reach orgasm more quickly. If you're having ongoing problems, it might help to see a urologist.


Is occasional prone masturbation also harmful? I masturbate once or twice a week conventionally. Can I masturbate prone once a month or every two months? (age 25)

A: Any prone masturbation is bad for you. Ask any of the men who have given up prone masturbating but thought they could cheat occasionally and be OK. No more prone!


If I just gave up prone masturbation, and I'm in the abstain from any masturbation stage, is it bad if I masturbate with my hand at all during that time, even if I didn't reach orgasm? Do I have to reset the whole abstain timeline again? (age 22)

A: If you masturbate prone, you have to reset the abstention clock. It is not as bad to masturbate by hand short of orgasm, but that is not the point of abstaining. Don't masturbate by hand until you're ready to bring yourself to orgasm. Wait at least two more days if you don't.


I have been prone masturbating since I was in primary school and only realized at age 27 that what I was doing was the prone method. I have started to quit prone. Is there a chance for me to recover and learn the correct way of masturbation? (age 28)

A: Absolutely you can recover. Go for it.

I am unsure by what is meant by "I have started to quit prone." Either you have quit prone or you haven't. You won't make any progress until you do.


I am suffering from prone masturbation and when I was kid I had a circumcision operation. Please tell me how I can recover from this addiction. This has always caused me low self esteem and I can't do any work properly. Is there a chance for me to recover? I am willing to go through any regimen and improve my sex life. I want to be fit when I hit puberty before getting addicted to masturbation. I am a virgin. (age 19)

A: I'm not sure what you're talking about. Your puberty was over about five years ago. Prone masturbation is not an addiction; it is a dysfunctional method of masturbating. All you have to do is quit masturbating prone and in a week or so you can learn to masturbate by hand. Then you will masturbate by hand very frequently, but it will still not be an addiction. It is just something that men do. There is no reason to have low self esteem because of doing something normal that all men do. It will not keep you from working properly.


Thank you very, very much for hosting this content. It has changed my life. I am 34 years old and have been masturbating prone since I was 11 or 12 years old. This has led to numerous problems when having sex with partners. I have never been able to ejaculate except in the prone position.

After ceasing masturbation for four weeks, I was able to ejaculate using the supine position for the first time in my life. And I did it again this morning. These were the best orgasms I have ever felt. I am so excited but the problem is that, both times, it took me a little over an hour to ejaculate. How can I speed things up?

Again, thank you so much for all of your help!

A: You are new to supine masturbation. You should expect your first few times to take an extended time. 45 minutes to an hour (or more) is not at all unusual. As you get more familiar with conventional masturbation, it will take less and less time. In a few weeks, you will masturbate to orgasm by hand in less time than you were doing prone. Please keep me informed of your progress.


I stopped prone masturbation for 3 weeks. I tried conventional but was not able to do it. I went back to prone. How long do I have to abstain? What if I abstain and am not able to ejaculate forever? (age 30)

A: You don't have to abstain for three weeks. One week is plenty. Be strong and force yourself to have an orgasm with your hand. You will be very happy when you do. Do not revert to prone.


I have been masturbating in the prone position until now. Is it necessary to masturbate in the conventional way only in BED? Can I masturbate sitting or standing in the washroom? (age 22)

A: Yes, of course you can. But that's not a good place to learn to do it by hand for the first time after almost 10 years of masturbating prone. I suggest learning in bed and then doing it wherever you want after you've perfected it.


Iíve been masturbating prone since I was 13. Iíve had several partners in the past year and had no clue it was the root of my intimacy issues. I tried herbal remedies, I tried abstinence but always reverted back to prone because I knew no other way. has been an immense help. I tried conventional for the first time today, after going 15 days without prone and without any serious sexual contact and it was the most amazing orgasm I had ever had. Thank you for hosting and posting this information. Itís put a lot of my issues into perspective. (age 29)


How much time will it take to masturbate using hand for the very first time? (age 21)

A: A lot longer than you're used to doing prone. Expect the first few times masturbating by hand to take an hour.


I really appreciate I only realized three weeks ago about prone masturbation, and read all about it here. I was able to switch to normal masturbation after 4 days abstinence. I observe that I ejaculate more semen when masturbating by hand than I do when I masturbate prone. When I masturbated prone, my penis was flaccid and not erect. Is this the reason we do not ejaculate during prone masturbation? (age 22)

A: Nearly all males who masturbate prone ejaculate from it. Since it's only been three weeks and you have never measured your semen accurately, you might be overestimating how much you're ejaculating. You probably ejaculated more your first couple of times because of that four days' abstinence. I suspect your ejaculation frequency will be same as usual within a week or so.


I have been masturbating prone regularly for 6 years. I am trying to give it up. When my penis is erect, it is difficult for me to slide my skin from my glans to masturbate with my hands. It also slightly pains me when I try to slide my skin forcefully from my glans. Is it normal? Is this because of prone masturbating? (age 19)

A: It is normal for males to be unable to touch the glans (head of the penis). The glans is the most sensitive part. Most guys only stroke the shaft unless they use lube. Using lube allows one to stroke the sensitive head of the penis. Good luck giving up prone. I suggest switching to hand masturbation first and then after a month or two of that, learn to use lube.


I am circumcised but since beginning conventional masturbation a few months ago, I have been masturbating dry. Now that I've gotten used to conventional, would you recommend I begin adding lube? I never used to use lube when I masturbated prone, so I'm not used to it. (age 31)

A: Yes, I think you would enjoy masturbating more with lube. See my page about using lube to masturbate.


I have been masturbating prone since discovering it when I was 6. Even before I felt attracted to girls and would masturbate Ďtoí something, I got an orgasm-like feeling from masturbating prone. I went to a military school and other boys caught me and told me I should masturbate with my hand. Since I was 14, I have been able to use my hand happily. I still masturbate prone the majority of the time, and I have been switching between the two methods since I was 14. After finding, I am definitely giving up prone, but I would like to know if I still need a month of jacking off by hand before I am back to normal? Or is the fact that that I can already use my hand a good sign? I finally met a girl who likes me so the less time I have to spend preparing myself for it in a dark room, the better. (age 21)

A: All you need to do is resolve to give up prone forever. You don't need an abstinence period or to spend a month only masturbating by hand. You already know how to do that. Good luck with the girl. And I also think you would enjoy masturbating with lights on.


I did prone since 9-10 years old. Thanks for your information I am on the fourth day of abstinence. I am planning to have intercourse with my girlfriend at the end of this month. Will I be cured to the conventional way before the time I will have intercourse with my girlfriend? (age 24)

A: If you masturbate by hand to orgasm for the first time on April 5, my best advice would be to do it again every day for a month and then try intercourse after May 5. It won't hurt anything to try intercourse before then, but your chances of success are lower than if you got more experienced with conventional masturbation and worked at using less force.


I quit prone masturbation in January after visiting, but I gave up after my first attempt at conventional masturbation and went back to prone. I started trying conventional masturbation again in late March and today I was able to orgasm for the first time in under 30 minutes. Thank you so much for the information on your web site! (age 27)


I have been masturbating prone since I was 8. After coming across, I have not masturbated prone for 10 days now and have started to try masturbating the conventional way. However, I cannot seem to ejaculate this way. My masturbation practice sessions last 5 minutes because my arm gets tired and I give up. Should I keep going until I reach ejaculation instead of giving up? (age 17)

A: Five minutes is not nearly long enough. Your first few times, you might have to keep stroking for up to an hour. You must be using an awful lot of force if your arm is getting tired after only five minutes.

One more thing: Those are not "masturbation practice" sessions; they are masturbation sessions.


As someone who masturbated prone since about age 12, I abstained from all masturbation for roughly 5 days and was capable of achieving an orgasm in roughly 25 minutes masturbating conventionally. Would I be considered an exception to the 45 minute-hour rule, and should I continue to masturbate conventionally despite not abstaining for a whole week? (age 19)

A: It is not a rule; it is simply an advisory that if you're used to masturbating to orgasm prone in less than 10 minutes, you will not be able to succeed in that amount of time your first few times masturbating by hand. It is not at all unusual for it to take 45 minutes to an hour those first times. If you did it in 25 minutes, great. Resolve not to do prone anymore. Masturbate as often as you feel it will work. Pretty soon you'll be able to do it daily, or even more often.


