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Is it normal to have bumps on the lower part of the head of the penis? (I'm 16.)

That's a question for a doctor. There are bumps that can be normal and bumps that can be signs of trouble. They should be examined. And if they just appeared recently, they should be examined right away. You might start by calling a nurse line.

I have been masturbating since before I began puberty. I started at about 12 and am now sixteen. I only really began coming a year later. I have pubic hair, and I have had my growth spurt. My voice recently got deeper. However, my penis is still very small, only about 4 inches with an erection. I know it hasn't really grown yet and I am worried that beginning masturbation before being developed has caused this. Should I be worried or will they grow soon? I have considered cutting back on masturbation to every few days instead of once every day.

Masturbation has nothing to do with penis size or growth. If your voice only changed recently, it might be you're still in puberty. Your penis is apt to get bigger. But don't worry that you've done anything to keep it from growing. Cutting back on masturbation frequency will make no difference.

I have been masturbating since I was 16 and I have noticed that my penis is getting smaller. What is causing this? Please help! Do any of these penis enlarger pills really work?

I don't think penises shrink between puberty and old age. Maybe it seems smaller because you've gained weight in the fatty area just above the penis? In that case, the penis seems shorter because the base of it gets buried in the fat. I doubt those pills work, but Viagra definitely increases the blood flow to the penis and that makes it bigger, at least temporarily.

I'm 14 and I've been masturbating for about a a year now and when I masturbate, I put an old sock over my penis (I have used this sock over a hundred times). Now I have little tiny bumps on the shaft of my penis. I'm scared. What are these bumps?

I doubt the bumps have anything to do with masturbating. Some bumps are normal and some are not. Only a doctor can say for sure. You might start by calling a nurse line and describing them. You can remain anonymous on the phone. Also, I don't think using a sock is the best way to masturbate. I try to encourage guys to use their hands exclusively. If you must use a sock, at least use a clean one.

Hi, I am circumcised and my head is extra sensitive. It gets so sensitive that it gets uncomfortable. When I masturbate I try to not touch my head. Is this normal? I'm 15.

Yes, that's very normal. The head is usually extra sensitive. Males learn to masturbate in ways that don't irritate their sensitive parts. The challenge is when they try to teach others the same thing when touching them.

Does excessive masturbation affect penis size and width?


I'm 20 and I masturbate most days. I am a virgin and am very careful about fooling around with people. I have little white lumps on the under shaft of my penis. I know they are not warts because sometimes they go away. If there is a light bit of pressure applied, some white stuff comes out. Any ideas? I am afraid of doctors. Do many guys get this? Is there anything I can take for this?

It sounds like the normal kind of whitehead that a lot of guys have. It's not the same as a whitehead on your face, but I'm not sure what they're called either. This is really a question for a doctor. Why not use this opportunity to get over your fear of doctors so you'll be OK with them when something serious comes up?

Is it normal for my penis head to hurt to the touch after masturbation? (age 13)

The head is usually very sensitive after an orgasm, but it shouldn't hurt. If it actually hurts (i.e., is sore even when you don't touch it), then you're stroking too hard.

I am 16 and I masturbate twice a day and my penis seems to be going smaller at least an inch. How do you get rid of that fatty area above the penis?

The fatty area is likely to get bigger rather than smaller as you get older. I don't know much about weight loss, but my understanding is that you can't spot-reduce fat. The fatty pad (called the mons pubis) will get smaller as part of overall fat reduction. It might help to work your abdominal muscles. More developed abs will tend to make the whole stomach/abdomen look leaner. And of course, masturbation has nothing to do with it.

Last night I masturbated and then today I had to use the bathroom and some urine went a different direction than the flow then it stopped. Later today I opened my penis hole to see what was up and there was this white flake looking thing inside on my tip. What is that? (age 12)

Semen dries in the urethra if you don't urinate right away afterward. Most guys don't worry about it and just accept that dried semen can make some urine go astray. I assume the white flake was also dried semen. You should get into the habit of showering every morning at your age. That will take care of residual semen and keep you clean otherwise.

Is it healthier to have an uncircumcised penis rather than a circumcised penis? (age 14)

I think it's healthier to be uncircumcised. Circumcision is unnecessary surgery, and I have to believe it affects a person's sexual feeling in a negative way. Surveys consistently show that uncircumcised guys masturbate more, and although I'm not certain that means they enjoy it more, it probably does. The only drawback I can see to being uncircumcised is that uncircumcised guys have to work a little harder to keep their penises clean.

What does "roughing yourself up mean"? (age 14)

I've used that phrase a couple of times, so I should probably explain what it means. Basically, masturbation is not supposed to leave marks on your penis. A lot of guys, when they're just starting, use too much force and chafe and bruise themselves. As they get used to masturbation, they use less force and less speed and learn to avoid roughing themselves up. Some guys start using lube just to avoid those kinds of injuries.

When my penis is erect, the head is small. Is that because my glans has not developed yet? (age 16)

It might not have finished growing, or you might have to get used to it being the size it is. It might be bigger than you think it is.

I have been masturbating since before puberty and have always wondered if it will affect my chances of inseminating a woman? Does regular masturbation affect the size of your penis? (age 20)

Masturbation has no long-term effect on fertility. Optimally, you want to abstain from ejaculating for two days before trying to procreate. Masturbation does not affect penis size.

Is it normal if the scrotum is all droopy, and is it better than a stiff one? (age 14)

The scrotum droops to keep cool and contracts to keep warm. In the summer, you might go all week without the scrotum going tight.

What is the difference between semen and sperm? (age 18)

Sperm cells are what fertilize an ovum in conception. Semen is the fluid sperm are carried in. Usually everything that's ejaculated is called semen.

Is K-Y Jelly good to use when masturbating? I like to masturbate but when I do my penis shrinks. Is it OK to come in a minute and a half? (age 12)

Personally, I think K-Y Jelly is too goopy. K-Y Liquid and Astroglide are smoother. Masturbation does not make your penis shrink. You should try to last longer, but you're not in such bad shape for someone just learning.

Everyone in my grade makes remarks about their large penises, while mine still has not grown. Why isn't my penis large, possibly 2-4 inches? (age 13)

Everyone in my grade makes remarks about their low golf scores. I'm sure your penis is normal sized and will grow soon.

I am circumcised. One of my friends is uncircumcised, and he can masturbate without lube. Why do parents have their kids circumsised? I think a lot of guys would be happier if they weren't, cuz it's such a pain to have to lube up (especially in the morning) before jerking. (age 18)

Not all circumcised guys use lube, and not all uncircumcised guys go without it. I think circumcision is unnecessary. Some do it for religious reasons (like Jews and Muslims). It was originally devised to prevent masturbation. It seems to work, because surveys shows that uncircumcised guys masturbate more often. If I had a son, I'd wait until he's 16 or so and let him decide if he wants part of his penis cut off and thrown away.

I have masturbated since I was about 12, and my penis has bent to the right. Is that normal? Sometimes I notice guys in movies with small penises that look like they havn't fully grown, like one half is dark, the other is still light like my penis. Is that a defect from masturbating? (age 15)

I hope you won't judge normal guys based on those you see in "movies." Masturbating doesn't cause defects like that. And few penises are perfectly straight.

I think it's great that someone finally puts together vital information youngs guys need and want! I masturbate regularly (twice a day)I noticed that you suggest guys use a loose grip. I give myself a tight grip. Is this going to give me problems later? (age 20)

You should use as little force as necessary to get the job done. Just ease up a little at a time on the grip.

I read your website and think it's great. I've gone through abstention period and am on on the road to recovery. My penis feels different as if I'm holding it too tight. Is this usual? How tight should you hold your penis when masturbating? (age 22)

It's normal for it to feel different when trying something new. You should try the force of a medium handshake. You'll get used to it soon.

When I get an erection, my penis is crooked. What causes this and what can I do to stop it or heal it? This only happened when I started to masturbate. (age 12)

Few penises are perfectly straight. You might try switching hands and see if it gets more symmetrical.

I was outside and it was cold I came in the house and my penis was little. Why does cold make your penis small? What kind's of protein foods could I eat? Please name some because I read on your site that it's hard for the body to produce semen without protein. (age 13)

The body can't do anything without protein. You'd die. The protein that should already be in your diet (meat, dairy products, certain beans) is adequate for the production of semen and other vital fluids. The penis and scrotum contract in cold to keep the testicles warm.

Is it true that the more you use it the smaller it gets? I'm worried that my penis is too small. (age 16)

No, it isn't true. If it reaches your body, it's long enough.

I am 13 and have problems masturbating as my penis is quite small. Is there a method to masturbate without a problem?

I'm sure your penis will grow, but even guys on the small side find ways to masturbate that satisfy them.

Does masturbation make your penis smaller or affect the growth of your penis? (age 15)


My penis curves toward me. Is this abnormal and because of masturbation? (age 14)

No. Few penises are perfectly straight. Masturbation habits can affect the direction of the curve. If it feels OK, you have nothing to worry about.

Is it bad to hold your penis too tightly while masturbating? Will this affect its size? (age 15)

You should use no more force than a medium handshake. Grip will not affect its size.

I have a question about masturbation. I have always masturbated the normal way, laying on my back and rubbing or lightly rubbing my penis back and forth. I'm 25 years old and have been masturbating for at least 11 years or so. My question is why do I not have much sensitivity on the underside of my penis? Is this normal from many years of masturbation? The head of my penis is perfectly normal and very sensitive, but the underside part is actually quite numb and oral sex does little if nothing for me as far as pleasure and sensitivity. I'm actually pretty worried about this. I touch the under side of my penis every now and then to see if the sensitivity may be greater,and I can feel some touch and sensation but not much.Is there a cream or drug I can use to restore sensitivity to this area of my penis??? Or does stopping masturbating for a while, like a week or two help this??Any info you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Let's make sure we agree about what the underside is. By underside, I mean the part starting at the split in the head and going down toward the scrotum. The underside is not a sensitive zone for every guy, but it is not normal to describe it as "numb." This might be something to ask a doctor about. It might be worth it to stop masturbating for a week to see if it makes any difference. Good luck.

I have been masturbating for a few years now and I am 14, close to 15. The first years were great but ever since I've started to really ejaculate my penis has gotten red underneath the head and stayed that way. I masturbate once every 2 to 3 days with an occasional 2 times in one day about once every month. I'm worried I mean its like my penis ran out of lubricant! What should I do?

Penises don't produce lubricant. I'd suggest starting to use artificial lubricant. I think K-Y Liquid is best but you might have to experiment. If you're embarassed to buy it, a lot of guys use ordinary hand lotion as a lube.

I'm 12 years old and premature. I want to know how many 12 year olds would masturbate out of 100 and I would like to know the average size of a 12 year old penis.

You don't say if you're interested in knowing about girls -- and at age 12, only a small percentage of them masturbate. So I'll assume you want to know about 12 year old boys. Half of boys start masturbating while they're 12. Many fewer are doing it when they turn 12. So I suppose about a third of 12 year old boys masturbate. Most 12 year olds haven't experienced the penis growth that comes with puberty. So the average 12 year old still has a child-sized penis. If you're really premature, you'll have no trouble understanding the statistics on my website.

I am about to turn 16 and my penis is only about 4 and a half inches when erect but it is about one and a half inches in diameter. Is this a good girth for a penis and if so why is my penis not very long?

You might not be finished growing. And you measure a penis in circumference, not diameter. Need to measure it around with a tape measure.

My penis is bent, is that normal? (age 14)

Few penises are perfectly straight. If it's not painful and works OK, I wouldn't worry about it.

I really like your website; it's really informative. Why does my penis shrink to be really small when I'm not erect? Normally when it's erect it's about 6 1/2 inches, but when it's not, it's really small, about 1 inch. Why is this, and shouldn't it be more like 2-3 inches? (age 15)

It could be a result of things that you can't control or that would be trouble to control, like your blood flow. It must be embarrassing to get naked in the locker room when you're only at an inch, but you can take comfort in that it's longer than average when you're erect. That's when size matters most.

Hello, I'm 14 and have heard that masturbating can shrink your penis and slow you down in puberty. Is that true?

