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Eleven ways to bring variety to masturbation

Some males report that after masturbating a few dozen, hundred, or thousand times, that they're getting bored with it. I happen to think they're focusing on the wrong thing! Has there ever been a boring orgasm? No! Never! But some males don't like the routine involved in getting to that orgasm. So here are some ways to liven up a masturbation session. When you've tried a few of these ways, you will have tools that you can use to make things different from day to day.


Lubricants are the easiest thing to change about a masturbating session. They easily add the most variety, because there are so many of them, and they come in so many different brands and varieties. Here at, we have a whole page devoted to using lube for masturbation. The summary of it is that there are three kinds of lube: water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based. They each feel different. Within those kinds there are many brands and varieties. Trying some lubes can help you better understand what you like. A tube of lube can cost as little as $1.00 (Warm Touch at Dollar Tree), or you can find the more expensive kind at drug and discount stores. See the lube page for more info.

Make full use of your hands

What's the most basic thing about masturbating besides the penis? It's the hand! You have two of them, so why not make full use of them. Most people get into the habit of only using one hand. The other hand can provide a lot of variety. Guys who are accomplished at masturbating with either hand can also switch. If you find you really can't masturbate with your other hand, it helps to take a break for a few days. It will be easier to use the hand you're not used to after a few days of not ejaculating.

Time of Day

It's easy for guys to get into the habit of masturbating at the same time each day. Doing so is the very definition of routine. Orgasm leads naturally to sleep, so about half of male masturbation takes place at bedtime. But the same thing can feel very different at an unusual hour. If you're a night person, try masturbating first thing in the morning. Instead of a rushed session after waking up or before going to sleep, set aside an hour or so for a relaxing session in the evening, with time to linger and enjoy the feeling afterward.

Location, location, location!

A male can masturbate anywhere, so why only do it in one place? Previous generations of men favored the bathroom. More recently, with smaller families and bigger houses, the bedroom became the favorite place. Now many guys prefer to masturbate at the computer desk. There's nothing wrong with any of those places, so try them all, and more. Wherever you can be assured of privacy is a good place to masturbate.

Living room
Family room
Laundry room


Any experience seems different when the lighting is different. Even being in a school classroom is different when the lighting is different. What different kinds of light can you experiment with in your bedroom or bathroom or anywhere in your house? Daylight? Direct sunlight? Dark? Overhead fluorescent light? Compact fluorescent light? Table lamp? Do you have a dimmer switch? Colored light bulbs? Any and all of these are worth experimenting with.


Go into your own world by surrounding yourself with sounds that make you relaxed and comfortable. Experiment with different types of sound. If you normally masturbate in silence, put music on. Vary the volume level and type of music. Try these different kinds of music: rock, classical, soft instrumentals, R&B, new age. Download Ravel's Bolero and learn why generations of lovemakers have enjoyed its orgiastic beat. See why lovers in the 1950s and 1960s enjoyed Johnny Mathis. For a different experience altogether, try nature sounds, available on CD, MP3, and through a synthesized noise machine. Even in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom, the sound of a mountain stream can affect your imagination.


Most males (and many females) stretch their legs out in front of them as they masturbate. This is to keep feelings from the legs from interfering with the session. A completely different feeling can be had by kneeling. The legs are immobilized in a much different way by kneeling. Orgasms become very intense when the legs can't be moved.


Another way to stretch the legs out, besides lying flat, is to stand up. Guys who masturbate in the shower have always known this. Leaning against a wall while standing is one way to gain maximum control when trying to have an orgasm while standing.


Condoms are pieces of latex worn on the penis during intercourse to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Since you can't get either of those things by masturbating, no one would use them when they masturbate. Wrong! A majority of males have used a condom to masturbate. It provides a different feeling from just using your hand. There is an additional layer of friction: hand against condom and condom against penis. The condom also makes for rapid cleanup, and they and their wrappers are easily rinsed and then thrown in the trash. Condoms come in different sizes and varieties, and a good way to prepare for using them in intercourse is to get experienced with them on your own. Fun and practical too!


Masturbation toys aren't for women only! Males can use them too. Silicone masturbation sleeves are getting more popular. The Super Head Honcho is available online for about $15. Soft silcone vibrating rings, such as LifeStyles Vibrating Ring and Trojan Vibrations Intense Pleasure Vibrating Ring are available in 4-packs or smaller for less than $10 in major drug and department stores. (NOTE: I advise against the use of hard plastic rings that can constrict the penis.)

Try starting with the man in the mirror!

Mirrorbating is masturbating while watching yourself in the mirror. It can be a great thrill to watch yourself masturbate and reach orgasm. Pull a chair up to a full-length mirror and go to work. Some people who really enjoy mirrorbating have mirrors mounted over their beds (but don't they worry about sharp corners?)

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