I have been masturbating in the prone position until now. I am not a person to masturbate on daily basis. I haven't masturbated with my hand in my life. Whenever the urge strikes me, I masturbate prone. The supine way/conventional way is not working. I have abstained from prone the last four days and tried hand masturbation but have no success at all. (age 36)

A: You haven't followed my instructions. You need to abstain for seven days before trying conventional masturbation. It might even take you longer since you have been masturbating only prone for at least 20 years. If you don't masturbate daily, then it ought to be not that difficult for you to make it a week or 10 days.


I am gay and masturbate prone. I can do supine masturbation only when my parents aren't home. When I can't masturbate supine, I revert to prone masturbation. Please give me suggestion to overcome my anxiety and give up prone masturbation forever. (age 21)

A: You are an adult and can masturbate however you want whenever you want. Your parents don't have anything to say about it. You can bet that your dad and your brothers and nearly every other male you know has a long history of masturbating supine. So why can't you? Don't make excuses about why you are going back to prone. Simply resolve to never masturbate prone again. You already know how to masturbate supine, so what is your excuse?


I feel like my penis is completely dead. I have a partner Iím super attracted to. But when she does oral I get absolutely no feeling. It feels like the blood refuses to go to my penis. and Iím getting scared and depressed. I stopped prone for a few days. Should I have seen some results by now or is it too early? (age 23)

A: Much too early. After stopping prone for a week, you should be able to masturbate by hand to orgasm. After doing that daily for a month is when you can try being sexual with a partner. Some males can be successful in intercourse sooner, but it will probably be months after you give up prone that you will be able to reach orgasm in oral intercourse.


Isn't prone good if you want to last longer? (age 16)

A: No, it isn't. A male who masturbates conventionally would not notice a difference in his orgasm time if he switched to prone. Anyway, males who already masturbate conventionally don't switch to prone. It doesn't happen. Prone is a method of masturbation that one either learns when starting or doesn't.


I have been masturbating prone my whole life and I'm afraid my penis is too numb for manual masturbation. What should I do? (age 16)

A: Take a week off from masturbating and your penis will be more sensitive to allow you to learn to masturbate by hand.


I'm 22 years old, unfortunately a virgin, and I have been masturbating prone since I was 6-7 years old. I discovered the site and immediately I decided to quit prone once and for all. I stopped masturbating for 7 days and then I tried to masturbate with my hand. I tried for 20 minutes and I couldn't ejaculate. I did the same for the next 6 days and still although I felt I was closer, I couldn't ejaculate. On the seventh day, at last after 45 minutes, I managed to ejaculate by masturbating with my hand. The next day I abstained again and then I continued the day after that managing to masturbate and ejaculate every day by using my hand. Day by day is getting better as I get used to it. Thank you.

A: Even if you usually took 20 minutes to masturbate to orgasm prone, it will take a lot longer your first times masturbating by hand. You did well by going at it for 45 minutes.


I've been prone masturbating for 4-5 years. I've read on how to overcome it and followed it. But when I masturbate with my hand after a week, I get very hard and I'm almost there but I cannot orgasm. Any solutions? (age 19)

A: When you feel like you're almost there, stroke as hard and fast as you can until you have an orgasm. Once you've learned how, work at using a slower stroke and less force.


Iíve been able to take 10 days out from any masturbation and I'm not sexually active. I donít really know the standard way and don't get any feeling from the shaft. Is this normal? (age 22)

A: You are learning the standard way. Just get aroused (especially in your head) and stroke up and down until you have an orgasm. Be patient and expect it to take 45 minutes to an hour the first time. Practice makes perfect.


The week is passed and I still can't cum. I can get erect easily but I'm simply not enjoying it thus not getting to orgasm. So something is wrong with me or your "you will be able to after one week" is too sunshine. (age 21)

A: The week is only a guideline. Some guys need longer and some need only a few days. If you're getting erect, you should be able to masturbate to orgasm. Make sure your mind is getting aroused. That's the best way to have an orgasm.


I masturbate prone and the vein in the midddle of my shaft hurts. (age 18)

A: Veins don't hurt, but you have one more reason than everyone else to give up prone forever. I suspect you are thrusting too hard against that one particular spot. After you give up prone, you will have more places on your penis that you enjoy touching, and you will not need to worry as much about that sore spot.


Iíve been prone masturbating since 12 and Iíve recovered twice from it but sadly two months ago I tried it again and now I have been having trouble maintaining an erection and sensitivity. Iíve been masturbating conventionally for the past two months once a day but I have not noticed an improvement in my erections or sensitivity. I actually feel lower sensitivity now. What should I do? (age 18)

A: If you're recovered twice from prone and are back to it again, then you have not recovered at all. Decide to give up prone forever. At your age, you should not be worried at all about erections or sensitivity. You are wasting the best years of your sexual life. Never do prone again and after a month with no prone, find some other uses for your penis besides masturbating.


For 10 years, I have lain down on my stomach and rubbed my penis on my pillow. Now a few days back, I got a partner and when she was giving fellatio, I couldn't ejaculate. After that day, I tried masturbation with my hand but couldn't ejaculate. I was very tense and looking for solutions on the Internet when I read your articles about prone masturbation. I want to enjoy sexual life with partner. Will I ever enjoy sexual life with my partner or not? (age 27)

A: Decide to give up prone forever and then learn to masturbate by hand. You will be able to be sexual with a partner within a month or two. There is plenty of reason for hope.


I would like to thanks for your tremendous efforts. I am doing prone masturbation since I was 15. After visiting your site I decided to quit. I am very much worried about my future sexual life with partner. I am continously thinking that I will never be able to do normal sex? Will I produce children? (age 27)

A: Right now work on learning to masturbate conventionally. You seem to be a virgin. You will likely be able to function in intercourse by the time you get a sex partner. Prone masturbation does not affect fertility. Don't think about future sex problems and instead think of how much you're going to enjoy masturbating by hand in a few days.


I've done this sort of experiment before and I've suddenly been back masturbating prone for a bit and will stop today. But I don't ejaculate and I don't want to lose my sexual energy. Is it OK to do edging by hand? (age 30)

A: Too many men have convinced themselves they will stop prone today. But you cheat and expect me to tell you it's OK. Resolve to give up prone forever. Then masturbate by hand as often as you like. There is no such thing as edging. Edging is masturbating.


I'm 13, I've always masturbated prone. If I decide to quit prone masturbation and quit masturbating at all, can I still have normal sex with women when I get to be 20? I'm trying to fight my obsession and there seems to be no way for me to masturbate with my hands. (age 13)

A: If you quit prone masturbation now, there is no reason why you can't have normal sex with women when you're 20, or even much sooner. You will not succeed at quitting masturbation altogether, and it's a waste of time to even try. Channel your obsession into learning to masturbate with your hands.


I have been masturbating prone for as long as I can remember. I am not a virgin. I tried having sex with my partner twice but could not reach orgasm. I need help. (age 25)

A: So follow the cure program here on


I only started masturbating two months ago, and it is prone. Obviously I should stop, but do I need to learn to masturbate by hand or can I quit? Since I've only been doing it for two months, how long will it take to be normal? (age 17)

A: If you're doing it more than three times a week, you cannot simply quit masturbating. Even if you could, you would need to take a week or so off before it would be wise to masturbate to orgasm by hand for the first time. I doubt that only two months of prone will make much difference in your future sexuality, so simply resolve to give up prone; learn to masturbate by hand; and a month from now, you might not even remember what prone was like.


I masturbated prone for four years but then I found that masturbating prone is the wrong way, thanks to I was able to overcome prone masturbation and now i am able to masturbate to orgasm by hand. It will take time when you masturbate by hand for the first time but later you will be able to masturbate faster. My erections have also improved. My advice to you all is don't panic if you've been proning. Have faith in yourself and follow the steps on Thank you to the author of this page. I can masturbate by hand now easily. (age 17)


I've been masturbating prone for around a decade now and I recently found out about the dangers of doing it prone, thanks to I've been trying to switch my habits, however I want to know if it is particularly bad to thrust into my hand. I have been using my hand after abstaining for about 5 days, and I was able to get the clear liquid to ooze, but not fully ejaculate. My legs get this feeling like they want to move and I find that I can't stop them from moving or tingling. So I decided to stand up, hover my penis over the edge of my bed, stabilize my legs by leaning them into the side of the bed (so they stop moving), and thrust into my hand, as if to simulate intercourse. I've ejaculated twice within 4 hours by doing this. Is this an OK way to transition into doing it the normal way (moving hand up and down)? Is the "tingly" feeling in my legs a normal thing? If it's still a side effect of prone, would abstaining even longer make it stop?