No. Now why don't you do everyone a favor and go back to whoever told you that nonsense and tell them the truth.

I just turned 13 and I was wondering if 14 cm is a normal size for my age. I was also wondering what 14 cm is in inches.

14 cm is 5 1/2 inches, which makes you quite large for just 13.

I just found out I am circumcised. My grandma told me. Can you tell me how circumcised penises look because I don't know if she's lying. (age 13)

If you can see the whole head or nearly the whole head when you're not erect, you're circumcised. If you were uncircumcised, you would only be able to see the tip of the head when you're not erect.

My scotum is getting longer. Do you think that's my testicles just growing? If so, does that mean that I'm almost going to produce sperm? (age 13)

Yes. Yes.

My penis is 1 1/2 inches when not erect. Is this normal? (age 12)

It's a little small, but I'm sure it will be bigger soon. The size when it's erect is more important.

I'm almost 16 yrs old and my penis is only 5 and a half inches long, while my brother, 14, has a almost eight incher. I masturbate three times daily. Any advice?

Your penis is within the normal range. Masturbation frequency has nothing to do with it. Given a choice between your size and your brother's, I'd rather have your size. An 8-incher is apt to scare some women off.

Does size matter? My penis is 5 and a half inches and I'm quite ashamed when I change during gym. (age 15)

You shouldn't be. Your size is normal. Remember the ones that are big in the gym expand less when erect than the ones that are small.

My penis gets hard almost every hour or so and I go to church which means I have to wear those pants that will make it noticeable. People are perverts because they just stare until I say what are you looking at? Do you have any solution to this problem? (age 13)

Might carry something with you (like a windbreaker or a notepad) that you can nonchalantly hold in front of you when you're self-conscious.

I'm 15 years old and I have an uncircumcised penis which is 8 inches, but my friend who is 20 has an eight incher. Does that mine will get longer?

My guess is you've stopped growing. Are you sure you're not cheating on the measurement? Only supposed to measure the part outside your body.

I have an 8 cm penis in length. Am I normal? (age 13)

8 cm (a little bigger than three inches) is small for an adult but OK for 13. I'm sure you'll grow once you hit puberty.

I have a 4 and half inch penis when erect. Does size really matter to a girl? Does stroking your penis in a certain way make it bigger? (age 14)

You're apt to get bigger. 90 percent of penises are between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 inches. It doesn't matter to women if they're 5 1/2 or 6 1/2, but most women would have an opinion about a 3 inch or 8 inch penis. A guy's erection isn't the same size every time. Sometimes it's bigger, and it might be a result of him being especially stimulated or the blood flowing especially well to the penis. There isn't a particular kind of stroking that does it.

Can I wear a condom now? How would I buy one?(age 13)

You can wear a condom as soon as you can get an erection. I hope you're not sexually active at your age. Most guys like to try masturbating with a condom just for the fun of it. You can buy them anyplace. There are also lots of groups that give them away. I don't think they're age-restricted anywhere any longer.

I have hit puberty but my penis is still short. Does circumcision affect masturbation? What is the best lubricant for masturbation? (I'm trying to quit prone.)

Your penis will grow. Uncircumcised guys seem to masturbate more often, but it is unclear why. Given a choice, I think you'd want to be uncircumcised, but there's nothing you can do about it now. I don't recommend any particular brand, but the best lube is one made for sex, like K-Y Liquid or Astroglide. These are available in drug and discount stores (like Target or K Mart).

Is a 7 inch penis normal for my age? (age 13)

Seven inches is large for any age.

I have little white bumps on my penis, they're not from an STD because I'm a virgin. I've done some research and found it's normal and many guys have it and it's called pearly penile papules (PPP) and that 30% of men have it. I'm asking you if you've ever heard of it? (age 14)

Yes, what you say is all true, except you should let your doctor diagnose PPP instead of doing it yourself.

If I often wear a condom, will it hurt my penis? (age 18)


I am aged (79) but not dead; however, my wife is no longer interested in sex. I masturbate two or three times a week. Erections are not very firm but that is probably old age. Any suggestions for us old timers?

Masturbating is probably keeping you very healthy sexually. You can use Viagra to masturbate too, you know. Might ask your doctor for a free sample. A couple of people in my prone support group used it while masturbating to get cured.

Does Mountain Dew shrink my penis? (age 21)

Your question isn't as silly as it sounds. Mountain Dew contains a lot of caffeine, and caffeine tends to constrict blood vessels, which means that not as much blood makes it to your erection, which makes it smaller. Might switch to Caffeine Free Mountain Dew before your next performance.

One of my testicles is bigger than the other. What's wrong? (age 14)

Most likely nothing. That's normal. You might also find one foot, one ear, one kidney is bigger.

Why is my penis length average but the circumference is small? (age 16)

It sounds ectomorphic. Bodies are of three types: endomorphs (heavy), ectomorphs (thin), and mesomorphs (muscular). Even ectomorphs tend to gain weight as they get older, and the same happens to ectomorphic penises. Don't worry about it.

Follow-up: If my penis is ectomorph does that mean it won't grow in circumference?

It might always be smaller than an endomorph penis of equal length. All endomorphs want to be ectomorphs. Let them have this advantage in a trivial area.

Why does the area near my penis itch a lot is this part of puberty? (age 13)

If you've just started getting hair growing in, that might make it itch. Most guys find their privates itch a lot, especially the scrotum. (Women are legendary for complaining about this.) This is just a hazard of having private parts on the outside. It might be time to start showering daily.

I would like to thank you, you have cleared up much about masturbating for me. I was wondering, when my penis is erect, it is slightly curved. It goes straight out but then curves downward. Is this natural? (age 16)

Few penises are perfectly straight. If it functions OK, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

What is the average penis size at age 13?

That must be the most difficult age to figure an average. Most guys are growing, and some already have adult-sized members, while others are still child-sized. Any average would have a high standard deviation, which means the average isn't very good. (Statistics lesson: A={2,4,6,8,10} B={6,6,6,6,6} The average of A and B is each 6. But the standard deviation of A is 3.16 because the average item in A is 3.16 different from the overall average of 6, while the standard deviation of B is 0 because all values in group B are the same. So the average of B describes the individuals perfectly while the average of A describes them poorly.)

I have a big penis, and I want to know the best way to masturbate that will get me to have better orgasms and better feeling. (age 16)

Just relax and learn to respond to the feelings your body is having. You'll get better with practice. So will guys who don't have big penises.

I recently started dating a man and he wants me to perform oral sex on him. I don't have a problem doing it but he has these little bumps around the head of his penis. He said the doctor told him that it was from masturbating too much. Is that even possible? I plan on going to the doctor with him just to be sure. (age 28)

His story is fishy. What you describe sound like pearly penile papules, which are normal and common, but they're not caused by masturbating. I doubt a doctor would say that. If he didn't blurt that out due to nervousness, he might be covering up a venereal disease. Also, you might consider using an unlubricated condom for oral sex.

I have about a 6" penis erect. Is this a good size for 14 years old?I have been masturbating since 4th grade. Is this normal? I have a massager I like to put on my penis and this gives me orgasms. Is this OK to do? Is it normal to have a red ring below the head of the penis? And is it normal if I like to hump pillow stacked up because it feels good?

Yes, yes, no, probably not, and my site is strictly anti-humping.

I don't know if I am circumcised or not. How can I tell? (age 14)

You are circumcised if you can see the whole head of your penis when it is not erect.

Will drinking coffee affect the growth of my penis? When I ejaculate there is a very brief pain afterward. I Just started masturbating so is that normal? (age 14)

Coffee will not affect its growth, but caffeine from whatever source constricts blood flow. Pain is never normal. Try doing it less often and see if the pain goes away.

Is it true that Asian males have smaller penises than those of other ethnicities? (age 13)

I think penis size is closely related to body size. This table shows the percent of men in each length and circumference bracket for three different racial groups, white in USA, black in USA, and Asians in Thailand.

LENGTH White USA Black USA Asian
<10 cm (3.93 in) 0% 0% 3%
10-12.5 cm (3.93-4.92 in) 3% 0% 27%
12.6-15 cm (4.96-5.91 in) 27% 15% 51%
15.1-17.5 cm (5.94-6.89 in) 53% 59% 17%
17.6-20 cm (6.93-7.87 in) 15% 21% 2%
>20 cm (7.87 in) 2% 5% 0%
<7.5 cm (2.95 in) 2% 2% 0%
7.6-10 cm (2.99-3.94 in) 3% 2% 16%
10.1-11.2 cm (3.98-4.41 in) 13% 9% 37%
11.3-12.7 cm (4.45-5 in) 53% 53% 30%
12.8-13.7 cm (5.04-5.39 in) 10% 11% 14%
13.8-15 cm (5.43-5.91 in) 14% 14% 3%
>15 cm (5.91 in) 5% 9% 0%

Source: "The Male Latex Condom: Appendix III: Regional or Ethnic Differences in Erect Penis Size," World Health Organization/UNAIDS, 1998. Data on USA subjects drawn from interviews conducted 1938-1963 by the Institute for Sex Research, tabulated 1979; circumference measured at maximum point. Data on Asian subjects conducted at Bangkok Medical University, 1979; circumference measured at base.

Sometimes sit in class listening and not thinking about anything and I get an erection out of nowhere. Is that normal? (age 15)

Yes, very normal, and what I miss most about being 15.

My penis is bent to the left. Could this be from prone masturbating? (age 13)

It's possible. How you masturbate affects the angle of your erection.

Congratulations for this site! It's the best! I'm 16 years old and I've been masturbating since I was 13. My penis slants a little. Is masturbation a reason for that? I heard that masturbation can cause trouble in sexual life. Is that true? Thank you for your time. Prometheus

Few penises are perfectly straight. Masturbation can influence the degree and direction of the curvature, but it's probably nothing to worry about. Masturbation will not cause trouble if you do it correctly and in moderation. Shame on you for stealing fire.

Do you get more hair around your penis and other parts of your body as a result of masturbation? Should people stop masturbating if they are getting too hairy? (age 15)

No. No.

I have heard that the ingredient yellow no. 5 (dye used in in Mountain Dew) reduces sperm and decreases penis growth. Can you see if that is true or not? (age 15)

Not true. However, Mountain Dew contains a lot of caffeine, and too much caffeine can restrict blood flow to the penis.

My normal penis size is 2 inches long and about 1 inch wide. I've noticed that my testicles are sagging a little bit. Is that normal? (age 16)

You should measure it erect. And measure circumference, not width. It's normal for testicles to sag.

I am 14 and my penis is very small. I want to know why. I tried masturbating but I can't because my penis is not peeled all the way down like others'. I don't know if this is gonna stop me in having a normal sexual life.

Your penis size is genetically determined. Keep trying, and I'm sure you can masturbate and have a normal sex life.

I am a 15 year old male and I masturbate daily like a normal guy, and I never thought anything about it but my penis is brown and has been as long as I can remember. I am white but my penis is noticeably browner than the rest of my skin. This is bothering me. (age 15)

It's normal for the penis to be darker than the rest of the skin. Sexual activity, including masturbation, can make it temporarily darker.

About how much length should I gain on my penis when I get hard? When I get hard it's about 4-5 inches. Its usually about 2 inches soft. Do you know of any way to simulate oral sex without having someone do it? (age 14)

Your doubling in size sounds normal. If I had a way to simulate oral sex, I'd be very, very rich.

When people refer to how long their penis is or someone says they have a 8 inch penis are they usually refering to when they are hard or when they are soft? (age 12)

These questions refer to erect penises. If someone says his is 8 inches, offer to tell him the correct way to measure.

I recently noticed that my penis seems shorter and less thick than it used to when erect. I was wondering if the cold weather or daily masturbation might have something to do with it? Might it be because of stress or anxiety over college admissions stuff? Finally, might it be related to the rough, grinding motion that ensued two days ago while I was being sexual with my girlfriend? Our clothes were on, thus constricting my erect penis, so I was wondering if it is now at the same erection length as when it was constricted. Also since that event my penis has seemed harder even when flaccid. (age 17)

Your penis will not change much until you are very old. Daily masturbation and sexual activity will not affect its size. Cold weather might make it only a wee bit smaller, and stress might reduce blood flow a little, but these things should not even be noticeable. Just be happy with what you've got.

Overall how much length is lost on the penis when you are circumcised? Also what is it that is cut off? (age 12)

There isn't any length lost. Part of the foreskin is cut off.

When I was in the bathtub with the jets on, I let the jet hit my penis and some clear white stuff came out. What is it? (age 12)

It was probably pre-cum but it might have been semen. It's very dangerous to expose your penis to something as powerful as a bathtub jet. Not only can the jet damage your penis, but you might become habituated to having orgasms that way. For your own sake, don't do that again.

My penis is only about 4 inches long. I went through puberty very early (I was a very young 11 year old). Is it likely that my penis is going to grow much more? (age 13)

That's hard to say. You'll have to live with whatever size you have.

What does a circumcised penis look like? What does an uncircumcised penis look like? Whats the difference between them and how does it affect masturbation/orgasm? (age 11)

They both look the same when they're erect. When not erect, you can see the entire head of the circumcised penis but only the head of an uncircumcised penis, kind of like it's hooded. It's not clear how it affects masturbation, but uncircumcised guys tend to masturbate more often. It might be they enjoy it more.

I've got spots on my penis where the hair comes out. What are they? (age 13)

I have no idea. You might call a telephone nurse line too.

Randomly when i'm just sitting down or something I get an erection. It's quite noticeable and embarrassing. Is this caused from masturbating too much? Is there a way to prevent it? I don't even think about anything sexual, it just happens. (age 13)

If anything, masturbating will mean you have fewer spontaneous erections. There's not much you can do about them. Just keep something handy to cover yourself. Someday you'll miss those erections. I guarantee it.

I just started dating this girl and we plan to have sex but she said 5-7 inches is good. Mine is only 4 1/2 inches. Will it make a difference? (age 16)

I promise that when you have sex, yours will be the biggest one in the room. She won't have anything to choose from.

My penis hasn't grown at all; it's still like 3 inches. I've been thirteen for about 7 months and next year we have to take showers in gym and I don't want to stick out. I want to know if Mr. Happy's going to have a growth spurt anytime soon. Is this normal to be small at my age?

Yes, very normal. Just wait till next year!

I'm 14 and I have a 9 inch penis. When I put shorts on you can see the outine of my penis and this is sometimes embarrassing. Is this a normal size for a boy my age and what can I do to maybe hide it a little?

I think you're reading the ruler wrong. An upside down 6 looks like a 9. If it's really bothering you, wear bulky pants.

I have these spots where my pubic hair comes out (e.g., scrotum). I've never had sex. (age 15)

People lose some of all kinds of their hair every day. That's normal. If you think there's a pattern to it, maybe see a doctor.

Can you tell how far someone is in puberty or if they have begun puberty by the amount of pubic hair? My friend has a very hairy pubic region and a large penis. He is not that much bigger than me and his father and grandfather are not tall but his penis is still 2 inches longer then mine and it is thicker. Does his family just have a gene for a large penis? Is there a way that I can enlarge my penis without drugs or anything. Is there a possible way to "work out" my penis to build up the muscle or stretch it? (age 13)

The events in puberty are pretty random, so knowing they've gotten through one part of it doesn't tell you if they've finished any other part. You're pretty much stuck with whatever penis you have at the end of puberty. Anything you try to do to it surgically might make it worse. I don't know that there is a "large penis" gene, but that field is learning new things all the time.

I'm 5'4" and weigh 104 pounds. How long should my penis be? (age 12)

There is no lookup table as there is for height and weight, especially not at your age.

When I was 8 I would wake up with a crusty white cake where my head and foreskin meet. Was that semen? (age 12)

No, it was probably smegma, a bodily fluid that accumulates beneath the foreskin and which uncircumcised males have to make a special effort to clear away.

I chanced upon your site. I have been masturbating prone all my sexual life. In fact, I have never masturbated with my hand or on my back. I am still a virgin. I have noticed that despite playing a lot of sports and working out I have very soft hands and a very weak grip. Do you think that I will be able to learn masturbating in the conventional fashion and does masturbating play a big role in developing a man's grip strength? (age 20)

I think you, like most younger males, can unlearn prone masturbation and learn to masturbate the normal way rather quickly. I don't think soft hands and weak grip have anything to do with masturbation.

Is it necessary to pull the foreskin back when masturbating? (age 21)

The uncircumcised foreskin is supposed to retract by itself when the penis erects. If it doesn't, there's no harm in retracting it manually.

I have red (purple) in some places of my penis and my scrotum, and does masturbation have any effect on this? Sometimes I feel burning while urinating. Is this normal? (age 15)

I think you need to see a doctor. Sexual activity, including masturbation, tends to make your penis darker. The burning pain is not normal.

I masturbate 1 to 3 times a day. I do it with my left hand and now my penis slants to the right when i am hard. Is this really bad? What should I do besides switch hands? (age 14)

Few penises are perfectly straight. You might switch hands, and you might try to keep it straight while masturbating.

What is the difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis and why do people do whatever it is they do to make themselves circumsised? (age 16)

Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin that covers the head of the penis. The surgery is generally performed on infants at birth. Some people (e.g. Jews, Muslims) do it for religious reasons. Most people in North America do it because it's less work for the parents to clean the baby's penis. In olden days, it was done explicitly to prevent masturbation. It might actually work; surveys show that uncircumcised males masturbate more.

Is it normal after masturbating for the skin around the tip of the penis to be dry, peeling? (age 12)

No. You should either use lube or less force.

Do girls like circumcised penises better, or uncut ones? (age 15)

I think most like what they're used to. In the US, that probably means circumcised ones. In Europe, it would be uncut ones. Of course, both kinds look the same when erect.

Does over-masturbation delay facial hair growth, since testosterone is released when you ejaculate? (age 16)

At your age, your testosterone levels are apt to be so high that "over-masturbating" or "under-masturbating" or any other kind is likely to make no difference at all. If anything, I think more testosterone being released would increase, rather than delay, facial hair growth. If you don't have to shave daily yet, relax. Those of us who shave once a day or more find it to be a pain.

I have only one testicle. How many men have that and will it affect my sperm/masturbating? (age 12)

As many as 1 percent of men are missing a testicle. Adolf Hitler was one of them. It shouldn't affect you much. The other testicle can do the work of two. I assume your doctor has noticed this and that the missing one isn't merely undescended.

Whenever I am in a locker room or am changing my clothes when another guy is present and naked I always get an erection. I tend to look at my friends' penises because I am interested to see how large or small my penis is compared to theirs. Next year I will be in high school and I will have to shower with the other guys and change with them. Also, when I am sitting in class I will get an erection for no reason. This happens every half hour or so. I'm worried someone might notice. Any suggestions on how to stop these frequent erections? (age 14)

I have never seen an erection in a locker room. I think there's something about the experience that intimidates. Don't worry about getting one. Nearly all males have eyed other penises with size comparison in mind. Just don't be obvious about it. Frequent erections are normal at your age. You shouldn't worry about that either. The other guys are all going through the same thing, and the girls don't know what to look for. Might keep a notebook or windbreaker handy if you need to stand up.

If I really try I can get about 2 inches of my penis in my mouth. Is that enough to give myself an orgasm orally? When I masturbate normally I only get aroused and I only get an orgasm if I stroke my head. Also, when you are circumcised, do they remove the foreskin from the top of your penis or the bottom? (age 14)

You probably won't be able to get any of it in when you're fully grown. I don't think you will be able to masturbate that way until then either. Try to develop sensations from parts other than the head. In circumcision, the foreskin is removed 360 degrees just below the head.

I was reading an article about how masturbation can make men more susceptible to losing their hair. Is this some sort of hoax? (age 20)

It's a hoax. The only web sites mentioning this are ones selling "remedies." While it's true that an increase in testosterone can accelerate the balding process, and that sexual activity tends to increase testosterone production, it's unlikely that abstaining from sexual activity will make any long-term difference, or that any Internet remedy will make a difference. If you're going to be bald, it will happen sooner or later.

I have seen web sites promoting regrowing your foreskin after circumsision. They give the impression that foreskin grows during puberty even though you have been circumcised. Is this true, and do the foreskin restoration methods work? (age 14)

While I am opposed to circumcision, I don't think those restorations have proven useful. The foreskin does not grow back once it has been removed.

I'm a bit hairy in my genital zone and I get some pain when I masturbate because sometimes when I'm stoking I pull some hair. I'm thinking of shaving all around the penis. What do you think? (age 23)

I think that's a personal choice. You might start by trimming some of what you regard as excess (the stuff that gets in your way) before shaving everything.

How can I measure my penis? Where on my genitals do I start the measurment? (age 14)

Measure for length along the top of your erect penis, putting the zero end of the ruler against the abdomen. Measure for circumference with a tape measure at the widest point of your erect penis.

I'm not circumcised and when I get an erection, I can't pull my foreskin back to reveal the head, but I can still masturbate and ejaculate fine. Is this a problem? (age 15)

It doesn't sound like a problem, but most circumcised guys can retract their foreskins. Might be worth asking a doctor when you get the chance.

I have worn briefs all my life. Does wearing briefs instead of boxers have any effect on penis growth? (age 15)


I am circumcised but not all of the foreskin was removed. My penis is so sensitive that I can still feel the pain from where he cut the upper side of the foreskin. (age 13)

I don't think the wound still hurts after 13 years. You just have a very sensitive foreskin. It's common for not all of the foreskin to be removed. Try to stay off that part when masturbating.

Does pubic hair continue to grow throughout life? I have been considering shaving just to see what it would be like and how it would feel. If I were to shave, would it all grow back? (age 14)


I love your site. I'm uncircumcised. I have little white flakes on the underside of the skin and just a little bit of flakes on my head of my penis. Is there anything to prevent that? i don't clean my penis every day, but i do shower every night. When I'm not erect you can't see the tip of the head. Should it be like that? (age 12)

That sounds normal except for the flakes. Might be from not getting all the soap off.

I'm 14 and I have an 8 inch penis. I'm positive that I measured correctly. I read on your site that women may not prefer that large of a penis. I'm also kind of scrawny, so my penis looks too big for my body. What can I do about this? How will I find a partner? Is it true that gay guys have bigger penises? Does this mean I'm gay?

Relatively few women have specific wants when it comes to penis size. You are sure to find a partner who will be receptive. A very petite woman might be cautious about a large penis at first. Gays' penises are no bigger or smaller than anyone else's. Your being gay, if you are, would have nothing to do with your penis.

I'm 15 and over 230 lbs. Would losing weight make my penis bigger? It's very small now and I'm afraid to do anything with anybody that includes showing my penis.

At your age, that's a good thing. Losing weight would not make your penis bigger or smaller, but it might seem longer if the fatty pad at the base of it were reduced. Also, losing weight is apt to make you more attractive to others than having a bigger penis would.

I measure my penis a lot, and it's getting smaller! I NEVER drink or smoke, and I am not overweight. Do you have any idea why this is happening? (age 19)

It's happening because you measure your penis a lot. Throw your ruler in a drawer and don't worry about it.

Does masturbation decrease the risk of prostate cancer? Where is the prostate and the urethra? Can you show a picture pointing out every part of a penis? (age 14)

It's my policy not to have pictures on this site. Any diagram of the male anatomy would show those parts. The urethra ends at the hole in the tip of the penis and runs the length of the penis and then inside up to the bladder. The prostate wraps around the urethra just below the bladder. A doctor goes inside the rectum to feel it. Yes, frequent masturbation when young has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer when older.

I've had sex since I was 13 years old, and since then I've seen a lot of naked women, and some of the girls I've been with have big labia. Does that means that they're sexually experienced, or do they just come in different sizes? (age 19)

You've doubtless noticed that male private parts come in different sizes. The same is true for females.

Why do we have pubic hair? Is it normal for guys my age to shave? If I shave how quickly will it grow back? Are there any advantages to shaving? (age 14)

It's believed the hair is there to retain scents which some find erotic and to reduce friction in intercourse. I don't think very many guys your age shave. Different people find their hair grows at different rates. It will probably itch like crazy when it grows back in. It's mostly a matter of style.