I want to be able to masturbate the normal way, but I'm not sure if doing it the way I am is hurting or helping my progress. (age 21)

A: You don't say what you were thrusting into before. Believe it or not, the males who masturbate prone by thrusting into their hands tend to have worse sexual dysfunctions than those who thrust into their mattresses, pillows, bedding, or even the floor. I've occasionally recommended switching from those objects to the hand as part of the transition, but it is really better if you don't.

The leg tingling is very normal. Most males and females hold their legs stiff in front of them while masturbating to prevent that very thing. There is no reason to stand like you do and then masturbate prone into your hand.

Keep trying and do not masturbate a way that is even a little like prone. You're very close to succeeding.


After I discovered the site I immediately quit prone and after a week and a half I was cured. I am now able to masturbate the supine way every day for the last month but I have two questions.

1) I am only able to ejaculate normally with my hand only when I'm lying on my back. I haven't really tried to masturbate while sitting but when I do it doesn't feel comfortable enough. Should I worry and what should I do?

2) Most of the time I have normal ejaculations but sometimes when I masturbate two or more times in a day my semen comes in small quantities and splashes. Is it normal? (age 20)

A: If you only switched to supine a month ago, you are probably ready to try it at the computer, in the shower, etc. You are making good progress. It is quite normal for your ejaculations to be less voluminous the more recently you have ejaculated. I'm surprised you didn't notice that during your years of prone.


I have been masturbating prone since childhood. Earlier I used to do more often like 7-8 times a week but after getting married 5 years ago, I have reduced it to 1-2 times a week. Eight years ago, I learned my method of masturbation was different but did little to change to the conventional way. Last week I read about prone on and can relate to the side effects it has caused to my sex life. I want to change and cure myself. I have already started with the rehab program suggested. I have tried masturbating the normal way for 45 minutes or so but could not ejaculate. How many days should I try the normal method until I finally orgasm? (age 31)

A: You don't say whether you abstained from sex and masturbation for at least a week before trying to masturbate conventionally. That is important. Does your spouse know about this? He or she has to know that you're taking a break from sex and masturbation for a few weeks because it affects him or her too. Good luck to you both!


Follow-up: I was instantly able to correlate all my sexual problems mentioned due to my habit of prone masturbation since childhood, over 15 years. From that day I have never done prone masturbation. I struggled initially with the conventional way but with patience and perseverence I was able to masturbate conventionally after a few days. Initially, it took me around 40-45 minutes to cum but gradually it has reduced to around 5-7 minutes. I can masturbate with hands and with or without porn or any other visual aid. I love the conventional way of masturbating and have realized what I have missed by doing prone my entire life. I can stroke and rub my glans with my hand and ejaculate as I wish. It's really amazing. I discussed my prone habit with a sexologist but he said it does not matter and prescribed me medicine for my sexual problems. I have still not tried intercouse with my wife since I quit prone. I am planning to do it soon with her and I hope that I will now start enjoying sex. Thanks Doug. I will keep on updating my progress.

A: That all sounds good except for the part about not having tried sex with your wife since you quit prone in May, six months ago. How does your wife not want to have sex for that long? What does she think of this?


I have been masturbating in the prone position for the last 5 years. It's been 5 months now and I have been unsuccessful in transforming to the conventional method.

The problem with me is that I cannot abstain from masturbating and I also meet quite a few traits of a porn addict. I have once been able to abstain for 5 days but for no good. Masturbation is a real stress buster and I don't see myself going 7 days without it.

I do firmly believe in your method. I also understand the logic behind it as I myself have experienced the increased sensitivity in the short abstaining periods.

I can easily get a good firm erection using my hands and then stroke it about 20 mins. It feels good but not as amazing as prone. I have never been able to climax and revert to prone out of frustration.

Next month I will be joining college and really want to be normal like other kids. I see no way out of this horrifying depressive phase of life.

A: You have to resolve to give up prone forever, and that means no masturbation for you for a week (perhaps longer). Do not go back to prone. You have to reset the timer to zero whenever you do that. Take a week with no masturbation and you will be masturbating to orgasm by hand at this time next week. You will be an old pro at it by the time college starts.


Follow-up: Thanks for that and I really appreciate your help.

I have been trying to learn the conventional method of masturbation and the problem with me is that it's very difficult to achieve orgasm in the supine position. I enjoy stroking but do not feel any kind fluid traveling against the gravity.

Therefore I use the prone position but I stictly DO NOT rub the penis against the bedding. Instead, I stroke the shaft of penis using fingers. I do not grip it with my hand like in the conventional way. Today I was able to achieve orgasm through the described method.

Is this still prone or have I been cured?

A: If you're masturbating in the prone position, you have not been cured. Lie on your back to masturbate. Gravity has nothing to do with it.


I've been masturbating prone since I was 11. Now Iím 26. I feel pain in my prŪvate area. I think is a urethral problem. If I quit prone now, will this pain disappear?

A: Urethral pain is a problem for a doctor. Your regular doctor might have you see a urologist. I greatly advise quitting prone. It might not have anything to do with your pain, but it couldn't hurt to switch away from a punishing method of masturbating.


Can prone masturbation cause a herniated disk? (age 16)

A: I've never heard of that. I don't know anything about herniated discs and so can't say what causes them. If you masturbate prone, you need to stop it and learn to masturbate by hand.


Iíve been trying to stop prone since I found this site in April. Iíve been doing pretty well for the most part. My problem is Iím in a long distance relationship and me and my girl only see each other every three weeks. Since April Iíve done prone probably three times and itís only because I miss having sex with my girlfriend and it feels close to humping her. I feel gross after I do prone and want to stop 100%. Whenever I do prone do I ruin the progress Iíve made using my hand? (age 23)

A: By cheating and doing prone about once a month, you're not making it easier to recover. Resolve to give up prone masturbation forever.


I started prone masturbation in 2014, when I was 15. I stopped in 2017 but went back to prone in 2018 after I had sex with my girlfriend. We had intercourse for about an hour but I didn't orgasm. Will refraining from sex and masturbation for one month make me ejaculate? (age 19)

A: You need to give up prone forever. There is no need to abstain for a month, since you already know how to masturbate by hand. Go back to hand masturbation, and work at using less force. In a few weeks, try having sex again.


I have been prone masturbating since I was 5. Should I be worried? (age 12)

A: You should plan to switch to hand masturbation while you are still young. Many and perhaps most boys haven't even started masturbating at your age. Turn this around now.


I masturbate prone about twice a day. I have been doing this for about 3 years, but only recently have I increased it in frequency. How do I stop doing this before I have an irreversible condition? (age 15)

A: I never heard of anyone with irreversible prone masturbation. Simply resolve to never masturbate prone again; then take a week off from masturbating; and then learn to make yourself orgasm by hand. It will be fun!


I had my first sex around 4 months ago, yet I was unable to ejaculate and thus came to I quit prone masturbation around 3 months ago, and got used to masturbation by hand. Recently I had sex with my new partner for the first time after having my first sexual intercourse and I was still unable to ejaculate. We tried oral sex as well yet it was more painful than pleasant, at least for me. During the intercourse I was barely able to feel any stimulation. Does it have to do with me using a condom? Or am I simply doing something wrong? (age 20)

A: You need practice. You have been masturbating by hand for less than three months. I would also suggest abstaining from masturbation for 5-7 days before having intercourse. As you get more experienced, you can reduce the interval. You can learn to reach orgasm with a partner while using a condom.


I have abstained from prone masturbation for about a week now (having practiced it since age 7), having tried to do it the conventional way for about 40 minutes today, I fell back to prone. It isn't hard for me to quit prone masturbation, but I believe I may be incapable of ever doing it the conventional way. I don't even really know what I am doing. Have you ever heard of cases where doing it the conventional way was not learned? (age 23)

A: I have never heard of a case that was intractable. All you did by going prone today was waste a week of abstinence. Now you have to abstain for another week. You are capable of masturbating to orgasm by hand. Now do it on the 4th of July.