Why is it that my friend, who is 13 and 1 month has underarm hair, but I am 13 and 6 months and do not have any?

You're not on the same schedule. Some of the kids in your class probably look like 5th graders and some look like they could be in high school.

I used to work out a lot but I stopped after I heard some people talk about how weightlifting stops penis growth and sometimes makes it smaller. Does working out decrease penis size? (age 17)

No. Maybe those guys were trying to explain their own smallness in the locker room.

When I am in public and I get hard, I try to hide it by tucking it under my waistband and it seems to make it go away in a few minutes. Is this bad for my penis? I just jerked off for my first time; now I can't stop thinking about it and even sometimes when I think about jerking off, I get hard. Is there a way to fix this, or is it natural? (age 14)

I think it's very natural. I don't think your waistband manuever is bad for your penis.

Would having a penis piercing increase my girlfriend's pleasure during sex? (age 18)

It might increase hers, but it would certainly decrease yours.

I am 16 and when my sister's friends come to sleep over and I wear underwear, they can't stop looking at my penis.

So wear more than just underwear. If they wore only their bras, would you stop looking at their chests?

How long does it take for the semen to be no longer fertile once there out in the open? (age 19)

Outside the body, it won't last more than a few minutes unless preserved carefully. When making a semen sample for a medical lab, you need to keep it close to your body (like in a shirt pocket) and get it to the lab within an hour, preferably sooner.

For about a year I have not enjoyed masturbation much. I ejaculate very fast and there are some white dots on my penis, and sometimes I feel pain in my testes. (age 15)

Those are things you should discuss with a doctor. Don't worry about ejaculating fast. That happens to most guys your age.

I masturbate a lot, and now I have a red ring around the head of my penis, and it hurts a lot. I tried using lube, but it actually made the base very dry. What should I do? (age 14)

You're using the wrong lube. You're probably using one with soap in it. Try a lube made for sex like K-Y Liquid or Astroglide. And stay off the head when it hurts.

I recently started to masturbate. I get little red dots on my penis. They go away overnight. Am I just holding too hard, or is it an STD? (age 12)

You can only have an STD if you've been sexual with an infected person. Might trying a looser grip and seeing if the dots go away.

I'm getting little marks on my penis from masturbation. How do I make it go away? (age 14)

Might change the way you do it until you aren't leaving marks. Masturbating the normal way causes the fewest marks, or at least causes only marks that looks like everyone else's.

If you keep masturbating, will your penis lean to whatever way you jerk it? (age 14)

There is a tendency for that to happen, but it's not a big deal.

I have masturbated and now my penis skin is a stretchier than before. Is that normal? (age 12 1/2)


When I touch the head of my penis, it is tender. Is there anything wrong? This site rules. (age 15)

The head is supposed to be tender. Try to touch it as little as necessary while masturbating.

Why is it that when I'm masturbating my testicles hang low and loose and after orgasm they retract?

Before ejaculation the testicles are drawn close to the body to move the sperm. Some guys delay ejaculation by gently holding the scrotum away from the body.

I like your website! I am 23 and am not circumcised. I masturbate a couple of times a week. When I pull back my foreskin there are white flakes towards the base of the head. I find that the head is too sensitive to clean with my hand or with a washcloth, so I just let water from the shower flow over it. Is this much sensitivity normal/healthy? Should I wash the head with a washcloth?

The flakes are dried smegma. You would be better off taking a bath and soaking the penis in the water for a few minutes with the foreskin pulled back. It's good that it's so sensitive. You'll get a lot of pleasure from intercourse when that time comes.

I often wake up with an erection and then masturbate, because it makes my day go well. Is waking up with an erection normal? (age 15)

Yes, very normal. When you get older, it's one of the things you'll miss most.

Why is the colour of the genitals darker than the colour of other parts of our body like hands, face, chest etc.? (age 18)

The pigment tends to gather in the external genitalia. I don't know why this is. Some of it might be due to friction. The external genitalia tend to get more friction than other body parts. I think that's a good thing!

I have very frequent erections throughout the school day, and now that it is shorts weather again, I'm very worried that my erection might be visible. If masturbate in the morning when I wake up, this likely to help my erection situation at school? (age 14)

I doubt it would make any difference. Might keep a notebook or windbreaker handy in case you have to stand up at a bad time. Masturbating because you want to prevent an erection is a bad habit. You should only masturbate when you feel like it.

My boyfriend, who is 19, seems to have self-esteem issues. He tells me he thinks that his penis is too small (which is crazy; it's 8 inches long erect) and that he doesn't like that he's uncircumcised (which I happen to like a lot) and that he's not muscular enough, which I don't agree with at all. Now he wants to go on a penis enlargement program, get circumcised, and get a personal trainer to build muscle. I think that it's a great idea for him to go to the gym and stay fit, but I don't want him to do any of the other things. He says he's trying to make me happy, even though I've told him countless times that he's all I've ever wanted. I think he's trying to test my devotion to him. How can I prove to him he needs to change nothing to keep me here? I think you're doing a great thing by taking time to answer all these questions. (age 18)

I hope you will share your opinion with him, but his opinion is what is most important to him. Getting circumcised is a bad idea at any age. An ethical doctor would refuse to "enlarge" his penis, but unfortunately most of the "doctors" who engage in that are less than ethically sound. Perhaps you could show him pictures from medical books of botched circumcisions and other penile surgeries? The thought of actually going through with it might be sobering. Also, none of that would be covered by medical insurance.

The head of my penis has got wrinkly lines. Is this normal. (age 13)


My penis has slightly bent to the left from masturbation habits. Is there any way to stop my penis from curving more or make it staight again? (age 17)

You might switch hands whenever you masturbate so the effect will be symmetrical.

What are some Kegel exercises that I can do to strengthen my PC muscle. What is the advantage to having a strong PC muscle? Your site is great. (age 16)

The basic one is to flex the muscle you use to stop and start the flow of urine. Do this 10 times a day. Hold it for a second in the middle. You can learn more advanced ones by doing a search on Kegel exercises. The PC muscle is the one you use to control your ejaculation. The advantage of having a strong one should be pretty obvious.

Is it normal to have visible veins in your penis? (age 13)


I am used to masturbating 3 times a week. If I do that is it helping my erection last longer? (age 35)

That frequency shouldn't have much impact on your erections.

Why do girls have a clitoris? My dad tells me all girls are born with a very small penis. (age 13)

The clitoris is the anatomical analogue to the penis, and it is the functional analogue to the penis in one way: It is the main source of sexual pleasure. It's not correct to say that it is, or ever was, a penis. In fact, it might be more correct to say that the male penis was originally a clitoris, since all fetuses start out female. The male ones then develop male organs. The clitoris is the only human organ whose only purpose is sexual. You can learn more about it on the page of female questions.

What is the difference between sperm and semen? Does semen cause pregnancy? (age 25)

Sperm is the male gamete, the seed that fertilizes the female ovum. Semen is the medium that carries the sperm, which males ejaculate. As a practical matter, sperm can't cause pregnancy without semen and semen can't cause pregnancy without sperm.

Is it normal to masturbate with some kind of lotion or wet soap to decrease friction to the penis or am I the only one to do so? (age 11)

It is very normal. If using soap, be sure to wash it off afterward.

My penis is crooked. What can I do? And it's 15 cm. (age 22)

At 22, I don't think it's going to get any bigger. If it's too crooked, you should see a doctor. Few penises are perfectly straight.

I noticed some patches of skin discoloration on my penis just under the head on the underside and some small ones on the side of the shaft. I think it is from masturbating for too long or too roughly. Will these go away? Is there any type of lotion or cream to apply to help? (age 25)

I doubt they're from masturbation. You should see a doctor if you're worried about them.

I had a vein ball in both of my testicles so I got sick of them so I pushed them and next thing you know my vein balls are gone. I mean it was literally some veins that felt like a ball now I dont have any pains Was this the right thing to do? (age 13)

I don't think so. What you describe as a "vein ball" could be something harmless and normal or something a doctor should look at. No more do-it-yourself therapy, please.

Does my grandpa or dad or brother's length of penis affect me having a certain length or circumference? Is it hereditary? Are there any REAL pills that make your penis grow without any side affects? This site ROCKS! (age 13)

Yes, it is hereditary. But there's nothing you can do about it. Just learn to live with what you have (or get in the next few years).

You say that masturbating doesn't affect your penis size, but I've found in the short term it does. I did an experiment to find this out. For one week, I masturbated at least 1-2 times a day, and measured my average penis size at 6 2/3 inches. The next week I went the entire week without masturbating and did it on the last day. I measured it at 7 1/4 inches. I have talked to several friends about this, and they agree that it seems the longer they go without masturbating, the bigger they are. What do you think about this? (age 18)

I think you wasted a week that you're never going to get back. The fluctuations you describe might be accounted for things other than masturbation, such as temperature (yours and the outside air), blood pressure, caffeine intake. There's also the problem of measurement error. And what does it matter anyway? If what you claim is true, it only means that the "big" guys in the locker room are apt to be enjoying themselves less than the "small" guys. Would you rather have a large penis and few ejaculations or a small penis and many ejaculations?

I tried on a condom the other day and it was very tight and painful. It also kept rolling up and not staying in place. When I took it off, my penis was quite red and sore. What's wrong? (age 16)

It sounds like the condom was too small.

I am still a virgin and I have white spots on the base of my penis. Some when squeezed let out grease, like spots on your face. Is this related to masturbation? Or should I just shower more? (age 15)

At your age, it would be a good idea to shower daily. What you describes sounds normal, and is unrelated to masturbation.

I noticed a while back on my penis I have a bump on the side. It's hard but I don't know what it is. I haven't had sex yet. (age 15)

You should have a doctor look at it.

I love your web site. It has helped me a lot. At school, whenever I see a girl that I like, I get an erection. I would feel really embarrassed if someone saw it. What should I do? (age 12)

It's useful to carry a notebook or jacket which you can slip in front of you when you're feeling self-conscious.

I am 25 and I love to masturbate. Usually I do it when I bathe and masturbate and take a bath immediately with hot water. Will that much hot water only daily cause my penis any problems? I have two small white spots on the inside part of my penis.

I think you're better off if you don't do it in hot water every time. Learn to do it on your bed. The spots may or may not be a problem. Only a doctor can say for sure.

I'm 14 years old almost 15 and going to be in tenth grade where we take showers in gym class. I haven't hit puberty down there yet and I don't know what I should do. I know I'm going to be tortured and no one will want to be friends with me anymore. And once it gets around my school I'm dead. If I get a doctor's note, everyone will know that I'm either chicken or small and then it will be just as bad. What should I do?

You shouldn't worry. 10th grade guys are more mature than junior high. I doubt anyone will say anything. You're probably bigger than you think you are and not even the smallest one in the class. It might help to get in a class where there's a male teacher present in the locker room. Trouble in locker rooms usually happens when the opposite-gender teacher leaves the locker room unattended.

How would I chafe my penis? What does that do? (age 16)

Chafing is a friction burn. You're at risk for doing that if you masturbate without lube.

I have small white bumps around the rim of my penis and they have been there for a few years now. I'm still a virgin so it's not a STD. Two weeks ago when I masturbated, I think I did it a little too rough and ever since then I've developed tiny red bumps on the tip of my penis. Do you know what this may be? (age 17)

The white bumps are probably pearly penile papules, but only a doctor can say for sure. They're benign. The red bumps probably would have gone away if you'd left your penis alone for a day or two when you were too rough. It can still happen.

When I pull down my prepuce (foreskin) I find it hard to pull the skin back and forth over shaft. Is there any other way I can masturbate, because this way hurts my head. I think it's due to a slightly tight foreskin. (age 16)

I advise both circumcised and uncircumcised guys to touch the head as little as possible while masturbating. Try to focus on the shaft more. It might help to use some lube.

I am 16 and have been masturbating for about 4 years, 4 times per day. When I am erect, my penis size is fine, but when I am done, it turns into a very SMALL penis, barely about an inch. Does my masturbation has to do with anything about my reduced size?

No, but four times a day is too much. It's good that you're satisfied with your erect size. That's the size that matters.

I am uncircumcised and masturbate at least once a day. My foreskin does not retract fully but only about halfway down. I cannot touch my glans because it hurts. It feels like a shock when I touch it. What can I do so that it is not this sensitive? (age 24)

I suggest using lube or perhaps even anesthetic (benzocaine is the most common one) and gradually get accustomed to a very light touch. If you are masturbating satisfactorily without touching the head, it is a question why you need to touch it at all. I urge all males to touch the head as little as necessary when they masturbate.

How can you change a curved erect penis back to a straight one? It's been curved since a month after I started to masturbate when I was 14. I have tried stroking differently but nothing has worked yet. (age 17)

Some curvature is normal. There is a rare condition called Peyronie's Disease that you might want to read about. It's unlikely you have it, and curvature short of that might be something you have to live with.

I am an 18 year old male. I have gone through several self-concious problems with my male anatomy. I had a bent penis that curved up and to the left. It depressed me to a point of considering suicide. I did all the research I could and didn't have any symptoms of Peyronie's disease and I eventually accepted myself. I have no problem masturbating the normal way and orgasming except that it can take a long time with a lot of stimulation required. I have only had one sexual experience where I didn't have to finish myself off by hand while the woman watched. I don't know what my problem is! As I grew up I masturbated a lot. Sometimes once a day, sometimes 4 times a day. This whole problem is starting to affect me and is making me depressed, hopeless, and feeling of never getting better.

I think you're masturbating too much. Why not cut down to 3 times a week until this is cleared up, and don't masturbate within 3-4 days before an expected sexual encounter.

When I wake up in the morning why am I erect? If I don't masturbate will I have wet dreams? When I ejaculate, how much semen is supposed to come out? (age 14)

You're erect because that's what happens to normal and healthy males at your age. It's because your testosterone levels are at their highest in the morning and because you erect so readily at your age. If you've already started masturbating, it's unlikely you'll ever have wet dreams. Normal ejaculate volume is about a teaspoon.

Semen is meant to smell, but mine doesn't. Is that normal? Is it missing the vital ingredient? (age 16)

It probably does, but you're so used to it, you don't notice it. You might let it sit for a while and then try to smell it. Or, go 5-7 days without ejaculating, and then see if the ejaculate has a noticeable smell at the end of that period.

Does alcohol affect the size of the penis in any way?

Not in the long run, but alcohol can inhibit erections.

Hi, I was wondering if masturbation keeps you from hitting puberty? (age 15)


My penis has been weird since I was born. My parents told me that my foreskin was already half-circumcised when I was born, and they didn't have me circumcised for that reason. When I get an erection and pull back what foreskin I have, the head of my penis turns down at a 90 degree angle. The opening to my urethra is on the underside where it makes the angle. Also, the head is twisted 30 degrees or so to the left. What is wrong with me? (age 15)

You seem to have some congenital abnormalities in your penis. I suspect that your doctors have been watching them all along, so you probably have nothing to worry about. It would be a good idea to point the penis out to the doctor to remind him. He might want to check to make sure you don't have Peyronie's Disease. Some of the things you mention might not make any difference in sexual functioning but only make the penis look different.

Does the hair around your penis grow faster if you cut it? (age 13)


A drug is advertised for natural male enhancement. Does it increase penis size or improve sexual performance? (age 14)


Is penis size decided by genetics? (age 14)


My penis is little bit thin. Is there any solution for this? (age 25)

Not that I know of. Even as the rest of your body gains weight, your penis is apt to stay thin.

My penis gets really small and big veins on it while masturbating. Is this normal? One of my testicles is bigger than the other and my scrotum skin is very thin and feels uncomfortable all day. Is there any exercise I can do to strengthen my scrotum skin to support my testes better? (age 22)

You might be gripping your penis too tightly. One testicle is normally bigger than the other. Theoretically, as your skin suffered more wear, it would grow thicker, but the best thing to do is wear garments (even a jock strap) that support it better. Switching from boxers to briefs might help.

When I was about 5 I had to be circumcised because my foreskin had grown onto the head of my penis. Where they put the stitches in just below the head, there is a small hole. It looks like my penis has been pierced. The hole has been there for years now. It just won't heal itself. Would it be bad to put a bar in there? A lot of men go through a ridiculous amount of pain to have this done and I've already got it. (age 18)

Two wrongs don't make a right. I hope the scar-hole doesn't cause you any problems in the future.

I'm 19 and my penis is bent. I want to know if it will make my girlfriend feel pain when I have sex with her or make her feel uncomfortable. How much do you think a male should masturbate at least?

The vagina is designed to accomodate a range of penis sizes and shapes. Few penises are perfectly straight. Your girlfriend is apt to not be bothered by it. I think a male should masturbate a minimum of once every two weeks, although at your age, once a day is more common.

Does masturbation (the correct way) stop hair from growing on one's penis? (age 13)


A trainer at my gym told some guys how cold showers increase testosterone levels. Is this true? Does any male past puberty have any control over his testosterone levels? (age 16)

No, that is not true. If it were possible for such a shower to cause a spike or dropoff in testosterone production, the effect would only last until the shower was over. Some athletes take steroids to increase their testosterone production. Most other drugs that young males are apt to encounter -- including alcohol -- tend to lower testosterone production.

Does constant masturbation (once a day perhaps) lower your testosterone levels, or does masturbating help increase the testosterone in your body? (age 17)

I don't think once a day can fairly be described as "constant." At your age, I don't think masturbating will make much difference in the short run since your testosterone is at a lifetime peak. In the long run, more frequent sexual activity (including masturbation) will tend to raise rather than lower testosterone levels.

When you are about to ejaculate, do you use the same muscles as when you are urinating? (age 31)

You use some of them, and also other muscles that are only used for ejaculating. The key one in common is the pubococcygeal muscle, which controls the flow of urine. When properly contracted right before ejaculating, you can delay ejaculation for a second or so, which can produce a more intense feeling and a more powerful ejaculation.

Im 17 and I want to know the correct way to measure my penis.

Measure it along the top from where it joins your body to the tip, when erect.

My penis is a lot smaller than average. Where can I find condoms that fit?

You might try a site that sells condoms online. They usually stock more varieties than stores do.

Your site is the best site on the Internet. At last God has sent the man for troubled guys like us. May God bless you for your outstanding service to youth. The hairs around my genital area are falling down greatly. Why is this happening? Will the hairs come again? I think all the hairs will fall very soon. So what should I do? (age 20)

I don't think you need to do anything. That can fluctuate a lot throughout your life.

I am a 19 year old male and about a year and a half ago, I went through a terrible depression stage. I constantly masturbated as it was a way for me to get by and it was the only thing that made me happy. For a while I masturbated with using toilet paper and from this I think I have scarred my penis because now my penis is smaller and shriveled up. It's not comfortable at all. I haven't masturbated in forever now and my penis is always so small in the flaccid state. When erect I feel normal but when flaccid I have no confidence and my day revolves around my penis size. I want to get some kind of surgery like penis reconstruction for the skin I have lost. Is there surgery that can lengthen my penis and make me feel normal again. Please help me.

I think you need psychological help. Your penis should be back to normal, even if it was hurt by the toilet paper. Your size when you are erect is the only thing that matters. Don't worry about how big it is flaccid. Surgery wouldn't help and might hurt.

I am circumcised, but I have always wanted to know but never felt comfortable asking anyone, for males who are uncircumcised, how is it harder to keep the penis clean? (age 20)

Shower or bath water does not flow along the penile head as it does for a circumcised male. Thus, he must retract his foreskin in order for the water to reach it. Also, his head produces a lubricant not produced by circumcised males, and this adds to the amount of bodily fluids to be cleaned away.

When erect my penis is normal length. When not erect, I'm much shorter, at most only 2 inches and sometimes less than an inch! How normal is this? (age 22)

I don't know. Research on penis size focuses on erect length. Be glad you're normal size when erect.

Does warm water or cold water or temperature make you get an erection faster? How can you stop having erections in a classroom for example, because nothing in the class turns me on. Is it the temperature that is doing this? Can I stop it or prevent it? (age 14)

Cold water on the privates will get rid of an erection more effectively than warm water will bring one on. It is just hormonal fluctuations that are giving you erections. Enjoy them while they last. You will miss those frequent erections when you're in your 20s.

When I masturbate, I notice tiny bobbles all the way around the underside of the rim of the head of my penis. (age 16)

That's called your coronal ridge. The bobbles might be a harmless feature called pearly penile papules, but it would be advisable to show them to a doctor.

Ever since I could remember, even before I reached puberty, I have always gotten a funny sensation when I urinate. It is like a chill that passes though my body, a bit like a mini orgasm, that usually comes right before I'm finished. It usually makes me have to tremble a bit, unless I hold myself back. I have never taken issue with this. I don't think this is normal and I'm afraid that it might suggest that I have some type of sexual problem.

Also, the line that runs down the underside of my penis makes a sudden sharp turn to my right side and then continues down the side, not the center. One testicle doesn't always feel right. I hope I can still have kids. (age 20)

I think you worry too much. The chill is a sign that you have especially sensitive nerves serving your urogenital area, not that there is something wrong. The line makes no difference at all. You only need one working testicle to father children, so see a doctor if you think something is wrong, but don't worry about it so much.

I have been masturbating since I was 13, usually once a day, and over the 3 years, dark patches have appeared on my foreskin. They do not hurt, nor have they gotten bigger within the past year, and they seem to be concentrated around the areas where I grip. Should I use more lube or just stop masturbating altogether? (age 16)

Have I ever told anyone to stop masturbating altogether? More lube would be good. It would also be good to vary your grip.

What is the most sensitive part of the circumcised penis? (age 16)

Usually the coronal ridge. That's the lowest part of the head.

Thanks to the author who clears many doubts of readers all over. I have a good erection and everything is fine but since I wore V-shaped underwear since childhood, my penis is now bent like C-shape though it erects. How can I overcome this? (age 25)

Unless the underwear was made of armor, I don't think it caused this. Try not to worry about it.

My penis has a little curve to the left (10-20 degrees). I'm very complexed about it. I have no idea how girls would react when seeing or feeling it. Would they likely refuse sex because of it? (age 19)

Few penises are perfectly straight. I doubt most women would even notice. Don't worry about it.

One of my balls is a tiny bit larger than the other. (age 14)

That's normal.

I started masturbating at 12 and have averaged 1 time a day. Around 3 months ago I noticed that my penis had become rougher and on the top right side (where I apply the most pressure), a blue vein is visible. Will this problem go away if I add some kind of healing cream and stop masturbating for a while? Thanks. I think the site is great. (age 17)

All you have to do is use less pressure and vary the places you touch.

Thank you very much for putting up this site. When erect, my penis comes close to my body (close to my abs) even though it is completely hard. Is this normal? When you measure the time that you take masturbating, do you start from the beginning of masturbation or once erect? (age 14)

Your angle of erection is normal for your age. When discussing the length of time masturbating, I mean the time from when stroking begins until ejaculation.

Does the clear fluid that comes out of the penis before ejaculation contain any sperm? (age 28)

Yes, bulbourethral fluid can contain sperm cells.

When I take off my condom, I get some semen on my hands and some is left over on my penis. I wash my hands and penis with soap and warm water. What water temperature is best to use to kill sperm that I miss? (age 21)

Make the water as hot as you can stand, but as little as 105 or 110 degrees would do the job.

The skin near the head of my penis is stretchier. Is this normal? (age 14)


I have read that masturbation exercises the penis and therefore increases its size, is this true? (age 14)


I started masturbating a month ago and when I woke up in the morning after the first time after I masturbated, the skin near the head of my penis was bunched up. Its been like that ever since. Is this normal? Will it eventually go back to normal? (age 14)

In circumcised males, that skin is normally bunched up. I don't think it's something to worry about.

After I masturbate, I put on a pair of boxers after I wipe my penis clean. After a few minutes, semen flows all over my boxers. Is this normal? (age 14)

It's normal for the semen left in the urethra after ejaculation to come out after the erection goes down. It shouldn't be such a large amount that you're noticing it so much. It might help to lie in bed for a few minutes after you finish masturbating to let the leftover semen come out before you put your clothes back on.