I've finally been able to masturbate by hand without using prone to get it started. How long will it take before hand masturbation becomes quick and easy like prone masturbation? While masturbating by hand, I really have to work at it before I start to feel something. I can only reach orgasm if my legs are extended out. It's much harder for me to reach orgasm if I'm sitting. Is that fine? (age 26)

A: It will be a month or so before hand masturbation is as automatic for you as prone was. Then you will be able to do it sitting, at the computer, in the shower, in the car, anywhere you want. You will like it a lot better than prone. The leg thing is normal and you will probably continue to do that.


I have not masturbated in the prone position for about 2 months and since then I've been reaching orgasm using my hand and Vaseline. Those orgasms take over 15 minutes and I've had to tense my legs and buttocks to achieve orgasm. Sometimes I've even lost an erection while doing this. I went on vacation this week thinking I'd just hold off masturbation for a week. I caved on day 3 and tried doing it by hand supine without Vaseline since I had none. I hadn't masturbated without Vaseline in several years. I had an orgasm in 1-2 minutes. I thought it was a fluke but it happened again 2 more times since. I'm confused by this. Why was it much easier to achieve orgasm without the Vaseline? Should I just stop using lubricants all together? (age 20)

A: Vaseline is very goopy. It is a preferred lubricant among 10-13 year old boys but older males prefer water-based lubes. I think you would enjoy Warm Touch, which is available at Dollar Tree. Congratulations on giving up prone and on learning to do it dry.


I read the whole article and it really woke me up. I have never been a fast ejaculator. I have ejaculated in a mouth just twice in my life, and I have masturbated prone since 5 years old at least but recently (couple of years) I have noticed this is gradually getting worse. I have had erectile dysfunction a couple of times and wondered what is happening.

Today I got excited and practiced supine masturbation (for a change) and ejaculated within 5 minutes. It really felt way different. I started wondering why, and I Googled it and found I couldn't believe I had been doing it wrong all these 30 years, and the consequences this carries.

Thank you! I will strictly change my habits from now on as you indicate, and hopefully your article will change my sexual life forever!


I'm currently a 21 year old male student with no sexual experience. I was not aware about prone masturbation until I started getting curious about this method I use to mastubate. I masturbate prone 3 times in a week.

After reading your website, I feel shocked about this. I've been doing this for almost 7 years now. I've been reading about how it can hinder my performance in the bedroom.

Is it still possible for me to become normal again? Can I fix this is and regain my strength even after all these years of going prone? I'm honestly really scared of all the damage I've caused on my private area. Is it damaged forever? (age 21)

A: You can change. You are not so old. Many men switched when they were older than you are. Resolve to give up prone forever. You can be masturbating by hand at this time next week. Then in a month or so, you can seek sexual fulfillment with a partner.


Iíve been proning since high school and never had a problem until now. I noticed itís hard to climax. Have I done too much damage? Is it too late? (age 23)

A: It is not too late. Many men have switched when they were a lot older than you. Make it your summer project and never do prone again.


For pretty much my entire life, I have masturbated prone. I knew it was different, and so I used to try the normal way too, which I found more difficult. I could ejaculate within a minute while masturbating prone, and I also ejaculated even while fooling around with a girl. I am afraid that I suffer from premature ejaculation. Recently, only my second time having sex, I could not get an erection and read about issues caused by prone masturbation. But unlike many comments here, I could ejaculate within 5 minutes with my hands, on day 3 after I gave up prone. It only got easier thereafter. Is this related to my premature ejaculation? (age 27)

A: It would be incorrect to say that you have premature ejaculation based on only having sex twice. Also, ejaculating within five minutes is not particularly fast. Typically, men who are diagnosed with PE ejaculate as soon as they enter their partners. Keep working at masturbating using only your hands, and work at having more sex.


I waited a week with no sexual activity and just tried to masturbate. I used lotion and really tried but couldnít make it happen. I really focused on my glans and it felt amazing but when I sort of peaked a clear liquid came out but it did not look like cum. Now what? (age 16)

A: Try again tomorrow. Do not go back to prone. Don't use lotion if you're not used to it. That would make it harder, not easier. Avoid touching the glans and see what you can do stroking the shaft and brushing against the widest part of the glans. The clear liquid was pre-cum. When you get that, you're very close, so stroke as hard and fast as you can until you orgasm.


I engaged in prone masturbation by putting severe pressure on my penis. Can prone masturbation cause reduced urine flow and bladder neck problems? Can it cause injury to the urethra? (age 23)

A: It might cause those problems, but they will go away easily simply by quitting prone and learning to masturbate conventionally. I suggest doing that. Once you've given up prone for about 6 months, if those things are still bothering you, then ask your doctor for a referral to a urologist.


I can already masturbate the conventional way but I prefer prone. Do I have to go through the whole abstinence period or can I just stop doing prone? (age 15)

A: Preferring prone is your problem. Prone is a problem. Decide to give up prone forever. You don't need to abstain because you already know how to masturbate conventionally. You are lucky that you have learned this at your age.


I have done masturbation the conventional way before. That time it was easy. I have been doing prone masturbation for two years and I can't masturbate in the conventional way. I read about prone masturbation and I am scared. Tell me what to do. (age 17)

A: I am trying to figure out what you mean. Since you say "that time," I think you only masturbated conventionally once. That one time really doesn't count. Decide to give up prone forever and take a week off from masturbating. Then masturbate by hand to orgasm while lying on your back. If you can remember what you did that one time, it will help some. Soon you will be doing it that way every time and will not be scared.


I am currently undergoing the abstaining phase and recently I read at some web site that women consider men with anorgsmia to be desirable.

I am really confused. Why don't we who masturbate prone have sex for hours, make her orgasm, let her be happy and satisfied and finish off things by humping her until we cum?

Does this plan makes sense? If so, should I continue with the abstaining phase? (age 19)

A: No, your plan makes no sense at all, and I suspect you've never had sex. Women don't like men with premature ejacuation (who orgasm right away) or who can't last until they've had their fun. Studies reveal that women like to have about 4-6 minutes of thrusting. That is the length of time that men should aim for. Women don't enjoy men with anorgasmia or delayed ejaculation who take 30-45 minutes, if they can reach orgasm at all.

Good luck with abstaining and giving up prone forever.


I masturbated prone for 12 years on a daily basis. A month ago I visited and followed your instructions and now I am able to masturbate by hand in the shower every day. I use coconut oil as a lubricant. I am only able to masturbate with coconut oil. I can't ejaculate without lubricant. I am a virgin and am afraid if I'll be able to ejaculate in a partner. I am getting married in a few months. Lubricants for masturbation are not available in my town. Is it normal to not ejaculate without lubricant? (age 27)

A: Congratulations on giving up prone. Most males give up prone by learning to masturbate in bed without lube. Once they have achieved that, I urge them to learn to use water-based lube. Masturbating in the shower is an advanced technique for after learning to masturbate in bed by hand. Coconut oil is also problematic because it cannot be used in intercourse. Water-based lube is recommended because it mimics women's natural lube and can be used during intercourse. Certainly you could acquire water-based lube by mail or Internet order. Please work on that and learn to masturbate by hand in bed with water-based lube before you get married.


I have been masturbating prone since 5th grade when I was 10 or 11 and I had no idea what it was but it felt good. Around 13, I started to cum and I got confused. I've been ignoring this for years and now I'm 18. All my friends talk about getting BJs and I can't even get a proper erection because of prone. I've already decided to give it up and I haven't done prone in weeks, but whenever I manage to get hard and masturbate, I end up urinating. I need help on what to do.

A: Always urinate before you masturbate or do anything sexual. Focus on what arouses you and think only about that. When you feel like you're close to orgasm, stroke as hard and fast as you can until you do. Once you've gotten past that, it will be easier, and you can work at using less force and a slower stroke.


I gave up prone about a year and a half ago after reading about the problems it can cause. At first normal masturbation was difficult but now I can do it fine. I use a silky pair of shorts but I don't think that should be a problem, right? Like how some people use lotion. I've not quite had sex yet because I've struggled with social anxiety and such around women but I've improved on that a lot recently so I'm fairly confident I'm on my way. But once I do, what are the odds I'll have any issues? (age 19)

A: You can only learn that by trying intercourse with a woman. You should not assume you will have problems. You are more likely to find it's the most fun you've ever had. You're about the right age for first intercourse. Go for it, and be glad you've put prone behind you. You should not wear silky shorts or any kind of shorts when you masturbate. Be completely free below the waist and enjoy your freedom of movement.


Follow-up: I wasn't clear. You thought I meant I wear silky shorts when I masturbate. I meant I essentially have them in my hand and used to do it similar to how guys use lotion on their hands.

A: It's a problem if you have to have those silky shorts. I would suggest using water-based lube instead. Water-based lube mimics the natural lubrication of a vagina. Women do not have built-in silky shorts.


I've been masturbating prone since I was 6 years old. I discovered it at a very early age. I'm 35 now, still a virgin, since all the chances I've gotten to have sex with a woman have been ruined by not being able to get an erection. I tried step 1 and 2 of the program. It's been 9 days since the last time I masturbated and I tried today for the first time on my back. I started to get half hard for a few seconds but then nothing. I did not finish after around 30 minutes. I'm not going back to prone. Is there still hope for me or do you think this is a more serious condition? Is it normal for this to happen? Should I wait a few more weeks before trying again?

A: Given your age and erection trouble and almost 30 years of masturbating prone, I suggest you use Viagra or a similar drug as you learn to masturbate by hand. You can overcome this. Many men your age and older have.


In the night, I unconsciously rub my penis into the bed (without removing my pants) around 3 or 4 times, before I catch myself. Will this affect the week of abstinence period in any way? (age 15)

A: How do you know you only do that 3 or 4 times? It is better if you can prevent that from happening. I would suggest wearing heavier pants to bed during the abstinence period.


I have been masturbating prone for about four years. Iíve become very accustomed to it and now after reading, I feel very insecure about it. When Iíve tried to orgasm using the conventional method after 3 days of abstaining (not 7), I didnít have any results orgasming after about 30 minutes. Will abstaining for seven make that much of a difference? I am really worried that Iím suffering from a serious issue and I wonít be able to have good sex. (age 18)

A: I've been advising males about this almost as long as you've been alive. I tell them to abstain for seven days (not three) because seven works. As you already know, three days of abstaining doesn't work for you. Feel lucky you learned about this after only four years of prone. You can be cured soon.


Iíve been doing prone since I accidentally discovered it at around four. Iím 20 now, so thatís 16 years. I tried your week-long abstinence method, and it worked, but Iím still worried that itís too late to fully turn this issue around. Can I still have a normally working wiener? (age 20)

A: Yes, I think you will feel a lot better about it in a few months. Practice makes perfect.


My boyfriend has erectile issues. I wonder why he doesn't ask for intercourse on our times together. Even when we have intercourse for twice, the second time after climax he moans by removing his penis. In the beginning he could even move properly after insertion of his penis in my vagina. We planned to get married this month. I just thought to ask him how does he masturbate to know what actually he's been doing with his penis all this time. While drunk he said that he never used his hand to masturbate and he uses the bed to do that by lying down on his stomach. Then today I did a search and thankfully found Let me know what can be done. (female, age 26)

A: Thank you for trying to help your fiance. He has to be the one who wants to change. He might be surprised you know how he masturbates since you asked him when he was drunk. He might not even remember telling you. Show him and help him decide to give up prone and learn to masturbate by hand.


I have been masturbating prone since I was 8. I tried normal methods and I couldnít orgasm. I think I tried it twice but thatís because I didnít wait a week. Do you think I should wait two weeks and then do it so that my penis will be sensitive? I am very scared that it will not be cured and I am scared to tell my parents and scared to tell a doctor too. (age 17)

A: Those people want to help you. You should not be scared of them. Anyway, they all masturbate themselves. Abstain for a full week and then you will be able to masturbate to orgasm by hand. You are young and can be cured before school starts!


Thank you for your information on how to overcome prone masturbation. I quit it and have never felt better. Again, thank you. You're the best!


I have never achieved orgasm through prone masturbation. However, I have enjoyed rubbing and thrusting my penis into my bed for years. Now that Iím becoming sexually active with a partner, Iím having a lot of trouble achieving erection and no success achieving orgasm. I also have little interest in supine masturbation, which Iíve begun exploring for the first time. If I never used the prone position to the point of orgasm, can the rubbing and occasional thrusting have still caused my problems? (age 19)

A: Prone masturbation is bad whether you do it to orgasm or not. I'm having a hard time believing you've never masturbated to orgasm at all at your age. Are you sure you're not younger than 19?


I have been masturbating prone since I was 8. I want to quit because the last time I was with a female who happens to be a virgin, I was going to see if I would be able to devirgin her. I couldn't do it. She performed manual and oral sex on me and yet I couldn't reach orgasm. I need advice on how to quit masturbation of any kind and gain back my sexuality. (age 22)

A: All you need to do is abstain for a week and then learn to masturbate to orgasm by hand. You can do it.


Can I do other things with my girlfriend that turn me on (makeout, fingering, etc.) during my abstinence period if I donít ejaculate or treat my organs roughly? (age 21)

A: No. Don't do anything sexual with anyone.


Can prone masturbation lead to Peyronieís disease or venous leak if done too much? (age 24)

A: Not that I've ever heard. Those are both rare conditions.


I came to looking for tips on how to masturbate in a college dorm. I learned that I have been doing prone masturbation. I decided to stop on the spot.

  1. I had to be circumcised when I was young because of a serious case of phimosis. What are the negatives and positives of being circumcised?
  2. How can I let out the pressure built up from moving into college and another country plus not being able to wank for a week?
  3. I have a serious fetish for overweight/fat/obese women. Is that all right?
  4. What are the dangers of not wanking for a week? (age 18)

A: 1. Lots of men are circumcised. There is nothing you can do about it now. 2. You were strong enough to get into college in another country. You are strong enough to go a week without a wank. 3. I don't know. That's not my area of expertise, and there's nothing you're going to do about it in the next week anyway. 4. You will be fine. The dangers of prone masturbation are much greater.


I had large erections that rubbed against my underpants during my abstinence period. Does that ruin the abstinence period? Iím now attempting hand masturbation and having trouble even getting erect much less orgasming. (age 19)

A: Congratulations on your erectability. Those erections did not ruin you abstinence period. It is typical for males to be anxious and have trouble getting an erection the first time they try to masturbate by hand after an abstinence period. Relax and look at something arousing. You will erect and be able to masturbate to orgasm soon.


I have been mastrubating in the prone position for 15 years. Sometimes I masturbate supine as well. Two months ago, I got a chance to have sex with my partner. I easily got an erection but was not enough hard to penetrate her and lost it during penetration. A month ago, I came to know about and read it throughly. I gave up the prone position completely 6 weeks ago and took a week of abstention. Then I masturbated conventionally three times a week.

Now I feel like I am attaining less erection strength while stroking. I am going to get married soon. I need your advice. (age 26)

A: I advise males to be able to masturbate daily for a month before trying intercourse again. I suggest using visual aids if your erections are not suitable without them. Since you have already been free of prone for six weeks, perhaps you could try intercourse again after only two weeks of daily masturbation. I hope you and your partner are up to speed soon so you don't have to worry about it at your wedding.


Amazing article. Thanks to you I got aware of prone masturbation. Recently I tried masturbating in the supine position (2nd day after I read your article) and I could erect but not ejaculate. Why is this happening? (age 18)

A: If you read my advice on giving up prone, you know I said to abstain for seven days before trying to masturbate by hand. You didn't wait that long. Try again.


I read carefully. I have been doing bed humping for almost 20 years. However, it is not my exclusive technique anymore. I think it would be absolutely necessary to distinguish guys who are practicing it without an erection and guys who are doing it with a complete erection. I assume the main harmful consequences you mention are due to the practice of masturbation with a soft penis rather than the technique itself.

I find it extremely hot watching young guys masturbate by bed humping. Is it weird? Do you hear anyone into this? (age 35)

A: You did not read my site carefully. If you had, you would know that any prone masturbation is harmful. Doing it without an erection is worse. Nearly all males who grew up practicing prone did it with full erections. Until they noticed their erections weren't as good anymore. It is good that you have learned to masturbate conventionally, but it is important that you also give up prone forever. Give your sexuality a chance to heal while you are still young.