On your site you say the average male my age has an erection every 90 - 120 minutes, but I don't. I have one or two a day. Is something wrong? (age 17)

Your frequency of erections is normal for an adult. I don't think you have a problem. You're just ahead of the curve.

Recently I have been masturbating once or twice a day. I have noticed that my semen is more watery than before. Is this normal? Your site is great! Good job and keep up the good work! (age 16)

Masturbating more frequently will tend to make the semen less viscous. It's nothing to worry about unless you're actively trying to conceive.

I wish to purchase condoms, but I do not know where to buy them without feeling embarrassed. I am not sexually active. (age 13)

They are not usually age-restricted, so you can buy them at any drug or discount store, and even most grocery stores.

My penis seems smaller after I've been exercising hard or running.

That's pretty normal. Physical activity will tend to get the blood moving fast and hard and therefore it will not concentrate in the genitals.

When I am sitting, my penis flops to one side and it is really uncomfortable touching my leg. I want to just move it but I am afraid someone will see me. What do I do? (age 13)

Go somewhere private and move it. Wearing tighter underwear will help keep things in one place all day long.

When I have an erection, my penis points to the wall, not to the ceiling. Also, there is some fat around the base of my penis. Is this possible to lose? (age 13)

You seem pretty new to erections. Don't worry if they're not so close to vertical at your age. You might have to work at overall weight reduction. Spot weight reduction is not something people can do, especially at the base of the penis.

I just masturbated and noticed that my penis is starting to peel. My penis has an extreme pain right under the head. Every time I touch or even move my penis a tiny bit, it stings in that one spot. I masturbate with using either saliva or body wash. (age 14)

I would forego the body wash, because anything with soap in it can be bad for your skin. If it's just a tiny spot, it will probably heal within a couple of days. Try to leave it alone until then.

If I continue to wear underwear which restricts my erection, will it stunt the growth of my penis? (age 16)


1. Does masturbation affect athletics or energy levels? 2. Does the penis continue to grow after puberty? 3. At 15, how often should someone masturbate, and is once a week too little?

1. No. 2. Only a little. 3. I would hesitate to specify a frequency, but most guys your age masturbate much more than once a week.

For the past 12 months or so, I have noticed that my head is a slightly brown colour as if it's bruised, and after masturbating, my penis is very sore and red. There is also a small black lump (like a small spot) on the head of my circumcised penis which has been there for at least 6 months. I only use my hand while masturbating however sometimes quite vigorously. I think I should see a doctor but am quite nervous to see one. I haven't had sex before so I know it cant be an STD. (age 23)

You are right. You should see a doctor. You shouldn't worry about either telling the doctor or about the diagnosis. Remember, the doctor masturbates too. It might only be a skin problem that is unrelated to sexual functioning.

All my friends say their penises are around 7 inches, but mine is only about three. Should I be worried? (age 13)

I'm worried if you believe that. I doubt theirs are that big, and I'm pretty sure yours will grow.

My penis seems to retract inside when it's not erect. All I can see is the head. Do you know anything about this? (age 18)

That's not so unusual, especially in overweight males. You could ask a doctor to take a closer look.

If your foreskin doesn't pull back or retract and the only way to have normal sex is partial or full circumcision, would you do it? (age 31)

You might speak do a doctor who doesn't believe in circumcision to find what alternatives there are. Stretching or the use of steroid cream might be options. Too many doctors would recommend circumcision as the first option.

When I go to the doctor, I get an erection every time I am touched by the doctor in my genitals, whether it is male or female. Is that normal? And it is very embarassing! (age 15)

Yes, it is embarrassing, but you're probably not the first person it has happened to. The doctors understand. And it means you have very sensitive genitals. It is a sign that you will make a good sexual partner when that time comes.

If soap is bad for my skin when I masturbate, then what should I use for lube? Bare handed doesn't feel good at all! (age 12)

Soap is OK, but you have to wash it off thoroughly afterward. Unless you're masturbating in the shower, washing it off will be a hassle. Young guys who won't buy a lube made especially for sex can get by with lotion or Vaseline.

Is penis size related to how tall you are? (age 12)

Yes, but it's not the only factor. A man who's 6'4" probably has a bigger penis than a man who's 5'7" but at a particular height, there is a large amount of variation in penis size.

Does masturbation cause slowness in the growth of our genitals? (age 13)


Does wearing tight clothes (like briefs) prevent the penis from growing? (age 13)


Can masturbating with shaving cream hurt me? When I masturbate with soap or shampoo I get a burning sensation inside my penis. (age 14)

You're getting soap inside your urethra. It's better if you don't use soap or at least keep it off your head. I don't know anyone who masturbates with shaving cream.

For two years, my penis has been able to bend. This happened about the same time I tried Viagra. Is this just because of age? (age 57)

You are on the young side for having geriatric genital trouble. I doubt it was caused by Viagra. You might see your doctor about that.

Would it be wise to wear 2 or 3 condoms in case one breaks, or is that not a good idea? (age 16)

Condoms are not designed to interact with each other. Those extra condoms would be very unstable and would perhaps make the innermost one less secure. Also, I don't think sex with two or three condoms would be a lot of fun.

My foreskin can pull back all the way down to the bottom of the head. I have attempted to masturbate many times, but I have never ejaculated. I have read how to do it and think that I am doing it properly, but after 2 minutes or so, even with a loose fist, my head gets red and it reacts involuntarily with jerking movements for a minute afterwards. What's going on? (age 14)

You have a very sensitive head. You ought to try to avoid touching the head while masturbating. Try stimulating only the shaft and see if that makes a difference. It might also help to masturbate wearing a condom, particularly if you can put a drop or two of lube inside the condom. Once you're successful, you can try touching the head a little and see what makes it sensitive.

I didn't like the way my penis curved to the left. My friend told me to start masturbating with my other hand. It worked! I now have a straight penis. Is this because what my friend told me worked? (age 17)

It's possible. Masturbating style and hand use can affect the curve of the penis. But it might have straightened out anyway. And don't worry too much if it curves back again.

I'm uncircumcised and my friends all think it's weird. They don't understand that males are born uncircumcised and that circumcision is unatural. Some friends told me that all males born after 1990 are circumcised. I hope this doesn't affect my sex life later on and that girls will think the same of me. I hope an end will be brought to circumcision. (age 13)

If anything, circumcision peaked before 1990 and now is trending downward in the U.S. Research shows that uncircumcised males enjoy sex more than circumcised males. The females in your future might need some instruction on the value of an intact foreskin, as some of your friends currently do. It could be they're just jealous of you.

My erections have not been so good lately. I think it might be because school has been out for the summer. I get really turned on being around busty girls. What should I do? (age 15)

You might spend more time at swimming pools.

You have a cool site. Even though it was started to help guys with prone masturbation, it has helped in millions of other ways too. About halfway from the base of my penis to my head in a thin band of tan or darker skin that makes a full circle around the circumference of my penis. is this normal? (age 14)

Yes, it is.

I have a vein on my right testicle that's dark purple, and sometimes when I try to fit my testicles back into my boxers, that vein will hurt for about a minute. What's going on? (age 14)

I don't know. You ought to see a doctor.

Is it normal for a circumcised man's penis to be about the same size all the time or only a little difference in size when erect compared to an uncircumcised man's penis? (age 30)

The big variable is the size of the penis, not whether it's circumcised. Penises that are smaller when not erect will get much bigger, proportionately, when erect than those that are large when not erect. A large penis will not get much bigger when it erects.

What does it mean for the balls to drop? (age 12)

Some testicles are undescended, that is, still inside the body. This is usually diagnosed at birth, although many doctors check a man the first time they examine him.

I'm uncircumcised and if my foreskin is pulled back and I walk around, my head rubs against the and it is pretty sensitive. I don't get how circumcised guys can handle this rubbing all day for their whole life. Does their penis just get used to it or do they feel that sensitivity? (age 13)

I think they get used to it. Some have theorized that circumcised boys are more fidgety as a result due to the irritation of their penile heads.

I just finished masturbating and my penis hurts in the shaft. What could have caused this? (age 15)

You were probably too rough. It might help to leave it alone for a few days and to use lube next time.

I heard that a circumcised penis makes sex better. Is this true? (age 14)

I don't think so. I would be inclined to believe an uncircumcised penis is better.

Why do some girls have bigger nipples than others? (age 13)

People are different. It's the same reason why some girls have bigger cheeks, bigger legs, bigger buttocks.

My glans is so sensitive that it can't touch anything at all or it will hurt. Does this mean that I won't be able to have intercourse? I'm afraid that my wife might leave me if I can't make love to her the normal way. (age 25)

There are a lot of solutions. You could wear a condom or apply lube or even apply an anesthetic. Your wife will be understanding and help you find a solution.

I masturbate a few times a day. But when I try to have sex, I can never become erect enough to slide in easily. Can too much masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? (age 19)

Yes. You ought to abstain for a few days before attempting intercourse, especially if you're inexperienced. Males who are sexually active usually masturbate twice a week or less.

About five years ago, my girlfriend was giving me manual intercourse when I was lying on my back. She grabbed my erection and pointed it down towards my feet. I either felt or heard a faint pop from the tissue that connected the base of my penis to my pelvis. Since then, my erection has never pointed towards my belly button, when it is hanging freely. Instead, it points outward or hangs down at slightly less than horizontal when I am standing. Before that day, my erections had always pointed towards my belly button. What happened, and what did I do to my penis? How can I fix it so that my erection points upwards again? Do you know if most women prefer a penis that points upwards or is like mine? (age 25)

It sounds like a rupture of the penis. It usually happens when a large female is having sex with a man in the female-superior position. You might talk to a urologist about it.

I know that shoe size has nothing to do with penis size, but how did that myth get started. I have size 17 feet and I don't appreciate all of the extra attention so I would be very greatful for an explanation. (age 15)

I think people just made unwarranted assumptions about people with large and small feet. Researchers in Britain have published a paper documenting no correlation between shoe size and penis size, although their study can be criticized for having only 104 subjects and for measuring penises in their flaccid state.

I've heard that drinking coffee daily can shrink your penis. I stopped drinking coffee for a week and didn't notice any difference. (age 16)

Caffeine can cause constricted blood vessels, which might mean less blood goes to your penis, which might make it smaller, but these differences might be so small that they can only be detected by highly precise scientific measuring devices. I doubt quitting caffeine at all, let alone for a week, would have any discernable impact on the size of your penis. It would be more useful to give up caffeine if you were having some kind of sexual problem, like erectile dysfunction.

I didn't get circumcised but all my friends are. I'm worried that a girl won't want me because of this. (age 13)

I don't think you need to worry. Girls know less about foreskins than you do. By the time you get to the point of having sex, you will know your partner well enough that it won't matter to her if you are circumcised or not.

If my glans is so sensitive that it can't touch anything at all, not even a condom, does this mean that if I were to have sex and it touched the vagina, it's going to hurt too? (age 17)

You could try using various kinds of lube and even anesthetics until you find a combination that works. I think it's something you could adjust to gradually.

Whenever I get an erection, the opening to my urethra often opens and air enters my urethra. I can feel the air bubbles traveling down. (age 23)

You might see a doctor about that. The urethra is supposed to be very tight and keep air out. I don't know how you could feel a bubble inside it.

I recently got circumcised, and when I was allowed to masturbate again, I had no problem reaching orgasm. In fact, my orgasms were a lot better. However, now I have a really hard time getting off either by masturbation (which often takes over 45 minutes) or with a partner (which can take over 1.5 hours, if it happens at all). Is this a common response to circumcision? Is there something I can do to reach orgasm more easily? (age 22)

I think you just have to get used to the new feeling in your penis. It might help to use an abstinence program similar to the one I recommend for quitting prone. Your penis is apt to be more sensitive after those days of abstaining and you will learn your new sexual response better. I suspect the orgasms were a lot better right after the surgery because of the long abstinence period afterward.

When I masturbate in the shower, I use cold water. It feels a whole lot better. Is it safe to use cold water to masturbate? (age 15)

Cold water is safe enough, but I'm surprised you find it comfortable enough to masturbate in. Most males go dead limp upon touching cold water.