I know people are into porn of men humping beds because porn like that exists. I have seen some of those videos and find it very heartbreaking, not arousing. I feel the same way about those videos that women recovering from eating disorders feel about videos of women practicing eating disorders. I hope the men in those videos are only masturbating prone for sake of the video and don't do that on their own.


I'm 14 and have stopped prone masturbation for 4 days. I'm gonna wait the remaining 3 days to masturbate normally. What happens if I can't ejaculate via the conventional way on my first try?

A: Wait another day or two and try again.


I just learned that I have been prone masturbating all these years and this is the only way of masturbating I know. Until recently, I thought this was normal and that every male must masturbate prone.

It is quite sad that we don't have much information on this thing. I hope that I am able to follow the cure method steps which start with abstaining, and am able to fix myself and able to have a normal sexual life. It should be and should be part of teenager's sexual education. I wish someone had educated me about it when I was in my teens. I don't know how much damage has been done by my prone masturbating for around two decades. (age 32)

A: Good luck with the cure program. Many men older than you have succeeded at it. You can overcome your two decades of prone.


I discovered masturbation really young and for whatever reason, prone felt natural. I've been doing it for about 7 years. Has it stunted my penis growth? (age 16)

A: Prone masturbation will not affect your penis size. But you are young and can quit prone easily. Please do. Your penis will thank you.


Do wet dreams ruin the abstinence period? I still get those occasionally and Iím worried this ruined all my work. (age 14)

A: Yes. If you have a wet dream, you need to start the abstinence clock over again.


Yesterday I tried to masturbate with my hand for the first time but failed and came to know I am suffering from prone masturbation. I heeded the advice on and decided not to masturbate for a week. Today I got super horny while watching a movie and and tried to masturbate with my left hand while lying on the bed. I was successfuly able to ejaculate. Have I overcome prone masturbation now? (age 17)

A: I don't know. The test is if you can give up prone forever and only masturbate by hand. If you can do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next day, then I would say you have succeeded. If you are tempted to go back to prone or take more than an hour to masturbate to orgasm by hand, then you will need to do an abstinence period. And this time, don't watch things you find arousing.


I think I'm in real danger. I will never enjoy sex in my life. I have masturbated prone from the age of 6 and since 18 when I masturbate, I put pressure on my penis with my hand and don't stroke, or I take it left to right. It's the only way for me to come. I tried the usual method and I can't get satisfaction. With women in the past, I can't find satisfaction. The technique can't be duplicated in sex. Only a few times have I really enjoyed sex, when my partner was on top and SOFTLY went up and down. Are things over for me? I've been masturbating the wrong way an average of once a day for 30 years. (age 36)

A: Yes, you can change even at your age. Many men have. It is a good sign that you can reach orgasm from cowgirl intercourse. Make a vow to give up prone forever and work starting a week from now of learning to masturbate by hand. You can do it.


I masturbated prone in past. Thanks to, I now masturbate conventionally. My penis now gets very hard which results in ejaculating very early. How can I last longer? (age 20)

A: Most males find they reach orgasm more quickly after they switch from prone to conventional. As you get used to the feeling, it will be easier for you to delay orgasm. A hard penis is a very good thing, which is not a cause of early ejaculation. I think most of the men who read this would like to be you!


I've recently quit prone masturbation with the help of this site. Thank you so much! I'm finding that I can only masturbate consistently while thinking about certain types of girls. If they don't have certain characteristics, it takes me as long as an hour or even won't happen, but if they do, I can masturbate to orgasm easily. Is this related to my history of prone, or an unrelated fetish? How can I be equally turned on by women without these exact characteristics? My girlfriend doesn't have these characteristics and I'm nervous to become sexually active with her before this is resolved. (age 19)

A: I've never heard of that being connected to prone. Be glad you gave up prone. If fantasizing about these certain women helps, then fantasize about them. Work at getting aroused by more women. Keep an open mind.


Iím currently in the middle of the part of overcoming prone where I should jerk off by hand every day for a month. I was doing really well, but I didnít have time to masturbate the past two nights. Is this bad? (age 20)

A: No, don't worry about that. Just keep doing it every day that you can until it's been 4-6 weeks and you will be completely accustomed to the new feeling.


I have been engaged in prone masturbation since the age of 12. I used to do twice a day frequently. I knew prone masturbation would affect the normal sexual life, but it was hardest to overcome and shift to normal masturbation. Recently I have experienced that I could orgasm when my fiance gave me a hand job and blow job. After that I felt very frustrated and hopeless. I went to and found many opinions on this problem and decided to stop prone masturbation. I controlled all my urges for 10 days and then I tried normal masturbation with hands. I was able to reach orgasm. I was mentally very determined. I am feeling relaxed and hope my sex life will be better. I am posting this to help people out there who are going through the same. Please stop prone and mentally determine to stop it completely and then try with normal method. It's safe and easy. (age 29)

A: And fun too!


Is it to switch from prone to using a blanket or sock to cover my penis? It's harder with skin to skin contact while using my hand? (age 18)

A: No. You have to learn to masturbate by hand. After you have learned that, you can learn to use lube, which will make skin-to-skin contact easier and more fun. One thing at a time.


I masturbate prone since the very beginning, when I was 9 years old. Now I'm 20 and came to know about how bad it is because of I stopped prone masturbation and switched to masturbating by hand. Once in a while I do prone masturbation, about once a month. I'm not able to stop it completely. I just need to know about the problems of doing prone masturbation rarely, because I still can masturbate using my hand easily.

A: You need to give up prone forever, or you will continue to have the problems that prone masturbation caused you. Even cheating once a month is too much. Resolve to never do prone again. It will get easier after you have gone many months without doing prone even once.


I'm not currently sexually active nor do I plan to be for at least another few years when I'm married. Since it doesn't seem like I'm causing any physical damage, why not wait to switch over to the conventional method until I'm closer to becoming sexually active? (age 26)

A: You are causing ongoing damage to your sexual functioning. You need to give up prone now and work at being fully recovered by the time you become sexually active. You need to undo 13 or more years of conditioning by prone masturbation. Also, you're too old to still be a virgin. After you give up prone and learn to masturbate conventionally, work at finding a partner.


Your web site has been a lifesaver for me. I masturbated in the prone position for years until stopping cold turkey approximately 6 months ago. After abstaining for a month, I am able to masturbate in the supine position. However, in order to orgasm, I have found that I need to tense up my leg muscles quite a lot. And it often takes me around 20 minutes to orgasm. The problem is that while I have been able to ejaculate from manual stimulation with a woman, when I have sexual intercourse, I do not feel enough friction and I can't tense my leg muscles. I have trouble sustaining an orgasm. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks so much in advance! (age 37)

A: Congratulations on giving up prone. Tensing legs is normal; most men and most women do that, including those with no history of prone. It's good that you can reach orgasm from manual intercourse. That is difficult for many men with a history of prone. I would suggest working on not needing to hold your legs tense every time while masturbating. You might also try masturbating while kneeling sometime. Practice makes perfect when it comes to vaginal intercourse. Have you tried woman on top?


I was cured from prone masturbation four months ago thanks to Now I am able to masturbate in the supine position. I can masturbate lying on my back and I can masturbate while sitting. But I can't masturbate standing up. Any tips to masturbate in multiple positions with no problem? (age 22)

A: You have added two new positions in the past four months. As you get more accustomed to non-prone masturbation, it will be easier for you to do it in more places. Keep working at it.


I started prone masturbating around the age of 13-14. It was the only way I could reach orgasm. When I got to college, I couldn't perform with multiple girls that I tried having sex with.

I later read about the harms of prone masturbating. It took me a while, but I finally was able to retrain myself and jerk off with my hand. I am still having trouble keeping and maintaining an erection. When I jack off with my hands, it takes me a while to get it up and then I don't feel like I have a full erection until the very end when I am about to finish. Last week I actually relapsed and did prone. I really am nervous about having sex, and am considering taking ED pills. (age 19)

A: It is essential that you never masturbate prone again. Don't relapse if you're having a bad day with your hand. It is also important to only masturbate when you have a satisfactory erection. If you follow those two rules, you are likely to have a much better chance of success.


I just saw this site today and I'm amazed at how wonderful it is. I have been masturbating since I was 13. My first time was prone because I didn't even know what I was doing and what masturbation meant. But then it became a habit and I stopped prone masturbation and shifted to the normal way. Now I feel like my erections are not long and hard as compared to what was in my childhood. I have stopped prone masturbation long back, but still I don't have hard erections and also I shoot out less volume than before. I want to get my rock hard erections back and also be able to shoot out loads. Any advice would be of help. (age 21)

A: You don't say at what age you switched from prone, but it sounds like a long time ago. I doubt your erections are still suffering from the prone you did from age 13 to when you switched. You didn't say anything about sex with a partner. I'm thinking you're a virgin. When you try intercourse (which you should do soon), if your erections are good enough, then you don't have a problem. Your semen volume is what it is.


I want to say thank you for this information! I wish more men knew about it and that prone was taught as harmful in sex-ed and by parents for that matter, because I suspect many who masturbate prone don't report it and aren't having fulfilling sex because of that! I have never been able to explain to partners why I am like this. It is also just a huge relief to know I'm not the only one. (age 25)

A: First, resolve to quit prone and then do so. Second, learn to masturbate by hand. Then, when next you have sex with a partner, if you run into difficulty, tell them you're working on overcoming a sexual dysfunction. Most partners would want to help. More likely, it won't be a problem and you'll find yourself more sexually functional.


Is a Fleshlight a good tool to help quit prone masturbating? (age 18)

A: No. You quit prone and then learn to masturbate by hand. Once you have accomplished that, a toy might help you to learn a lighter grip. I recommend the Super Head Honcho which is a soft sleeve and more closely simulates a vagina than the Fleshlight, which has a hard outer case.


Iíve read your article on prone masturbation and how to fix it. I masturbate prone. Iíve been doing it since I can remember. Just recently I received my first fellatio, and I was unable to orgasm. Luckily, the girl was inexperienced and didnít question it. Since this, I realized that it wasnít nearly as pleasurable as prone masturbation, and I assumed thatís why I couldnít orgasm. From, I am much relieved to find there is a way to fix it. I will be fixing it ASAP, and will refrain from prone masturbation forever. Thank you for all the help. Hopefully I can orgasm in this girlís mouth soon. (age 17)


Is it necessary to masturbate every day to recover from prone, or can I just casually masturbate on my back when I want? Working is draining my energy to masturbate. (age 26)

A: The program calls for daily masturbation by hand for a month. By increasing the interval, you are lengthening the time until you will feel cured. Try to find time to masturbate every day.


I discovered your site about a month ago and it has been a great help to my problem and am very thankful to you for it. This happened after I managed to get an erection hard enough for sex but could not feel any sensation. Since then I have learned to masturbate by hand. When I masturbate by hand, I do not get a really hard erection but am still able to ejaculate. I wondered if this was normal when first learning to do it by hand because I am not sure that it would be hard enough to have good sex. (age 21)

A: After you switch to hand masturbation (i.e., give up prone), only masturbate when you have a satisfactory erection. If you masturbate soft, you're teaching your body that you don't need an erection to be sexual. But you do.


I did prone for about six years until I came across Since mid-August I have been able to masturbate by hand. It takes me at least 90 minutes until I am able to ejaculate. Is this a problem? (age 19)

A: That is definitely a problem. You should be able to masturbate to orgasm in about five minutes, especially at your age. Work at being able to finish faster. Being determined to finish usually helps.


I masturbated prone from 13 to 23 years old. I wanted to stop it after reading your web site. However, I have been trying to masturbate the normal way for 5 months, but I can't reach orgasm. I wonder if I need to see a doctor. (age 24)

A: You don't say if you've stopped prone. Since you can't masturbate any other way, I have to believe you haven't. Go at least a week without masturbating and then do it by hand.


I stopped prone masturbating after I read about it here but I didn't wait 7 days until I masturbated normally. I still ejaculated normally and I needed around 5 minutes. Is it OK that I didn't wait 7 days? And is it OK if I start having sex again in around a month? (age 17)

A: Both of those are OK. Congratulations on switching. Make sure you've decided to give up prone forever.


I just can't find pleasure in masturbating conventionally. Is this normal? I've abstained for a week. (age 17)

A: Most guys don't enjoy conventional masturbation as much as prone when they first switch. You'll like it a lot better within a few weeks. Do not go back to prone. After two or three months of masturbating by hand, you might even forget what prone was like, and you will like conventional masturbation much more.


I have been doing prone my whole life. Could I keep doing it and try to cure it only when I find a girlfriend? Longer prone masturbation won't harm me, since I will be able to give it up in few months no matter when I decide to do it. (age 19)

A: Your reasoning is not correct. You can quit smoking as easily when you're 19 as when you're 70, but why wait until you have smoking-related disease? Instead of trying to crash cure yourself of prone masturbation when you find a girlfriend (it often happens very quickly!), why not do it now and be ready for that new girlfriend by Christmas?


What's the minimum age you consider appropriate for a guy to start watching porn? Also, if I consider myself a feminist, would it be appropriate for me to watch porn as long as it's ethical and non-exploitive? (age 17)

A: I'm not a fan of video porn, and I hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I often advise males to use simple nude photos for stimulation. Most feminists are strongly anti-porn and don't consider any photos or video used for masturbation to be pro-feminist. Me, I think simple nudity is acceptable as long as the models are consenting and appropriately compensated.


I have been doing prone forever. I am unable to get hard and sustain an erection and I recently got my blood work that suggests my testosterone levels are low. Is it because of prone masturbation? I have quit prone for two months now and can ejaculate by the conventional way but my erections are not hard enough, and it is only just before ejaculating that I am hard. (age 32)

A: Prone masturbation does not cause low testosterone levels. If you have only given up prone two months ago, then your erections are still in recovery. Only masturbate when you have a strong erection that would be good enough for intercourse. Do what your doctor suggests about the low testosterone.


I have done prone masturbation for 8 years and I began to feel a burning senastion during urination. My doctor checked by cystoscopy and told me that I have urethral stricture and inserted a catheter for 10 days. He sent me to a urologist for surgery but the urologist said I don't need surgery. I have visited 3 times. Now my burning problem is solved but my big problem is I feel big pain after masturbating for days. Please help me. I am dying every day of pain. My life is over because of prone masturbation and I blame myself every second. (age 22)

A: Hold on! I have never heard of prone masturbation causing urethral stricture or burning during urination. You obviously had a severe urological problem but that doesn't mean that prone masturbation caused it. When you talk to your urologist, tell him about the pain after masturbating and ask him how often you should be masturbating, if at all. For now, work on overcoming this urethral issue. When you are able to masturbate again, then switch to hand masturbation, and you will be able to put away your history of prone. Never be afraid to tell the doctor that you masturbate, or how. The doctor is trying to help, and he masturbates too.


I used to masturbate prone once a day. I stopped for 4 days and then tried to masturbate by hand. I came twice in an hour. My penis hurt afterward. Is that normal, and is it OK to use oil to masturbate or should I use only my hand? (age 20)

A: Most guys with a history of prone use too much force when they switch to masturbating by hand. It is not surprising that your penis hurt after you masturbated to orgasm twice in an hour. Oil is fine, although most men your age prefer water-based lube to masturbate. Congratulations on switching to your hand after only four days.


It's not working. I go 14 days without masturbating and my hand does nothing. I even went 14 days, had a 3 day relapse, went another 7 and still hand did nothing. I just want a new penis please. A donor one on ice. Could the amount of damage done possibly take years? (age 33)

A: You ought to be able to masturbate to orgasm by hand after seven days. Your relapse did not help you overcome prone. You will not get a new penis. Try again and make sure you're very, very aroused when next you try to masturbate by hand. Don't go back to prone and you will feel like new within months.


I have been masturbating in the prone position ever since I was 5. I was able to switch from prone this summer and typically masturbate 1-2 times a day the conventional way. Whenever I masturbate, I use too much pressure and cannot get an erection easily. When I do get an erection, I cannot stay hard for a long period of time. This has been killing my confidence and causing more anxiety. I am worried that it may affect a relationship I may have in the near future. There are many girls I'm attracted to but I have been avoiding pursuing girls for sex for this reason. Is it possible I have ED? (age 21)

A: If you cannot erect satisfactorily even when masturbating alone, then you have erectile dysfunction (ED). I suggest only masturbating when you have a decent erection. You can learn to use less force by masturbating with a toy I recommend called the Super Head Honcho at least some of the time.