Is it possible to go through puberty without having a penis growth spurt? (age 13)

I don't think so.

I get erections every class period. It is really embarrassing to have the teacher call you up when you have one. Do you have ANY ideas to help me hide or make them less obvious? (age 16)

You could wear baggier pants or keep a windbreaker handy for emergencies. Covering with a notebook also works, but it's pretty obvious what you're doing. It might help to worry about it less than you do.

Follow-up: Thanks for the tips, but what can I do to make the erections go away?

Castration would eliminate them, but you don't want to do that. You have the wrong attitude. An erection is something to be happy about.

I've noticed after masturbating for awhile that I have blood spottings on my penis. Is that normal? Is there a way to treat it? (age 14)

It is not normal. You might be rubbing too hard or too long, in which case using lube would help.

In your pants, do you suggest having your penis pointing upwards or downwards? (age 16)

That's entirely up to you, although upward gives you more flexibility. A tailor making a custom pair of pants will find out whether the wearer "dresses right" or "dresses left" and leave a little more room on that side.

There is a small fleshy string that connects my foreskin to the bottom of the head of my penis. Is this normal? (age 14)


I am getting chafed on some areas of my penis after especially vigorous sex or masturbation. What can I do? (age 22)

You ought to incorporate lube and/or condoms into your sexual routines to make these activities go smoothly. Applying a little bit of lotion or petroleum jelly to the affected parts is apt to make them heal faster.

Is there a storage tank for your semen? Like the bladder that holds your urine? (age 33)

Yes. Seminal fluid is held in the seminal vesicles until the time comes for it to be ejaculated. Prostate fluid is produced and stored in the prostate gland.

My penis head isn't smooth. Underneath the head are small dots. I masturbate with my fist, pulling the foreskin over the head and back. Is this normal? (age 14)

That is all normal. The head usually isn't smooth, but the underside of the head is usually smaller than the larger top. The dots might be pearly penile papules.

Can prone masturbation lead to destruction of erectile tissue?

I doubt it. I've never heard of a case that couldn't be cured simply by quitting prone and learning to masturbate conventionally.

Can the color of semen tell us how healthy or how good it is? (age 31)

To some extent. In semen analysis, color is only one of many things the analyst examines. Semen that comes out white is apt to be in better condition than semen that comes out yellow, but this is not an absolute. There are some men who regularly produce prodigious yellow semen specimens and other men who produce infertile white ones.

I usually masturbate while I am in the shower, or just in the bathroom for some reason and have at least 15 minutes to myself. About a week ago, while I was in the shower, I began to masturbate standing up, and then I went down to a kneeling position and continued. I had never masturbated before in the kneeling position, and it felt great! I reached orgasm, and then when I ejaculated, I felt a really, really sharp pain in the inside top part of my penis. After my shower, the top of my penis stung so much. (age 14)

You might have gotten some soap from the shower on your penis. I don't know how the kneeling position could be to blame. I hope it doesn't happen to you again, but it would be more conclusive if there were more than just this one instance.

Do girls like boys with a larger penis? (age 13)

If a group of women were designing a man from scratch (a la "Weird Science"), they would probably give him a larger than average penis. However, women don't usually use penis size in their criteria for selecting men because they generally don't find out a man's penis size until they've gotten to know him well enough to be interested.

If I owned a web site about masturbation and the lot, instead of having people flood me with questions about penis size I should just make a chart about all of the healthy sizes for a certain age groups! Since I don't own such a site, I just thought I'd contact the next best thing, you! I think it would be assuring to guys (like me) all over the world, that yes, their penis is normal. (age 13)

And what if your penis isn't normal? Would it be assuring then? The problem with such a chart is that there is such variety in the size of teenage males' penises that average sizes would be very deceptive. Such measurements are also taken of erect penises, so there would be a problem even finding data on teenage males. Since there is nothing you can do about it anyway, you should just learn to live with and enjoy what you've got.

Every morning when I wake up, my penis is fully erect and I always seem to find my hand down my pants grasping it. I'm sleeping so I'm obviously not thinking of anything that sets me off, but It never seems to go limp until I get up. Is this normal? (age 16)


If you wear boxers that have more space (probably too big for you) and treat your penis with higher priorities than the rest of your body, might it grow bigger? You may find my theory very strange but I learned about plants that if you are growing indoors, bigger and better atmosphere can produce bigger plants and I was thinking maybe it was the same way with the penis. (age 15)

Wearing boxers as opposed to briefs or going around naked will make no difference in penis size. Those plants you talk about don't get enough to grow and then they do, and that is why they grow more. Most humans, at least in the industrialized world, have the resources they need to grow. Unlike a plant, which in some cases can branch out and grow all sorts of directions, humans have a fixed size that once reached will grow no more.

I've been masturbating for almost a year. The head of my penis is very sensitive and it hurts to rub in places. If I dont masturbate for a week or so, it doesn't hurt much, but after masturbating it gets very sensitive and hurts to touch. Is there anything I can do to fix it? (age 15)

You should either use a lubricant or else avoid touching the head.

I was reading your site, and I was wondering what PC excercises are?

The pubococcygeus muscle is the one that contracts when you have an orgasm. Strengthening it usually means better orgasms. The PC muscle is also the one used to stop and start the flow of urine and to control bowel evacuation.

There are three basic PC muscle exercises:

  1. Contract the front of your PC muscle repeatedly as if you were stopping the flow of urine. Do this 10 times at first and gradually increase the number of repititions to 24 times.
  2. Once you have done the first exercise for a few days, try contracting the PC muscle and holding it for up to 10 seconds.
  3. Next, contract the back of your PC muscle as if you were trying to prevent a bowel movement. Work at this exercise until you can do it five times in quick succession.

Doing these exercises daily can increase the orgasmic capacity of both genders and make it easier for men to prevent premature ejaculation.

Is it normal for a penis to leak after masturbation? I am very hygienic and I always clean myself up properly, but sometimes I will leak a little fluid afterward, which can be irritating. It sometimes puts me off masturbating altogether. Is there a way to make sure I don't leak any fluid after I'm done masturbating?

Yes. You can contract your PC muscle a couple of times to squeeze out the last drops, and you can wait an extra minute before getting up to soak up the excess.

I was recently circumcised. I think the doctor took too much off. Is that possible? Am I just being impatient? Will I get my size back?(age 24)

The doctor probably didn't take too much off, but no matter how much he took, you have to get used to the feelings from your newly designed penis. Like any change in your sexual habits, it will take a month or so to get used to. It would be a good idea to use a lot of lube when you masturbate or have intercourse. Once you are used to the new sensation, you can use less lube and still enjoy yourself. It will probably always seem smaller than you remembered it since uncircumcised males usually have a little bit of foreskin that extends past the highest point of the glans, and also that extra foreskin made the head seem bulkier when it was not erect.

I estimated that I've masturbated about 1,500 times in the past 10-13 years. Is my sperm still good for reproduction (assuming that i'm healthy and normal)? (age 32)

It should be fine. Your frequency is a lot less than average. A lot of guys without partners have masturbated 7000-8000 times by your age.

I have been looking through pages of research and it is unclear which one is more healthy for males: more semen in their system or less? I understand that masturbation manually will keep the supply much lower as compared to wet dreams. I have masturbated probably too much in my life time and wonder if penis size or veins in that area would have been larger and in a medical sense, healthier, had I relied on wet dreams all my life. (age 28)

You are worried about a lot of nothing. The amount of semen in the "system" is not that important; it is a good idea to ejaculate at a consistent rate. There is some research that says that males who masturbate most often in their teens and 20s have less chance of getting prostate cancer later. Masturbation will not make the supply of semen lower; in fact, the semen output will increase to keep up. Masturbating or not masturbating will not make a difference in your penis size or the veins in that area.

I've been masturbating since I was 13 or 14, and pretty much masturbate once a day. I'm starting to get worried, however, because my erections are less hard and not as big as they used to be. I am not worried about my penis size when it is not erect; it is pretty normal. Yet when I get an erection, I do not feel the same "growing" feeling that I used to experience when I was 13-15 years of age I could see and feel a sort of throbbing/stretching feeling as it extended.

But now at 17, my penis gets up slower, is softer, and doesn't get as big as it used to. It's embarrassing in social situations such as a dance last weekend, when there was a good looking girl grinding on my genital area, and for some reason, the erection would come and go and was soft and less hard than when I was a freshman. What's up with this? It's annoying me because once a day doesn't seem like too much masturbation, and I know that I will be sexually active with women fairly soon.

You are paying too much attention to it. A lot of those adolescent erections are the result of fluctuating hormones. As your hormone levels even out, the erections sometimes seem less raging. Spontaneous erections that don't come as a result of sexual activity are frequently not wanted. They should not be the basis for judging your wanted erections. Just let the erections come and go in the background. Putting them in the foreground is a sure way to have them be not as good as you expect.

Hi, I've been masturbating for quite a long time now, and my penis is bent to left. It's embarrassing and I want to know how to fix it. I know it's normal to have a bent penis, but I want mine straight. (age 16)

Some guys find that alternating hands when they masturbate makes things more even. Others don't. There's no harm in learning to masturbate with your other hand.

Quite often I get erections at school. I go to an all male school, but I've never felt anything sexual about guys. I'm worried this could end up in an embarrassing situation. Any advice?

Don't worry about it. It's very rare for a male to get a visible erection when he doesn't want one. The other guys are probably feeling the same way you do and they would understand. Don't let one loudmouth jerk make you think everyone is happy you're in distress.

I am uncircumcised. When I masturbate I don't use lubrication. I just pull the skin up and down.When the semen is supposed to shoot out, mine just oozes out. Is it because I don't use lubrication? Is there any way to make it shoot out? (age 15)

Uncircumcised males have the luxury of not needing to use lube. The main reason to use lube is so the masturbating itself doesn't injure your penile skin. You can try it, but I don't think it will affect the force of your ejaculation. You will probably gain greater control over the force with experience. The trick to making it shoot is to consciously hold the semen in (using your muscles) for about one second just before you ejaculate.

How can I reduce the number of erections which can be embarrassing? (almost 15)

How sad that you want to limit your erections, which are a throbbing affirmation of your masculinity and sexual awakening. You can tell I think you're better off trying to enjoy them. They're not as visible as you think. In a few years, you'll have a lot fewer erections, and you will miss these days.

I masturbate 5-6 times a week and I could swear that I am gaining foreskin under the head of my penis. Is this happening or is it my imagination? (age 14)

It might be that your foreskin seems baggier after you have been masturbating. It is definitely not growing.

I started masturbating when I was 14. Every time after doing it I struggle to urinate. After some hours it goes back to normal and I can urinate normally. What is the problem and how can I eliminate it? I also see numerous veins on my penis. Is there any serious problem? I am very lean now. Does masturbating stop building muscles? Could I turn fat by stopping my masturbation? Your site is great and thanks in advance. (age 19)

You might see a doctor about the urination problem. That is not normal, and you could have some kind of anatomical problem that is causing that. The veins are normal, and masturbation will not have much impact on your weight or muscle building.

Is it possible masturbating too hard can tear skin and leave a scab of some sort? If so, how long does it take to heal? (age 23)

Yes, that is possible. The penile skin is even thinner than that on most of the body. If you put some lotion on the affected area and avoid touching it while masturbating, it ought to heal in four or five days. If you don't use lotion and continue to touch it through sexual activity, it will probably get worse.

I masturbate around once a day, since I was 12, and I just about a year ago, I noticed a light black ring around my penis where I hold it. I don't lubricate, so is that the problem? It is very obvious, and I am worried that anyone who sees it will know I masturbate. (age 16)

That is fairly common and is not caused by masturbating, but it might be made more visible by it. If you lubricated, the ring would probably not be as noticeable.

Would it be safe to say that if your penis fits well into a normal sized condom you have a roughly normal sized penis? (age 16)

I don't think that would be a good estimator. Condoms are made to stretch.

Is it possible to have acne on the penis? (age 16)

That would be very unusual, but there a couple of places on the penis where zits could appear. They would me much more likely to appear on the abdomen near the base of the penis.