Itís been two or so years since Iíve stopped masturbating prone, and my erections have been doing well and I can masturbate normally. However, for the past 2 days, I did prone again and broke my two year streak. Today, when I did it and immediately regretted it, I found some red in my semen. Am I OK, and will I still be OK if I donít do it again? (age 14)

A: I urge males to give up prone forever. After two years, you should have had no urge to do prone again. Only a doctor can tell what the red was in your semen. It's possible you injured something by doing prone roughly after two years of only masturbating by hand. I would start by only masturbating by hand and seeing if the red goes away. If not, go to the doctor.


I unlearned prone but my orgasms are like 20% of what they were! Is this a permanent thing or will it heal? (age 20)

A: As you get more accustomed to hand masturbation, you will gain the ability to make your orgasms as strong as they were before. Be patient. Do not go back to prone.


I'm a virgin and I have been masturbating prone since I was 14. I discovered jerking off with my hands when I was 17 and did it quite a few times but eventually went back to prone. I would watch porn on my bed in the prone position and jerk myself off once every two days. I tried quitting masturbation because I felt guilty and felt it was bad but would relapse within a week.

I read last night and went straight to my bathroom and started using my hands. It was difficult and I had to switch between the videos I was watching but ejaculated in about half an hour.

I feel like I have urinary incontinence. There's always some left inside and I have to shake it out. I feel the urge to urinate almost immediately after drinking water. Is it because I went prone for almost 7 years? (age 21)

A: The easy part first: You don't have incontinence. For most men, urinary trouble involves the prostate being inflamed and constricting the urethra so they can't urinate completely. This is normally only a problem in men over 50. Only a doctor could diagnose it. If you have think you're having prostate trouble, you should see a doctor.

It's good that you could masturbate to orgasm by hand right away. If you've read this site, you know I urge males to abstain for 7 days before trying. Please continue to stay away from prone and only masturbate by hand. It's also time to find a plan to no longer be a virgin.


After 30 years of prone masturbation, and as I said in the past message, I have only reached orgasm via cowgirl intercourse. When I masturbate with my hand and have an erection, my penis points up to my stomach. Is that a worrying sign? I think I'm addicted to porn and can't get to orgasm without thinking scenes, etc. (age 37)

A: I only know what your past message is if you say "I'm the one whose previous question was published on March 18, 2017." It is good for your penis to point toward your stomach during hand masturbation. Be sure to give up prone forever. Lots of men can't reach orgasm without using images. Doing that isn't as bad as prone.


I have been prone masturbating for almost 2 years. I am really glad I found Is the month of conventional masturbation after the abstinence period necessary for healing? Can I stop masturbation and porn for 90+ days straight without even masturbating conventionally? (age 19)

A: My cure program is designed to get you to masturbate conventionally. Giving up masturbation altogether is something I don't recommend and something you are unlikely to succeed at.


I've been masturbating prone since I was 10. Yesterday I decided to stop prone and learn how to masturbate conventionally. Today was difficult because I really want to masturbate, but I'm not going to. I heard that prone was a problem when I was 15 but I didn't care so much and I delayed. Am I too old to give up prone, because If I remember correctly, 7 days is long enough for a younger boy to abstain, but for adults 7 days is not. (age 19)

A: Congratulations on deciding to give up prone and on making it through your tough first day of abstinence. No one is too old to switch. I advise seven days abstinence because nearly everyone will be able to masturbate to orgasm by hand after that long, whereas if I said three or four days, a lot of people would not be able to. Age only matters slightly. You're not such an old guy that it would make a difference.


I quit prone nearly three months ago and I just tried having sex with my girlfriend and could not get a hard enough erection and even what little I had subsided in 10 minutes. I had taken 50 mg Viagra. What should I do? (age 30)

A: 50 mg Viagra is a large dose. I tell younger males to break a 50 mg pill into as many as eight pieces (or piles of powder, more likely) and then put them into empty capsules (available at a health store). Then take one or two of the now ~6 mg capsules as needed. It is more important that you relax when you're with your girlfriend. Only masturbate when you have a decent enough erection for intercourse.


Why do I feel the need to urinate when I am masturbating conventionally? When I have an erection and urinate, I lose the erection. (age 19)

A: Masturbating conventionally is a new sensation for you. When you're experiencing something new, you're hyper aware of other sensations in your genitals, like even a slight need to urinate. Always urinate before beginning a masturbation session, so you will be less likely to feel the need during it. As you get more experienced, the bladder sensation will become less important.


I stared mastubating prone, did it for 4 years then switched to normal masturbation. I still masturbated prone occasionally like once every 3 months until recently when I decided to give up prone completely. Now I can easily masturbate by hand only. Can I be completely healed from prone masturbation? (age 26)

A: Yes, if you have been masturbating by hand now for, what, 9 years, and only did prone a few times a year, and have now decided to stop prone altogether, I think you will be fine. Stick with your resolve and never masturbate prone again.


Is there anyone who cannot masturbate conventionally although he quit prone masturbation compeletely? (age 23)

A: I've never known a case that was intractable, but I have heard many men report that it took longer for them to switch completely, relative to what most men have said on and in the support forum.


I am at the fourth day of abstinence. While I was sitting, suddenly, I ejaculated a little bit of liquid from my penis. It is sticky like semen. Did this ruin the abstinence period? (age 19)

A: Yes. Restart the clock.


Is the overcoming prone masturbation program for anyone who masturbates prone or only for extreme cases? Does prone masturbation include lying prone and rubbing with your hand and not humping or thrusting? (age 22)

Any prone masturbation is dysfunctional and needs to be eliminated. Please explain how lying prone and rubbing with your hand is fun. You would enjoy it more if you had a full range of motion and were not putting undue pressure on either your penis or your arm.


Can prone masturbating cause phimosis or problems with the skin on the forehead? (age 18)

A: A few males have reported both phimosis and prone masturbation over the years, but I don't think one causes the other. I think by forehead you mean foreskin. Obviously, however you masturbate can affect the foreskin. But a foreskin problem doesn't need to be permanent. If prone masturbation has disaffected it, it will recover as soon as prone is stopped.


I masturbated prone since I was a toddler. I didn't know what it was. I just thought the pressure felt nice. I did it a lot. It became a sexual habit around 11-12. So I've been doing this almost daily for 18-19 years, unknowingly hurting myself until very recently. I'm a virgin, but I'm trying to end that with my girlfriend. While with her and trying to have sex with her, I got half-hard, and then lost it. Multiple times, multiple nights. I'm on the program now, but my question is this: What degree of hardness really constitutes a "proper" erection when masturbating? When prone, I was always "rock-hard" when ejaculating, but often was in varying degrees of semi-hardness or flacid when starting off. When masturbating the correct way with my hand, supine position or standing up, I find that I often have to touch myself a lot first to get that full erection. Do I need to train myself to get that erection just by erotic thoughts? Is this bad for me? Also, is this the usual 3-4 months before my ED goes away, or should I try again with her sooner? (age 22)

A: A proper erection is one that is hard enough for vaginal penetration and lasts long enough for you to reach orgasm inside your partner. Only masturbate when you have a decent erection. Anything short of that is teaching your penis that it doesn't need to be hard to have an orgasm. It is perfectly OK if you engage in touching to bring on an erection. You could try being sexual with your partner before long. You don't need to wait 3-4 months.


I've been prone masturbating for 10 years, so started when I was 5. I've always known that my method of sexual pleasure is rather unconventional and never really thought anything of it. Yesterday I read about the consequences of it both physically and mentally. I've decided to stop masturbating prone and start using the conventional method. I'm getting pleasure out of it and am getting an erection (slower than prone method) but am unable to ejaculate. Am I doing something wrong? (age 15)

A: You are already masturbating conventionally even though you only gave up prone yesterday. You are supposed to take a week off from masturbating before trying the conventional method. Do that and you will have an easier time of it. Congratulations on deciding to give up prone so young.


Every time I think I'm quitting prone I end up masturbating that way the same night. is a big eye-opener but quitting prone is as bad as quitting drugs. What can I do? (age 20)

A: You are not trying very hard. No one has ever experienced withdrawal or needed professional rehab to quit prone. No one has to masturbate every single day. There must have been some days the past years where you did not. I have some tips on the page for quitting prone masturbation to help you abstain. Once you get past three days, it is not so difficult to last a week. You will like conventional masturbation better than prone.


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