I've been masturbating using a massager since I was 11. I am now 14 and my penis is only 3 inches long while erect. Is my penis so small because I used a massager? (age 14)

I advise against the massager, but it will not affect your penis size.

At what age do doctors start to feel your testicles during a physical or check-up? What are they feeling for? (age 13)

At birth. They start by making sure both testicles have descended, and around your age they are checking to see if you have started puberty.

You said something about the natural lubrication that uncircumcised penis creates. Is it possible to make natural lubrication happen in a circumcised penis and what is this lubrication like? (age 20)

No, it isn't. Males are born with two lubrication glands. One is removed in circumcision and the other one dries up soon afterward as a result of being exposed. The lube they produce is a whitish solid, kind of like shortening but not as greasy.

While I am masturbating it is all going well and then all of a sudden my urethra goes flat like it has drained of fluid even though I didn't ejaculate. So my penis goes soft. I dont know what is the matter. (age 16)

I don't either. The urethra is normally empty. It only has fluid in it when you are urinating or ejaculating.

Is all semen white? Mine is more cloudy clear liquid. (age 16)

That is pretty close to white.

Lately when I've been masturbating, my semen seems more watery and it doesn't clump up or become sticky like it usually is. Do you know what's wrong? (age 16)

What you describe is consistent with ejaculating more frequently. The less often you ejaculate, the thicker your semen is apt to be.

I was at a school dance not and I had a date with this girl that I really liked. I was pretty aroused and when we were slow-dancing I got a massive erection and I felt something wet in my pants. I really hope she didn't notice I was hard. Is there anything I can do to prevent myself from getting an erection at such a bad time and place? If not, how can I hide it so people (especially my date) don't notice? (age 16)

The wetness was probably pre-cum. Someday you will laugh that you wanted erections to go away and that you didn't want your date to notice. It is often not a good idea to try to prevent an erection. It is kind of like stalling a sneeze. It will just come anyway. What you wear can often make an erection inconspicuous. The best way to conceal it is to use a jock strap. Otherwise, roomy underwear is best because it will let your erection go perfectly vertical. It is less likely to be noticed if it is vertical than if there is an asymmetric bulge <-- P -->

My dad said they felt his testes in a doctor's office. Will they do the same for me? (age 16)

If they know what they're doing, they will. You should also examine your testes monthly for unusual lumps.

Does masturbation cause damage to the foreskin? (age 14)


The last time I was with my girlfriend, I had an erection for 3 hours. I had to masturbate while she was still over at my house because my penis actually started to hurt. When I ejaculated, about 4 times as much semen as usual came out. Why did this happen? (age 15)

An erection that won't go away is an unusual condition called priapism. It is often caused by males constricting the blood flow to their penises or as a side effect of sex drugs like Viagra. If it happens again, you might want to see a doctor. Usually masturbating is the best way to get rid of the erection.

I have a 7-inch penis. I tried masturbating with a condom, which is said to fit all sizes. After I got it on it was the perfect length, but it felt too tight. After I masturbated, my penis hurt where the end of the condom was and there was a dark red ring. Do you think I might need a bigger condom for sexual activity? (age 16)

Yes, it would be a good idea to experiment with the large sizes. A condom should never be the perfect length. There should always be more length than you need. If it feels too tight, it was too small.

Why do steroids shrink the penis when they enlarge other muscles in the body? (age 15)

The penis isn't a muscle. It is mostly vascular tissue (blood vessels).

I am uncircumcised. Whenever my glans touches an object, it hurts. Will it be like this forever? Will it hurt in intercourse? What can I do about this? (age 23)

Is there anything I can do to help my penis if it is so sensitive that it can't touch anything? (age 20)

It might help to use lube when you masturbate. If it is really sensitive, there are also anesthetics you can apply to the penis. Things might feel different in intercourse.

I have read that erectile dysfunction may lead to heart problems. Does this mean people who masturbate prone are in danger of heart problems? (age 26)

Those studies don't mean that erectile dysfunction causes heart problems. They point to erectile dysfunction being a sign of heart problems. That is, erectile dysfunction being caused by impending heart problems. Prone masturbating is a different cause of erectile dysfunction.

Is yellowish semen still good for making babies? If I have yellowish semen, does this mean that I am masturbating too much? (age 23)

I would be more inclined to view it as a sign you're masturbating too little. Whitish semen is on average better for conceiving than yellowish, but that is only a tendency. Yellowish semen still contains hundreds of millions of sperm per ejaculate. Only a semen analysis by a doctor can tell you for certain how good your semen is.

I have not yet had a wet dream and every morning I wake up with an erection. Is this normal? (age 12)

Yes, it is very normal. Congratulations! You are apt to wake up with an erection every day until you're in your 20s.

Since semen dries, is it possible that wiping ejaculate on the inside of my briefs will go unnoticed? I lock my door and my parents tell me not to lock it, but I dont want my parents or younger siblings barging in while I'm beating off. Should I ask my mom what she thinks about masturbation or leave it as it is? (age 14)

Some people (usually women) can smell semen in very small quantity, so being around other people with ejaculate on your clothing or body in any form can lead to detection. I don't think you need to say anything specific to your mother about masturbation, but you might mention that locking your door not only protects your privacy, but it protects your siblings from seeing things your parents might not want them to see.

I find that if I get a full erection and start masturbating, and then stop after a short while trying to make it last longer, I start to lose my erection, and it will take quite some effort to get another full erection. Is this a problem? (age 17)

If you cannot stop masturbating without losing your erection, then it is better if you don't stop.

When I'm erect is it possible for my testicles to retract all the way up? (age 16)

They generally pull against the body, but it would be very unlikely that they would retract inside the body.

I have heard from many different people that being kicked, punched, etc. in the testicles reduces the chances of having kids later on. Is this true? (age 14)

Yes. Testicular injury can damage a male's fertility. However, this does not mean that every such injury will damage fertility. Most men have had some kind of injury to their testicles at some point.

Do you know what percentage of chance there is that a guy gets the same penis size as his father? Do the mother's genes have any control over the size? (age 15)

I know that both the mother's and the father's genes are important, but I don't know the percentage.

Since the first time I masturbated, I have had a rim of darker skin that I guess was bruised and it won't go away. What do I do? I read on your site about lotion with the ingredient dimethicone. Should I use a product with that? (age 16)

The rim of darker skin is a normal feature of your penis. It's likely you only noticed it when you started masturbating. I doubt you've had a bruise for that long. It might be worth experimenting with different grips and hand positions and seeing if that makes any difference in the patterns on your skin, but it probably won't. If there is an area that you are abraiding, then lotion would help.

How can the blood vessels and urethra shrink and stretch when the penis erects and goes flaccid? Can they too stretch and retract like skin? (age 15)

Most of the volume of the erect penis is engorged blood vessels (i.e., blood). When it goes flaccid, it drains of blood like a sucked orange, and the permanent structure of it retracts to fill the flaccid penis.

When a man has masturbated too much, does his scrotum shrink? (age 23)

No. The change in the scrotum is caused by temperature.

Will the amount of semen ejacuated increase when you grow older? (age 14)

Yes. You have probably not reached your peak of semen volume at your age.

Is it normal that when your ejaculate dries it doesn't leave a yellow stain? I don't like using white sheets because a yellow stain would be more visible after I ejaculate. (age 18)

By your age, you should be producing all the components of ejaculate, and it would be leave a yellowish stain, especially after more than a few days without an ejaculation. You are an adult and don't answer to anyone about semen stains on your sheets, but if it really bothers you, I understand why you'd want to avoid light colored ones.

Is there a certain age when males are able to have erections? Are we capable of having erections since birth? (age 17)

Babies have been born with erections. You've been having them since your penis was tiny.

Can wearing tight-fitting clothing affect penis growth? If not, how do you know?

No, it can't. Your penis size is determined by your genes, not your jeans.

The last two times I have masturbated, my whole penis got a bad inflammation just a few hours after the practice and the troubling itching sensations go on for almost two or three days. I usually use olive oil as lubricant for masturbation. Can it cause the inflammation? (age 15)

It would be good to cut out the olive oil and see if it makes a difference. I recommend a lubricant made especially for sex, like Astroglide or K-Y Liquid.

Do penis enlargement devices really work? Can penises get bigger just by rubbing them when you are young? (age 21)

Penis enlargement devices don't work and are just a fraud. A penis will get bigger for a few minutes when you rub it, but not permanently.

When a doctor puts his hand on your testiscles, what is he looking for? (age 15)

He is looking to see that both testes are descended.

I have strong erections during foreplay but I lose my erection on penetration or just before. I masturbate regularly and consider myself healthy. I have no history of prone. What can be the cause of this dysfunction? I do not have a steady relationship or have intercourse often, but it is embarrassing when I need to perform. (age 35)

It is probably performance anxiety related to your infrequent intercourse. It would help if you would relax more and not worry so much about what your partner is thinking. Just relax and make her feel good and have intercourse when your erection is solid.

Why do all circumcised males say they have to use lube to masturbate? I am and I never use lube and I don't feel any discomfort. Is this normal? (age 17)

Fewer younger males use lube, especially if they've never had intercourse. Circumcised males are more likely to develop a preference or need for lube when they get older.

Is there any way to remove the dark spots on the penis caused from years of chafing without seeing a dermatologist? Most of the spots are on the left side of my penis where I grip it. I'm afraid that it will be a turn off for women since the spots would be a sign I masturbate too much. (age 23)

I wonder if even a urologist (or dermatologist) would be able to figure that out. I don't think women would make the connection instantaneously. The best thing to do is to treat the spots with an advanced healing formula lotion and to use lube while masturbating.

During school, I get erections, usually at the end of class when I have to walk through the hall. Is there any way to hide it while I walk? (age 14)

Yes. Most guys find notebooks and windbreakers useful for these walks.

For a whole week I've had erections during my sleep. Is this normal? (age 23)

You've probably had several erections every night since puberty. That is normal.

I work in IT. My friends say that when I sit in front of a computer for long time my sperm count will get reduced, My penis is dull and senseless when I masturbate. (age 22)

I think if computers reduced sperm count, we would know by now.

When I am sexually aroused my scrotum is supposed to tighten up toward my body which it does most of the time. Sometimes it just stays really loose, and it hurts my testicles when I masturbate, so I have to use one finger to hold the excess skin of my scrotum against my penis. Is there a reason for this? (age 16)

The contraction of the scrotum is more a function of the room temperature than your degree of arousal, although it will contract closely to your body right before ejaculation no matter what the temperature. Your scrotum would spend more time contracted if it were a bit cooler in your room. If you can't control that, then you are doing right to stabilize your scrotum while you masturbate. You could also prop it up with a pillow or something.

Why is it that the veins in your penis get larger or harder sometimes? (age 14)

It's just how circulation works. You can notice the same things about the veins in your hands.

My testicles sag but I'm afraid they havent descended enough. (age 16)

If they are out of your torso, they have descended enough. Undescended means they are up in your abdomen next to your bladder.

Do sperm and urine come out the same tube? (age 13)


I'm a 47 year old male in great health who has fathered 3 children. Since age 18, my semen has had yellow rubbery strands in it, sometimes 1-2 inches long, other times the size of rice grains. I had thorough semen and hormone analysis done about 2 months ago and everything was "normal." What are they, where are they originating from and how do I get rid of them?

They are probably produced in the prostate. This is especially likely if you do not ejaculate frequently. Sometimes they dissolve in the semen. These would have been excellent questions for the doctor who ordered your semen analysis. Why not follow up with him?

I am a 16 year old guy and recently started masturbating regularly. I ejaculated well. How long does it take for the semen to replenish itself before the next time I want to masturbate?

Semen is constantly being produced. You normally have enough on hand for at least three normal-sized ejaculations. After three, it gets harder to produce anything.

Whenever I am asleep I get an erection. During the night, when I wake up, I have an erection. What should I do to to avoid this problem? (age 25)

It is not a problem. It is normal. Every male who is capable of having erections has several every night. That is a good thing!

Recently I have noticed my penis is leaking. It seems to happen a lot of the time but is worse after I go to the toilet. I don't want to see a doctor. (age 15)

I suggest you see a doctor who would do some routine urine tests and rule anything out. It might just take some PC muscle exercises.

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